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Please note that the addition of new cities, holidays, time zone updates, holiday updates, minor changes, and bug fixes are not shown here. The site is maintained daily.

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Updates in 2010

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timeanddate.com is on Facebook! Follow us to interact with us and get updates on our latest tools services.

timeanddate.com’s New iPhone Countdown

timeanddate.com’s first countdown app was called Exact Countdown 2010 and has been discontinued. Try our iOS Countdown App instead

14-May-2010Free Countdown Timer Tailored for You

timeanddate.com’s free countdown timer now has more choices if you need a personalized and accurate countdown timer or clock for your website or blog.

11-Mar-2010 timeanddate.com Gets a Makeover
timeanddate.com to Launch First Newsletter

Updates in 2009

30-Nov-2009 Help Available for World Clock Browser Search
23-Nov-2009 Improved Weather Section
31-Dec-2008 Updates to timeanddate.com for years 2000–2008
31-Dec-1999 Updates to timeanddate.com in the 1990s

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