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Mar 29, 2025 – Partial Solar Eclipse in Bavaria, Germany

Partial Eclipse Visible
Mar 29, 2025
Bavaria, Germany
Global Event: Partial Solar Eclipse
Local Type: Partial Solar Eclipse, in Bavaria, Germany
Start of Partial: Sat, Mar 29, 2025 at 11:22 am CET
End of Partial: Sat, Mar 29, 2025 at 1:02 pm CET

All times shown on this page are local time.


This map shows where and when the eclipse is visible in Bavaria.

Mar 29, 2025 – Partial Solar Eclipse – Bavaria

Partial Starting:
11:22 am CET
Partial Ending:
1:02 pm CET

The colors on the map indicate how much of the Sun gets covered by the Moon.

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Countdown until eclipse begins

480Days 1Hrs 19Mins 15Secs

Bavaria Eclipse Countdown

This table provides the eclipse visibility and times for each city,

Selection of Cities in Bavaria Where the Eclipse Is Visible

LocationObscurationStartMaxEndAvg. Cloud Cover
11:26 am12:11 pm12:56 pm CET
70 %
11:26 am12:12 pm12:59 pm CET
73 %
11:27 am12:12 pm12:57 pm CET
69 %
11:28 am12:11 pm12:55 pm CET
65 %
11:27 am12:13 pm12:59 pm CET
71 %
11:29 am12:13 pm12:58 pm CET
69 %
11:24 am12:12 pm1:00 pm CET
72 %

All times shown on this page are local time.

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Sep 18, 2024 Partial Lunar EclipsePartial Lunar Eclipse
Mar 14, 2025 Partial Lunar EclipseTotal Lunar Eclipse
Mar 29, 2025 Partial Solar EclipsePartial Solar Eclipse
Sep 7, 2025 Total Lunar EclipseTotal Lunar Eclipse

Note: Click on the date link for details in Bavaria, or the path map image for global details. Next visible eclipse is highlighted.

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