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Time, the Universe and the Whole Darn Thing!
Part One: The Future of the Earth

By Allan Eastman

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The Long Goodbye

Real Earth Planet in yellow sun. Remodeled from real Earth NASA photo

Only time can tell the future of the Earth and the Sun's ultimate drama.

©iStockphoto.com/Igor Tchaikovsky

Will there be Humans around to witness the Sun’s ultimate drama?
If you are a Sci-Fi aficionado like moi, there is a literature to support the idea. Like the quest for Unobtainium ore in AVATAR, we are most likely to colonize the solar system and beyond in search of resources and wealth. Over time, that experience will change our species in profound ways, both physiologically and philosophically. We will encounter other beings which will change our beliefs and our civilization. Probably we will interbreed with them. We will become technologically far more advanced and understand far more about how the Universe works.

If a STAR TREK-like society is in our future, then the Galaxy and the Universe at large will be our future home for a species much changed by the passage of Time. We will have left Earth before our Sun cooks the planet’s surface but it’s nice to think of some far future descendent of ours – knowing that here is where they originated – sitting on her Starship out at the far reaches of the solar system watching the coda to the Sun’s history. And all that has gone before.


Or at the very least - if we fail to leave Earth - our constituent atoms will ultimately drift out in the gases expelled by the Sun’s death, perhaps to become part of the formation of another star and another newborn race of beings out in the vastness of Space.

Still star dust, after all.

So that’s the local news, folks. Come back next month and we’ll look out into the Galaxy and into deepest Space in search of the ultimate Fate of the Universe.

And hopefully, beyond...


To be Continued in the Next timeanddate.com Newsletter