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Current Local Times

US Minor Outlying Islands, Baker IslandWed 7:00 pmUSA, California, OceansideWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, PasadenaWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, OntarioWed 11:00 pm
USA, Alabama, RoanokeThu 1:00 amUSA, California, OrangeWed 11:00 pm
USA, Alaska, UtqiagvikWed 10:00 pmUSA, California, OrangevaleWed 11:00 pm
USA, Arizona, GlendaleThu 12:00 midnight USA, California, OrovilleWed 11:00 pm
USA, Colorado, AuroraThu 12:00 midnight USA, California, OxnardWed 11:00 pm
USA, Colorado, Cañon CityThu 12:00 midnight USA, California, PacoimaWed 11:00 pm
USA, Minnesota, AlbanyThu 1:00 amUSA, California, PalmdaleWed 11:00 pm
USA, Minnesota, St. PaulThu 1:00 amUSA, California, Palo AltoWed 11:00 pm
USA, Nebraska, HarrisonThu 12:00 midnight USA, California, ParadiseWed 11:00 pm
USA, Ohio, TroyThu 2:00 amUSA, California, PetalumaWed 11:00 pm
USA, Oregon, PortlandWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, PlacervilleWed 11:00 pm
USA, Texas, MesquiteThu 1:00 amUSA, California, PleasantonWed 11:00 pm
USA, Virginia, FranklinThu 2:00 amUSA, California, PomonaWed 11:00 pm
US Minor Outlying Islands, Howland IslandWed 7:00 pmUSA, California, PowayWed 11:00 pm
US Minor Outlying Islands, MidwayWed 8:00 pmUSA, California, QuincyWed 11:00 pm
US Minor Outlying Islands, Wake IslandThu 7:00 pmUSA, California, ReddingWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Avalon (Santa Catalina Island)Wed 11:00 pmUSA, California, RedlandsWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Fort BraggWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, RialtoWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, San BuenaventuraWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, RidgecrestWed 11:00 pm
USA, Illinois, SpringfieldThu 1:00 amUSA, California, RiversideWed 11:00 pm
USA, Missouri, St. JosephThu 1:00 amUSA, California, RosevilleWed 11:00 pm
USA, New Jersey, Pennsauken TownshipThu 2:00 amUSA, California, SacramentoWed 11:00 pm
USA, Washington, VashonWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, SalinasWed 11:00 pm
USA, West Virginia, CharlestonThu 2:00 amUSA, California, San DiegoWed 11:00 pm
USA, Pennsylvania, Bensalem TownshipThu 2:00 amUSA, California, San JoseWed 11:00 pm
USA, Pennsylvania, Warminster TownshipThu 2:00 amUSA, California, San RafaelWed 11:00 pm
USA, Palmyra AtollWed 9:00 pmUSA, California, San RamonWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Aliso ViejoWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Santa AnaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, AnaheimWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Santa ClaraWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Angels CampWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Santa CruzWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, AntiochWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Santa MariaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, ArcataWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Santa RosaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, AtascaderoWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Santa YnezWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, AtwaterWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Simi ValleyWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, AuburnWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, SolvangWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, BakersfieldWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, SonomaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, BanningWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, StocktonWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, BerkeleyWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, SunnyvaleWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, BurbankWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, SylmarWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, BurneyWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TehachapiWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CalabasasWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TemeculaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CalexicoWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TorranceWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CamarilloWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TracyWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CarlsbadWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TruckeeWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, ChicoWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TulareWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, ChinoWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, TurlockWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Chula VistaWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, UkiahWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, ClaremontWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, VallejoWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CoachellaWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, VeniceWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, ComptonWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, VictorvilleWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, ConcordWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, VisaliaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CoronaWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, VistaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Costa MesaWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, WatsonvilleWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CottonwoodWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, West CovinaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CrestlineWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, WoodlandWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Culver CityWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, YrekaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, CupertinoWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, Yuba CityWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, Daly CityWed 11:00 pmUSA, California, YucaipaWed 11:00 pm
USA, California, DavisWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, AlbanyThu 2:00 am
USA, California, DinubaWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, BabylonThu 2:00 am
USA, California, DowneyWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, BinghamtonThu 2:00 am
USA, California, El CentroWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, BrooklynThu 2:00 am
USA, California, El MonteWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, BuffaloThu 2:00 am
USA, California, El SegundoWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, CooperstownThu 2:00 am
USA, California, EncinoWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, Fort DrumThu 2:00 am
USA, California, EscondidoWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, GenevaThu 2:00 am
USA, California, EurekaWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, Hyde ParkThu 2:00 am
USA, California, FirebaughWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, Lake PlacidThu 2:00 am
USA, California, FontanaWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, ManhassetThu 2:00 am
USA, California, FremontWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, Middletown, Orange Co.Thu 2:00 am
USA, California, FresnoWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, New CityThu 2:00 am
USA, California, FullertonWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, New YorkThu 2:00 am
USA, California, Furnace Creek (Death Valley)Wed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, OleanThu 2:00 am
USA, California, GlendaleWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, PlattsburghThu 2:00 am
USA, California, HayforkWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, PrattsvilleThu 2:00 am
USA, California, HaywardWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, QueensThu 2:00 am
USA, California, HesperiaWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, RochesterThu 2:00 am
USA, California, HollisterWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, RomeThu 2:00 am
USA, California, HollywoodWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, SchenectadyThu 2:00 am
USA, California, InglewoodWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, SyracuseThu 2:00 am
USA, California, IrvineWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, TroyThu 2:00 am
USA, California, Joshua TreeWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, UticaThu 2:00 am
USA, California, LakeportWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, WeehawkenThu 2:00 am
USA, California, LancasterWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, WoodstockThu 2:00 am
USA, California, LivermoreWed 11:00 pmUSA, New York, YonkersThu 2:00 am
USA, California, LodiWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, BeulahThu 1:00 am
USA, California, Loma LindaWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, BismarckThu 1:00 am
USA, California, LompocWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, CenterThu 1:00 am
USA, California, Long BeachWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, DickinsonThu 12:00 midnight
USA, California, Los AngelesWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, FargoThu 1:00 am
USA, California, MantecaWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, Grand ForksThu 1:00 am
USA, California, MarysvilleWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, MinotThu 1:00 am
USA, California, ModestoWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, New SalemThu 1:00 am
USA, California, MontereyWed 11:00 pmUSA, North Dakota, WillistonThu 1:00 am
USA, California, MoorparkWed 11:00 pmUSA, South Dakota, BrookingsThu 1:00 am
USA, California, NapaWed 11:00 pmUSA, South Dakota, PierreThu 1:00 am
USA, California, NorwalkWed 11:00 pmUSA, South Dakota, Rapid CityThu 12:00 midnight
USA, California, NovatoWed 11:00 pmUSA, South Dakota, Sioux FallsThu 1:00 am
USA, California, OaklandWed 11:00 pmUSA, South Dakota, YanktonThu 1:00 am

Wed = Wednesday, March 3, 2021 (142 places).
Thu = Thursday, March 4, 2021 (58 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 07:00:14

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.

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