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Apr2 Fun Holiday – International Children's Book Day

International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) is annually celebrated on or around April 2, Danish author and poet Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday.

Small group of children reading a book together.

Encourage kids to read today.


The purpose of the day is to recognize the power of reading and the role of books in the development and education of children. The day also aims to inspire the love of reading among children.

Since 1967

The ICBD has been organized every year since 1967 by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), which is a non-profit organization that promotes children’s literature and encourages young people to read. The IBBY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland and has about 70 member countries which are called National Sections.

Separate Themes

Each year, one of these national sections is chosen to be the national sponsor of ICBD. The sponsor then has the responsibility of choosing a theme for the day and invites a prominent author to write a slogan for the day and an illustrator to create a poster for it. These posters are then used for a variety of promotional materials and to spread the word about ICBD in schools, libraries and other public areas.

How to Celebrate?

  • Many bookstores, libraries, and schools hold storytelling workshops and book reading events with children’s book authors. Attend one of these events with the children in your life.
  • Go to the library and check out some popular children’s books for the kids in your life.
  • Encourage the children in your life to read and to write their own tales.

Did You Know...

...that the term fairy tale was first thought have been coined by French writer of fairy tales Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy? Hans Christian Anderson is best known for his collection of fairy tales including Thumbelina, The Princess and the Pea and The Little Mermaid.

International Children's Book Day Observances

Fun Holiday: International Children's Book Day Observances

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