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Meeting Planner Android App. Meeting Planner App

Find the perfect time for people in different time zones.

For Android (Material Design).

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To Be Discontinued

We are scrapping this app, so please use our Online Meeting Planner instead.

All-new Design & Easy to Use

Calculate the most convenient meeting times using a simple "Traffic Light" method:

  • Green = General working hours.
  • Yellow = General non-working hours.
  • Red = Normal sleeping hours and public holidays.

1) Add Your Locations

Add an unlimited number of cities from 5000+ locations worldwide.

2) Choose a Date

3) Select the Best Time

Look for the green time slots to plan a business meeting, yellow times for private calls or meetings outside of normal business hours, and avoid the red hours if you don’t want to wake someone up.

Your meeting is automatically saved when you are done.

4) Share Your Meeting

  • Via email – includes the local times for all locations.
  • Online – view online with the timeanddate.com Meeting Planner.
  • In your calendar – imports the ICS calendar file to your calendar app.
  • Duplicate – to create a new meeting with the same locations.

Reliable & Trusted

The app takes all Daylight Saving Time clock changes worldwide into account.

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