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Distance from Setúbal to ...

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Setúbal Coordinates

location of Setúbal
Latitude: 38° 31' North
Longitude: 8° 54' West

Distance to ...

North Pole:3,564 mi
Equator:2,651 mi
South Pole:8,866 mi

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How far is it from Setúbal to locations worldwide

Current Local Times and Distance from Setúbal

LocationLocal timeDistanceDirection
Portugal, Setúbal, Setúbal *Fri 9:22 am---
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon *Fri 9:22 am32 km20 miles17 nmNorthwest NW
Portugal, Lisbon, Amadora *Fri 9:22 am40 km25 miles21 nmNorthwest NW
Portugal, Lisbon, Loures *Fri 9:22 am42 km26 miles22 nmNorthwest NW
Portugal, Lisbon, Cascais *Fri 9:22 am50 km31 miles27 nmWest-northwest WNW
Portugal, Beja, Beja *Fri 9:22 am106 km66 miles57 nmEast-southeast ESE
Portugal, Leiria, Alcobaça *Fri 9:22 am114 km71 miles62 nmNorth N
Portugal, Leiria, Leiria *Fri 9:22 am136 km84 miles73 nmNorth N
Portugal, Faro, Portimão *Fri 9:22 am157 km97 miles85 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Portugal, Faro, Albufeira *Fri 9:22 am169 km105 miles91 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Portugal, Faro, Quarteira *Fri 9:22 am176 km109 miles95 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Portugal, Faro, Faro *Fri 9:22 am187 km116 miles101 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Portugal, Coimbra, Coimbra *Fri 9:22 am192 km119 miles103 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Spain, Huelva *Fri 10:22 am221 km137 miles119 nmSoutheast SE
Portugal, Aveiro, Aveiro *Fri 9:22 am236 km147 miles127 nmNorth N
Portugal, Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia *Fri 9:22 am290 km180 miles157 nmNorth N
Portugal, Porto, Porto *Fri 9:22 am292 km182 miles158 nmNorth N
Spain, Cádiz, Cadiz *Fri 10:22 am319 km198 miles172 nmSoutheast SE
Spain, Córdoba *Fri 10:22 am367 km228 miles198 nmEast E
Spain, Salamanca *Fri 10:22 am388 km241 miles209 nmNortheast NE
Morocco, Tangier *Fri 9:22 am410 km255 miles221 nmSoutheast SE
Gibraltar, Gibraltar *Fri 10:22 am410 km255 miles221 nmSoutheast SE
Spain, Ávila *Fri 10:22 am431 km268 miles233 nmNortheast NE
Spain, Ceuta, Ceuta *Fri 10:22 am431 km268 miles233 nmSoutheast SE
Spain, Jaén *Fri 10:22 am455 km283 miles246 nmEast E
Spain, Granada *Fri 10:22 am489 km304 miles264 nmEast-southeast ESE
Spain, Madrid *Fri 10:22 am493 km306 miles266 nmEast-northeast ENE
Spain, Valladolid *Fri 10:22 am497 km309 miles268 nmNortheast NE
Morocco, Rabat *Fri 9:22 am533 km331 miles288 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Spain, A Coruña *Fri 10:22 am540 km335 miles291 nmNorth N
Morocco, Casablanca *Fri 9:22 am559 km347 miles302 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Morocco, El Jadida *Fri 9:22 am586 km364 miles316 nmSouth S
Spain, Almería *Fri 10:22 am597 km371 miles322 nmEast-southeast ESE
Morocco, Fes *Fri 9:22 am609 km378 miles329 nmSoutheast SE
Spain, Gijón *Fri 10:22 am619 km385 miles334 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Spain, Melilla, Melilla *Fri 10:22 am640 km398 miles346 nmEast-southeast ESE
Spain, Alicante, Alicante *Fri 10:22 am734 km456 miles396 nmEast E
Morocco, Marrakech *Fri 9:22 am769 km478 miles415 nmSouth S
Algeria, OranFri 9:22 am797 km496 miles431 nmEast-southeast ESE
Morocco, Ouarzazate *Fri 9:22 am862 km536 miles466 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Spain, Ibiza, Ibiza *Fri 10:22 am898 km558 miles485 nmEast E
Morocco, Agadir *Fri 9:22 am901 km560 miles486 nmSouth S
Andorra, Andorra La Vella *Fri 10:22 am986 km613 miles532 nmEast-northeast ENE
Spain, Barcelona, Barcelona *Fri 10:22 am997 km619 miles538 nmEast-northeast ENE
Spain, Majorca, Palma *Fri 10:22 am1005 km625 miles543 nmEast E
Algeria, AlgiersFri 9:22 am1071 km666 miles578 nmEast E
Western Sahara, El Aaiún *Fri 9:22 am1323 km822 miles715 nmSouth-southwest SSW
France, Île-de-France, Paris *Fri 10:22 am1459 km907 miles788 nmNortheast NE
France, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, Nice *Fri 10:22 am1471 km914 miles794 nmEast-northeast ENE
Portugal, Azores, Ponta Delgada *Fri 8:22 am1471 km914 miles794 nmWest W
Monaco, Monaco *Fri 10:22 am1484 km922 miles801 nmEast-northeast ENE
Switzerland, Geneva, Geneva *Fri 10:22 am1500 km932 miles810 nmNortheast NE
United Kingdom, Wales, Cardiff *Fri 9:22 am1508 km937 miles814 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Italy, Turin *Fri 10:22 am1554 km965 miles839 nmEast-northeast ENE
United Kingdom, England, London *Fri 9:22 am1597 km992 miles862 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Switzerland, Bern, Bern *Fri 10:22 am1628 km1011 miles879 nmNortheast NE
United Kingdom, England, Birmingham *Fri 9:22 am1643 km1021 miles887 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Ireland, Dublin *Fri 9:22 am1659 km1031 miles896 nmNorth N
Italy, Milan *Fri 10:22 am1680 km1044 miles907 nmEast-northeast ENE
Tunisia, TunisFri 9:22 am1691 km1051 miles913 nmEast E
Luxembourg, Luxembourg *Fri 10:22 am1716 km1066 miles927 nmNortheast NE
Belgium, Brussels, Brussels *Fri 10:22 am1720 km1069 miles929 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Switzerland, Zurich, Zürich *Fri 10:22 am1723 km1070 miles930 nmNortheast NE
Isle of Man, Douglas *Fri 9:22 am1769 km1099 miles955 nmNorth N
Liechtenstein, Vaduz *Fri 10:22 am1777 km1104 miles960 nmNortheast NE
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Belfast *Fri 9:22 am1801 km1119 miles972 nmNorth N
Netherlands, Rotterdam *Fri 10:22 am1815 km1128 miles980 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Vatican City State, Vatican City *Fri 10:22 am1850 km1150 miles999 nmEast-northeast ENE
Italy, Rome *Fri 10:22 am1853 km1151 miles1000 nmEast-northeast ENE
Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf *Fri 10:22 am1869 km1162 miles1009 nmNortheast NE
Netherlands, Amsterdam *Fri 10:22 am1872 km1163 miles1011 nmNorth-northeast NNE
San Marino, San Marino *Fri 10:22 am1881 km1169 miles1016 nmEast-northeast ENE
Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt *Fri 10:22 am1895 km1177 miles1023 nmNortheast NE
Italy, Venice *Fri 10:22 am1912 km1188 miles1032 nmEast-northeast ENE
United Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow *Fri 9:22 am1958 km1217 miles1057 nmNorth N
Germany, Bavaria, Munich *Fri 10:22 am1964 km1221 miles1061 nmNortheast NE
United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh *Fri 9:22 am1983 km1232 miles1071 nmNorth N
Italy, Naples *Fri 10:22 am1995 km1240 miles1077 nmEast-northeast ENE
Libya, TripoliFri 10:22 am2087 km1297 miles1127 nmEast E
Malta, Valletta *Fri 10:22 am2092 km1300 miles1130 nmEast E
Slovenia, Ljubljana *Fri 10:22 am2093 km1301 miles1130 nmEast-northeast ENE
Croatia, Zagreb *Fri 10:22 am2197 km1365 miles1187 nmEast-northeast ENE
Czechia, Prague *Fri 10:22 am2246 km1395 miles1212 nmNortheast NE
Austria, Vienna, Vienna *Fri 10:22 am2298 km1428 miles1241 nmNortheast NE
Germany, Berlin, Berlin *Fri 10:22 am2316 km1439 miles1251 nmNortheast NE
Slovakia, Bratislava *Fri 10:22 am2349 km1459 miles1268 nmNortheast NE
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo *Fri 10:22 am2352 km1462 miles1270 nmEast-northeast ENE
Mauritania, NouakchottFri 8:22 am2368 km1471 miles1278 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Montenegro, Podgorica *Fri 10:22 am2415 km1500 miles1304 nmEast-northeast ENE
Albania, Tirana *Fri 10:22 am2463 km1530 miles1330 nmEast-northeast ENE
Hungary, Budapest *Fri 10:22 am2469 km1534 miles1333 nmEast-northeast ENE
Mali, TimbuktuFri 8:22 am2478 km1540 miles1338 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Denmark, Copenhagen *Fri 10:22 am2487 km1545 miles1343 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Serbia, Belgrade *Fri 10:22 am2527 km1570 miles1364 nmEast-northeast ENE
Kosovo, Pristina *Fri 10:22 am2571 km1598 miles1388 nmEast-northeast ENE
North Macedonia, Skopje *Fri 10:22 am2594 km1612 miles1401 nmEast-northeast ENE
Faroe Islands, Tórshavn *Fri 9:22 am2617 km1626 miles1413 nmNorth N
Bulgaria, Sofia *Fri 11:22 am2748 km1708 miles1484 nmEast-northeast ENE
Norway, Oslo *Fri 10:22 am2752 km1710 miles1486 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Poland, Warsaw *Fri 10:22 am2763 km1717 miles1492 nmNortheast NE
Senegal, DakarFri 8:22 am2773 km1723 miles1497 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Greece, Athens *Fri 11:22 am2841 km1765 miles1534 nmEast E
Russia, KaliningradFri 10:22 am2846 km1769 miles1537 nmNortheast NE
Mali, BamakoFri 8:22 am2869 km1783 miles1549 nmSouth S
Gambia, BanjulFri 8:22 am2880 km1790 miles1555 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Romania, Bucharest *Fri 11:22 am2971 km1846 miles1604 nmEast-northeast ENE
Niger, NiameyFri 9:22 am2977 km1850 miles1607 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Iceland, ReykjavikFri 8:22 am2978 km1851 miles1608 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Cabo Verde, PraiaFri 7:22 am2984 km1854 miles1611 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Burkina Faso, OuagadougouFri 8:22 am2988 km1857 miles1614 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Sweden, Stockholm *Fri 10:22 am3000 km1864 miles1620 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Guinea-Bissau, BissauFri 8:22 am3028 km1881 miles1635 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Lithuania, Vilnius *Fri 11:22 am3127 km1943 miles1688 nmNortheast NE
Latvia, Riga *Fri 11:22 am3160 km1963 miles1706 nmNortheast NE
Moldova, Chișinău *Fri 11:22 am3194 km1985 miles1725 nmEast-northeast ENE
Turkey, IstanbulFri 11:22 am3231 km2008 miles1745 nmEast-northeast ENE
Belarus, MinskFri 11:22 am3239 km2012 miles1749 nmNortheast NE
Guinea, ConakryFri 8:22 am3250 km2020 miles1755 nmSouth S
Estonia, Tallinn *Fri 11:22 am3322 km2064 miles1794 nmNortheast NE
Ukraine, Kyiv *Fri 11:22 am3355 km2084 miles1811 nmNortheast NE
Sierra Leone, FreetownFri 8:22 am3356 km2085 miles1812 nmSouth S
Finland, Helsinki *Fri 11:22 am3372 km2095 miles1821 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), YamoussoukroFri 8:22 am3530 km2194 miles1906 nmSouth S
Liberia, MonroviaFri 8:22 am3572 km2220 miles1929 nmSouth S
Turkey, AnkaraFri 11:22 am3575 km2222 miles1930 nmEast-northeast ENE
Greenland, Ittoqqortoormiit *Fri 8:22 am3639 km2261 miles1965 nmNorth N
Nigeria, AbujaFri 9:22 am3651 km2269 miles1972 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's *Fri 5:52 am3656 km2272 miles1974 nmWest-northwest WNW
Ukraine, Dnipro *Fri 11:22 am3665 km2277 miles1979 nmEast-northeast ENE
Finland, Kemi *Fri 11:22 am3705 km2302 miles2001 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), AbidjanFri 8:22 am3710 km2305 miles2003 nmSouth S
Togo, LoméFri 8:22 am3730 km2318 miles2014 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Benin, Porto NovoFri 9:22 am3733 km2319 miles2016 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Cyprus, Nicosia *Fri 11:22 am3754 km2333 miles2027 nmEast E
Ghana, AccraFri 8:22 am3757 km2334 miles2028 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Nigeria, LagosFri 9:22 am3760 km2336 miles2030 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Chad, N'DjamenaFri 9:22 am3767 km2341 miles2034 nmSoutheast SE
Egypt, CairoFri 10:22 am3781 km2349 miles2041 nmEast E
Finland, Rovaniemi *Fri 11:22 am3799 km2361 miles2052 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Norway, Tromsø *Fri 10:22 am3837 km2384 miles2072 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, Mary's Harbour *Fri 5:52 am3898 km2422 miles2105 nmNorthwest NW
Russia, MoscowFri 11:22 am3915 km2432 miles2114 nmNortheast NE
Lebanon, Beirut *Fri 11:22 am3985 km2476 miles2152 nmEast E
Greenland, Nuuk *Fri 6:22 am3994 km2482 miles2156 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Israel, Jerusalem *Fri 11:22 am4050 km2516 miles2187 nmEast E
Syria, Damascus *Fri 11:22 am4071 km2530 miles2198 nmEast E
Greenland, Kangerlussuaq *Fri 6:22 am4094 km2544 miles2211 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Jordan, Amman *Fri 11:22 am4103 km2549 miles2215 nmEast E
Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, Happy Valley-Goose Bay *Fri 5:22 am4212 km2617 miles2274 nmNorthwest NW
Equatorial Guinea, MalaboFri 9:22 am4248 km2639 miles2294 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Greenland, DanmarkshavnFri 8:22 am4286 km2663 miles2314 nmNorth N
Cameroon, YaoundéFri 9:22 am4361 km2710 miles2355 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Georgia, TbilisiFri 12:22 pm4517 km2807 miles2439 nmEast-northeast ENE
Sao Tome and Principe, São ToméFri 8:22 am4520 km2809 miles2441 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax *Fri 5:22 am4524 km2811 miles2443 nmWest-northwest WNW
Armenia, YerevanFri 12:22 pm4536 km2819 miles2449 nmEast-northeast ENE
Gabon, LibrevilleFri 9:22 am4620 km2871 miles2495 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Central African Republic, BanguiFri 9:22 am4694 km2916 miles2534 nmSoutheast SE
Sudan, KhartoumFri 10:22 am4772 km2965 miles2577 nmEast-southeast ESE
Iraq, BaghdadFri 11:22 am4780 km2970 miles2581 nmEast E
Azerbaijan, BakuFri 12:22 pm4964 km3084 miles2680 nmEast-northeast ENE
USA, Massachusetts, Boston *Fri 4:22 am5173 km3214 miles2793 nmWest-northwest WNW
Canada, Quebec, Montréal *Fri 4:22 am5267 km3273 miles2844 nmWest-northwest WNW
Kuwait, Kuwait CityFri 11:22 am5270 km3274 miles2845 nmEast E
Iran, TehranFri 11:52 am5272 km3276 miles2847 nmEast-northeast ENE
Eritrea, AsmaraFri 11:22 am5322 km3307 miles2874 nmEast-southeast ESE
Congo, BrazzavilleFri 9:22 am5352 km3326 miles2890 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Congo Dem. Rep., KinshasaFri 9:22 am5359 km3330 miles2894 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Saudi Arabia, RiyadhFri 11:22 am5413 km3364 miles2923 nmEast E
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa *Fri 4:22 am5430 km3374 miles2932 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, New York, New York *Fri 4:22 am5465 km3396 miles2951 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia *Fri 4:22 am5586 km3471 miles3016 nmWest-northwest WNW
Ethiopia, Addis AbabaFri 11:22 am5761 km3580 miles3111 nmEast-southeast ESE
Canada, Ontario, Toronto *Fri 4:22 am5770 km3585 miles3115 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, District of Columbia, Washington DC *Fri 4:22 am5779 km3591 miles3120 nmWest-northwest WNW
Qatar, DohaFri 11:22 am5796 km3602 miles3130 nmEast E
Puerto Rico, San JuanFri 4:22 am5923 km3680 miles3198 nmWest W
USA, Michigan, Detroit *Fri 4:22 am6101 km3791 miles3295 nmWest-northwest WNW
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, DubaiFri 12:22 pm6124 km3805 miles3307 nmEast E
Dominican Republic, Santo DomingoFri 4:22 am6255 km3887 miles3377 nmWest W
Kenya, NairobiFri 11:22 am6424 km3992 miles3469 nmEast-southeast ESE
Uzbekistan, TashkentFri 1:22 pm6452 km4009 miles3484 nmEast-northeast ENE
USA, Indiana, Indianapolis *Fri 4:22 am6457 km4012 miles3487 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, Illinois, Chicago *Fri 3:22 am6468 km4019 miles3492 nmWest-northwest WNW
Bahamas, Nassau *Fri 4:22 am6503 km4041 miles3511 nmWest W
Venezuela, CaracasFri 4:22 am6518 km4050 miles3520 nmWest-southwest WSW
USA, Georgia, Atlanta *Fri 4:22 am6620 km4113 miles3574 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, Florida, Miami *Fri 4:22 am6708 km4168 miles3622 nmWest W
USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis *Fri 3:22 am6730 km4182 miles3634 nmNorthwest NW
Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg *Fri 3:22 am6749 km4194 miles3644 nmNorthwest NW
Cuba, Havana *Fri 4:22 am7050 km4381 miles3807 nmWest W
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de JaneiroFri 5:22 am7690 km4779 miles4152 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Delhi, New DelhiFri 1:52 pm7780 km4834 miles4201 nmEast-northeast ENE
Brazil, São Paulo, São PauloFri 5:22 am7920 km4921 miles4276 nmSouthwest SW
India, Maharashtra, MumbaiFri 1:52 pm8019 km4983 miles4330 nmEast E
South Africa, JohannesburgFri 10:22 am8134 km5054 miles4392 nmSoutheast SE
Guatemala, Guatemala CityFri 2:22 am8295 km5154 miles4479 nmWest W
Mexico, Ciudad de México, Mexico City *Fri 3:22 am8712 km5413 miles4704 nmWest-northwest WNW
Peru, Lima, LimaFri 3:22 am9010 km5599 miles4865 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, West Bengal, KolkataFri 1:52 pm9077 km5640 miles4901 nmEast-northeast ENE
Bangladesh, DhakaFri 2:22 pm9163 km5694 miles4948 nmEast-northeast ENE
USA, California, San Francisco *Fri 1:22 am9168 km5697 miles4950 nmNorthwest NW
USA, California, Los Angeles *Fri 1:22 am9173 km5700 miles4953 nmNorthwest NW
Argentina, Buenos AiresFri 5:22 am9571 km5947 miles5168 nmSouthwest SW
China, Beijing Municipality, BeijingFri 4:22 pm9692 km6022 miles5233 nmNortheast NE
Japan, TokyoFri 5:22 pm11,177 km6945 miles6035 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Indonesia, Jakarta Special Capital Region, JakartaFri 3:22 pm12,664 km7869 miles6838 nmEast-northeast ENE

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (138 places).

Fri = Friday, September 25, 2020 (207 places).

km = how many kilometers from Setúbal
miles = how many miles from Setúbal
nm = how many nautical miles from Setúbal

All numbers are air distances – as the crow flies/great circle distance.

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Friday, September 25, 2020 at 08:22:22

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.

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