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Please note that the addition of new cities, holidays, time zone updates, holiday updates, minor changes, and bug fixes are not shown here. The site is maintained daily.

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Updates in 2010

Join timeanddate.com on Facebook

timeanddate.com is now on Facebook! By joining our fan page, you will get to interact with us and have access to the latest tools and information available for your Facebook page and beyond.

timeanddate.com’s New iPhone Countdown

timeanddate.com’s countdown application, which is known for its accuracy and reliability, is now available on the Apple iPhone with the name Exact Countdown 2010.

14-May-2010Free Countdown Timer Tailored for You

timeanddate.com’s free countdown timer now has more choices for you to choose if you need a personalized and accurate countdown timer or clock for your website or blog.

11-Mar-2010timeanddate.com Gets a Makeover
timeanddate.com to Launch First Newsletter
timeanddate.com Trials New Navigation Bar
1-Jan-2010Plan for 2010 with timeanddate.com

Updates in 2009

30-Nov-2009Help Available for World Clock Browser Search
23-Nov-2009Improved Weather Section
31-Dec-2008Updates to timeanddate.com for years 2000–2008
31-Dec-1999Updates to timeanddate.com in the 1990s

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