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Teacher's Day in Ukraine

Teacher’s Day in Ukraine is celebrated on the first Sunday in October each year. This observance is held in appreciation of teachers and other workers in the education sector across the country.

Teachers play an important role in many students' lives.
Teachers play an important role in many students' lives.
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What Do People Do?

Many Ukrainians celebrate Teacher’s Day with a range of activities, such as concerts, presentation of flower bouquets, and public speeches addressed in recognition of teachers and educational workers.

Public Life

Teacher’s Day is an observance and not a national public holiday in Ukraine.


In 1994, the Ukrainian president declared Teachers’ Day as a professional holiday to thank workers in Ukraine’s education sector. The day had been set to be annually celebrated on the first Sunday in October. Many other countries celebrate World Teachers’ Day, which is also held in early October.


Many teachers receive flowers as a symbol of appreciation for their achievements.

Teacher's Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
SunOct 32010Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 22011Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 72012Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 62013Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 52014Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 42015Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 22016Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 12017Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 72018Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 62019Teacher's DayObservance
SunOct 42020Teacher's DayObservance

Quick Facts

Teacher’s Day in Ukraine is a special day dedicated to teachers on the first Sunday in October.

Teacher's Day 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Teacher's Day 2018

Sunday, October 7, 2018


Name in other languages

День учителяUkrainian
день учителяRussian
Teacher's DayEnglish
Tag des LehrersGerman
Lærerens dagNorwegian

List of dates for other years

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