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About the Travel Duration Calculator

With the Travel Duration Calculator you can calculate the total traveling time for a round trip or multi-city trip (up to 8 cities) for any location available in our World Clock.

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About the Travel Duration Calculator.


What is the Travel Duration Calculator?

The results will show the local time for all of the selected cities, time zone information, the apparent traveling time and more.

How to use the Travel Duration Calculator

You can create your own itinerary simply by following these steps:

  • Enter or select your departure location from the drop-down list.
  • Fill in the date of departure by either manually entering the date into the specific field box or by selecting the date from the calendar pop-up icon.
  • Repeat these steps for the Arrival information.
  • You can add a transfer city by clicking on “Add transfer city” and filling in the transfer location, as well as the arrival time and departure time from the transfer location. You can add up to six (6) transfer cities into the itinerary.
  • To delete a transfer city, simply select the box located next to the Transfer city and click on “Delete Transfer”.
  • Once all information has been entered, select the “Calculate” button.

The total traveling time is estimated and can be different than the actual traveling time depending on possible flight delays and actual route chosen.

Your Travel Duration Results Explained

Total Actual Traveling time

The total traveling time is the actual total amount of time taken to travel from your departure city to your arrival city. This calculated time takes into account the changes in time zones, time spent in transfer cities and daylight saving time (DST). The total traveling time is estimated and can be different than the actual total traveling time depending on possible flight delays and actual route chosen.

Clock Changes

This indicates the difference in time or the total number of time zones crossed from the departure city to the arrival city. If the results are indicated with a minus sign (–) this means that the clock must be turned back the given amount of hours. If the results are indicated with a plus sign (+) then the clock must be moved forward the indicated number of hours.

Apparent Traveling Time

The apparent traveling time is the difference in local time between the departure city and the arrival city and not taking into account the changes in time zones. For example, if you leave Reykjavik, Iceland at 17:00 (05:00pm) and arrive in New York, New York at 19:00 (07:00pm), then the apparent traveling time will be 02:00 hours, meanwhile your total actual traveling time will be 06:00 hours.

Total Distance

The calculated total distance is the total distance traveled from departure city to arrival city, which includes all transfer cities. The distance is displayed in kilometers.

Average Traveling Speed

The average traveling speed is estimated based on the time of departure and arrival given in the travel itinerary. This can be different than the actual traveling speed depending on possible flight delays and actual route chosen.

Current Time and Weather

This information displays the current conditions in the departure and arrival cities at the time of use. The time and weather is subject to change, go to our World Clock to get the latest time and weather information for your departure or arrival city.

Sunrise and Sunset

The local times for sunrise and sunset in the departure and arrival cities are based on the ideal situation, where no hills or mountains obscure the view and the flat horizon is at the same altitude as the observer. Sunrise is the time when the upper part of the Sun is visible, and sunset is when the last part of the Sun is about to disappear below the horizon (in clear weather conditions).You can find out the time of sunrise or sunset for transfer cities with the Sunrise/Sunset Calculator.

Length of Day

The length of day calculates the current date’s time from sunrise to sunset for the departure city and arrival city. The duration is shown in hours (h), minutes (m), and seconds (s). Because of rounding, there might be a difference of one second between the displayed numbers. It is important to note that the length of day does not refer to the date of departure or arrival if different than today’s date. You can find out the length of day for any date or location with the Sunrise/Sunset Calculator.

Dialing Codes

The international dialing codes for the departure and arrival cities are displayed here if you need to make a phone call to someone in another country or if someone is trying to call you from another country. If you are not quite sure how to dial the number, you can get more help with international dialing codes on our website.

Time Table Explained

The time table breaks down the travel itinerary from the start destination to the end destination, including all transfer cities if applicable. The Events column lists the starting location followed by all transfer cities, and ending at your final destination. The “Time since” column indicates the accumulated total amount of time spent so far in each part of your itinerary, which totals to the total traveling time. The columns located under “Local time in” show the local times in all of the selected cities at each step of the itinerary. The times highlighted in bold correspond to the departure and arrival times located in the Event column.


The map will show the shortest possible paths between the selected cities, but that the actual route will typically be longer because flights does not always follow the shortest routes. It is using a projection that makes land and oceans much wider near the south and north poles. The heading/course/bearing during a flight varies in most cases. Map based on image from NASA.

  • Location for Departure city
  • Stopover points (city names)
  • Location for Destination city


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