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National Day of Honour in Canada

Canada’s National Day of Honour is a one–time event on May 9, 2014, to recognize the end of the country’s mission in Afghanistan. It honors the more than 40,000 Canadian Armed Forces workers who served, and others who contributed to that mission. An annual event that commemorates Canada's Armed Forces is Remembrance Day, on November 11.

Is National Day of Honour a Public Holiday?

National Day of Honour is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours.

A Canadian army captain stands on high ground looking over Panjwai, Afghanistan.


Observe National Day of Honour

Activities that have been organized include a special event on Canada’s Parliament Hill, a nationwide moment of silence, and vigils. Messages in social media, including facebook and Twitter, have been circulated to commemorate the day with words such as: @SoldierOnCAN #SoldierOnCan #SOAR #OurForces #NosForces #DayofHonour #Jourdecommemoration

Public Life

National Day of Honour is a one–off national observance in Canada. Many businesses, schools and government organizations take part in the day.

About National Day of Honour

In 2014, the Canadian government declared May 9 as a “National Day of Honour” to remember the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that Canadians made during the country’s mission in Afghanistan. The day also recognizes the support of military families, friends, and all Canadians. More than 40,000 Canadians served in Afghanistan starting from 2001. March 31, 2014, marked the end of the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan.

National Day of Honour Observances

National Day of Honour was only observed in the year 2014.

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2014FriMay 9National Day of HonourObservance

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