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Facebook Page Information

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timeanddate.com's Facebook fan page (screenshot pictured above) is
now available for everyone on Facebook.

Become a fan of timeanddate.com on Facebook and share with your friends and family. Receive Facebook alerts for our monthly newsletter, the latest news on time and date and our new and upcoming applications.

How does it work

When you visit our Facebook page you can get the latest information on the following:

  • How-to use applications featured on timeanddate.com.
  • Custom applications for your Facebook page.
  • New product announcements and updates.
  • News related to time and date.

How to become a fan

  • Go to our Facebook page.
  • Choose to “like” the page by clicking on the “like” button at the top of the page.
  • Share the page with others by clicking on the “Share” button at the bottom of the fan page.

Get Involved

People can comment on our posts, as well as start discussions about time and date related issues and applications. Follow these instructions to start a discussion:

  • Simply click on the Discussions tab at the top of the fan page.
  • Then click on the “Start New Topic” button.
  • Write a Topic name under Topic.
  • Write your post under Post.
  • Click on the “Post new topic” button to post your discussion.
  • If you want to cancel, click on the “Cancel” link.

Remember to “like” our page first if you want to start a new discussion topic or post a comment on our fan page.

Suggest Our Fan Page

People who find the timeanddate.com fan page on Facebook useful can suggest it to their friends, simply by clicking on the “Suggest to friends” link on the left side of the fan page under the logo.

Countdown App for Facebook Replaced

We have discontinued the countdown app for Facebook, and have replaced it with a new animated live countdown.

Use our new countdown to count down to a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, baby due date, sporting events, and other special events.

Personalize your countdown with funky animations and share it with friends and family on Facebook and elsewhere using the "share" button or by copying and pasting the url.

New Year Countdown

Can't wait to celebrate the end of the year, and ring in a new year? Use our New Year Countdown to count down to your new year celebrations.

Share it with friends and family on Facebook using the "share" button or by copying and pasting the url.

Special Birthdays App for Facebook Discontinued

Soon to Be Available

Get the latest information about future applications from timeanddate.com.


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