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Non-Working Day (COVID-19) in Russia

Is Non-Working Day (COVID-19) a Public Holiday?

This is a non-working day declared by the government to combat the spread of COVID-19. This page will be updated if there are any further announcements.

Non-Working Day (COVID-19) Observances

Holiday currently only shown for years 2020–2021.

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2020SatMar 28Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SunMar 29Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020MonMar 30Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020TueMar 31Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020WedApr 1Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020ThuApr 2Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020FriApr 3Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SatApr 4Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SunApr 5Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020MonApr 6Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020TueApr 7Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020WedApr 8Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020ThuApr 9Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020FriApr 10Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SatApr 11Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SunApr 12Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020MonApr 13Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020TueApr 14Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020WedApr 15Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020ThuApr 16Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020FriApr 17Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SatApr 18Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SunApr 19Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020MonApr 20Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020TueApr 21Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020WedApr 22Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020ThuApr 23Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020FriApr 24Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SatApr 25Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020SunApr 26Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020MonApr 27Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020TueApr 28Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020WedApr 29Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2020ThuApr 30Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021SatOct 30Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021SunOct 31Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021MonNov 1Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021TueNov 2Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021WedNov 3Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021SatNov 6Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave
2021SunNov 7Non-Working Day (COVID-19)Paid leave

While we diligently research and update our holiday dates, some of the information in the table above may be preliminary. If you find an error, please let us know.