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Canada’s Time Zones

Canada has six time zones, which its provincial and territorial governments regulate. Provincial and territorial governments are also responsible for DST.

Canada’s Time Zones

Canada's six time zones.

Exceptions may exist in certain municipalities. There are a few exceptions to daylight saving time in Canada: some areas of Québec, east of 63 degrees west longitude, remain on Atlantic Standard Time ( AST) all year round; most of Saskatchewan uses Central Standard Time ( CST) all year round; and Southampton Island remains on Eastern Standard Time ( EST) all year long.

Time Zones in Canada

Standard Time ZonesDaylight Saving Time Zones
NSTNewfoundland Standard Time = UTC-3:30. NDT Newfoundland Daylight Time = UTC-2:30.
AST Atlantic Standard Time = UTC-4. ADT Atlantic Daylight Time = UTC-3.
EST Eastern Standard Time = UTC-5. EDT Eastern Daylight Time = UTC-4.
CST Central Standard Time = UTC-6. CDT Central Daylight Time = UTC-5.
MST Mountain Standard Time = UTC-7. MDT Mountain Daylight Time = UTC-6.
PST Pacific Standard Time = UTC -8. PDT Pacific Daylight Time = UTC-7.

timeanddate.com has a full list of time zones for North America.

Starting in 2007, clocks following the new North American standard for Daylight Saving Time are to be turned forward by one hour on the second Sunday of March and turned back on the first Sunday of November.

These boundaries and changeover dates have serial number 05, broadcast in computer readable form on short wave station CHU along with Canada's official time reference UTC (NRC): Coordinated Universal Time, the modern implementation of Greenwich Time (National Research Council Canada).

The Newfoundland Standard Time ( NST) zone, UTC-3:30, is a unique time zone that exists because of the island’s location and the fact that it was a separate dominion when the time zones were established. The island of Newfoundland lies squarely in the eastern half of the Atlantic Standard Time ( AST) zone. The island is exactly three and a half hours from Greenwich and, as a separate dominion, it had the ability to adopt its own time zone.

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