How many times can you celebrate New Year's in 2022?

Read on to see the answer.

But how many times does the New Year start globally?

Year 2022 starts at midnight in each time zone

38 times

26 times

24 times

Our favorite
New Year trivia

We are real time zone nerds at Here are our favorite pearls of New Year wisdom.

2022 comes early

Earth has been spinning faster lately, so 2022 will begin a whole 65 milliseconds early.

2021 was a record

Enjoy nature’s fireworks

Run out of fireworks? The Quadrantids can produce 110 shooting stars per hour around this time of year.

Quadrantid meteor shower

But, if you think that’s the answer to the quiz question…

From Kiribati in the east to Baker Island in the west, it takes 26 hours for the New Year to reach all time zones.

2022 will start 38 times around the world!

…think again! Half- and quarter-hour time zones add to the global time zone count.


Global New Year schedule

To make sure you light your fireworks at the right time in your time zone, set up a New Year Countdown on!

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