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Local Time for 5000+ cities, DST, and more...

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Use our Time API Services to look up the current local time, do time zone conversions, obtain time zone information, and find out when Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins and ends in countries around the world. Some packages also allow you to look up locations by geographic coordinates.

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Time 5

Time 20

Time Full

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Daylight Saving

Price$40 / Year$80 / Year$150  / Year$400 / Year
*SAVE $350
$300 / Year$300 / Year
DescriptionLook up current time in 5 locations in our database.Look up current time in 20 locations in our database.Look up current time in any location (also by longitude/latitude) in our 5000+ city database.Look up time for 5000+ cities, convert from/to local time for all those cities and query Daylight Saving Time information, also by longitude/latitude.Convert from local time in any location to local time in one or multiple destination cities. Lookup by coordinates (longitude/latitude) included.Returns list containing countries and the dates they start and end Daylight Saving time in a given year.
Time Service
Convert Time
DST List
1 million
Lookup Place by Coordinates (longitude/latitude)
Query Limits5 Cities20 Cities200 Cities200 Cities200 Cities
 [see example][see example][see example][example time]
[example convert]
[example dstlist]
[see example][see example]

* All prices in USD. Norwegian customers add 25% MVA.

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