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timeanddate.com Trials New Navigation Bar


Published 14-Dec-2009. Changed 1-Jan-2010

timeanddate.com is trialing a new navigation bar at the top of the website for users’ benefit. This enhanced feature aims to make it easier for you to search time and date related information on timeanddate.com.

screen-shot of new navigation system

Pictured above is the trial version of the new navigation bar.

Enhanced Navigation Trial

timeanddate.com’s trial navigation bar aims to make navigation easier for the benefit of people using our website. The trial navigation bar at the top of our website was created to:

  • Help you navigate your way around the website in less time.
  • Help you find exactly what you are looking for, with regard to time and date, with less effort.
  • Be more visually effective.
  • Have more structured content and categories on time and date topics.
  • Give you more navigation choices.

The trial navigation bar gives you extra options with its drop down menus, in addition to the current content on the home page.

All users can see the new menu after the testing period, so timeanddate.com welcomes all comments and feedback, particularly if there are any problems or issues, as part of our ongoing work to enhance our site for you.

Comments and Feedback

For comments, complete the feedback form by clicking on the Feedback link at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can send an email to webmaster@timeanddate.com.

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