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Our weather section provides extensive weather information, including current readings, forecasts, and a weather review, for each location in our database. Use the tabs “Weather Today/Tomorrow”, “Hour-by-hour Forecast”, “14 day Forecast”, and “Last Weeks' Weather” underneath the green band near the top of the page to navigate. To look up a location, type its name into the city search field.

  • Weather Today/Tomorrow: shows a forecast for the next 5 hours, 48 hours, and 15 days, as well as the current weather in the selected city and nearby cities;
  • Hour-by-hour Forecast: a detailed graphic forecast for the coming week;
  • 14 day Forecast: a weather forecast for the next 14 days in graph and list form;
  • Last Weeks' Weather: a review of local weather conditions in the past 16 days.

The current weather conditions are displayed at the top of each page, along with a map showing the location.

If you do not find the answer to your question in this section, please drop us a line.

Understanding the weather data

Where can I find an explanation of weather terminology?

Please check out our Weather Glossary.

What do the weather symbols mean?

Hover your mouse over (or tap) any of the weather icons and an explanation will appear.

What do the arrows mean?

The arrows indicate the direction in which the wind is expected to blow. The directions of the arrows refer to the directions on most maps, where north is upward. Thus, an arrow pointing upwards indicates that the wind will blow from south to north, an arrow pointing right means that the wind will blow from west to east.

What does “Feels like” mean?

The temperature displayed here refers to human thermal comfort. This value takes into account a number of environmental and personal factors, such as airflow (wind), air temperature, air humidity, and radiation from the sun.

What does 30 percent chance of 0mm precipitation mean?

It means that there is a 30 percent chance of a very small amount of precipitation, an amount too small for measurement purposes.

What does “partly cloudy” mean?

Partly cloudy refers to the sky condition when between 3/10ths and 7/10ths of the sky are covered. It is used more frequently at night. In the United Kingdom, it is defined as less than half cloud cover. Please note that weather terms may vary from country to country.

What does the red horizontal line in some of the graphs signify?

It shows 0 degrees Celsius, the freezing point of water.

Do high and low temperatures always refer to the warmest and coldest temperatures?

There may be some variations. More information here.

What is the difference between climate and weather?

There are some differences between climate and weather, based on various meteorological sources. Firstly, climate is more predictable and expected than weather. Secondly, climate refers to long-term records, trends and averages. Climate summarizes all weather recorded over a long period of time. It provides the average or most common conditions, as well as extremes and frequencies.

Weather, on the other hand, refers to daily or short-term atmospheric conditions. Weather describes conditions over a short period of time – it mainly focuses on a snapshot of the atmosphere at a particular time. In a nutshell, climate focuses on weather conditions for a particular place over a long period of time while weather is more short-term.

Using the graphs and tables

How do I switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Click on the icon depicting a gear wheel next to °C or °F on the Weather overview page and make a selection. Alternatively, select your preferred temperature unit in the Site Customization Menu and click the green “Save settings” button.

Why is only part of the graph shown?

Some of the weather graphics are horizontally scrollable. To scroll, please use the large blue arrows on the right or left side, the quick links (e.g. “Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri”), or swipe the graph to either side.

Why is only part of the list shown?

Use the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the table to select a different time frame.

Wrong weather information

Why is the weather forecast wrong?

As predictions of future events, weather forecasts always have a certain margin of error and may vary somewhat from one source to another. We use a very reliable provider to obtain the weather data displayed on timeanddate.com. However, as with any other weather forecast, we cannot guarantee that it is correct or predicts the same weather as other forecasts.

If you notice a weather forecast that is repeatedly incorrect, please let us know.

Why are the current weather readings wrong?

In rare cases, a weather station may be temporarily or permanently unavailable. In that case, the system will default to a weather station further afield. Weather conditions may differ there.

In some cases, the current weather data may not be updated as frequently.

How accurate is the weather forecast?

Please find more information about the accuracy of our weather services here.

Where is your weather information from?

timeanddate.com receives its weather information from an external weather service provider called CustomWeather. The current weather conditions are updated every 30 minutes via CustomWeather. This provider has its own forecasting models, which means that there can be a difference between their data and the data provided by other sources.

Missing weather information or services

Why is my city not included?

If you cannot find your city or town by using the city search field, please send us an email and we will consider adding it to the database.

Can you send me weather data for a past date or a longer period of time?

No, we do not keep archives of past data (except for the last 16 days) or long-term weather or climate data. We may add this service in the future.

Can I display your weather information on my website?

No, we do not own the copyright.

How do I get the timeanddate.com weather information on my desktop?

We currently do not offer a weather desktop application but may add such a tool in the future.

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