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Pokhara Coordinates

location of Pokhara
Latitude: 28° 13' North
Longitude: 83° 59' East

Distance to ...

North Pole:4,275 mi
Equator:1,940 mi
South Pole:8,155 mi

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Current Local Times and Distance from Pokhara

LocationLocal timeDistanceDirection
Nepal, PokharaThu 9:29 pm---
India, Uttar Pradesh, MahrajganjThu 9:14 pm125 km78 miles68 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Uttar Pradesh, NaugarhThu 9:14 pm137 km85 miles74 nmSouthwest SW
Nepal, KathmanduThu 9:29 pm143 km89 miles77 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Uttar Pradesh, PadraunaThu 9:14 pm145 km90 miles78 nmSouth S
India, Bihar, BettiahThu 9:14 pm164 km102 miles89 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Uttar Pradesh, GorakhpurThu 9:14 pm172 km107 miles93 nmSouth-southwest SSW
China, Tibet, SagaThu 11:44 pm174 km108 miles94 nmNortheast NE
India, Uttar Pradesh, KhalilabadThu 9:14 pm183 km114 miles99 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Uttar Pradesh, DeoriaThu 9:14 pm191 km118 miles103 nmSouth S
India, Bihar, MotihariThu 9:14 pm196 km122 miles106 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Uttar Pradesh, BalrampurThu 9:14 pm197 km122 miles106 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Bihar, GopalganjThu 9:14 pm199 km124 miles107 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Uttar Pradesh, BastiThu 9:14 pm201 km125 miles108 nmSouthwest SW
India, Uttar Pradesh, BhingaThu 9:14 pm209 km130 miles113 nmWest-southwest WSW
Nepal, MalangwaThu 9:29 pm216 km134 miles117 nmSoutheast SE
India, Bihar, SiwanThu 9:14 pm224 km139 miles121 nmSouth S
India, Bihar, SheoharThu 9:14 pm228 km142 miles123 nmSoutheast SE
India, Uttar Pradesh, GondaThu 9:14 pm232 km144 miles125 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Bihar, SitamarhiThu 9:14 pm233 km145 miles126 nmSoutheast SE
India, Uttar Pradesh, GoshainganjThu 9:14 pm241 km150 miles130 nmSouthwest SW
India, Uttar Pradesh, FaizabadThu 9:14 pm241 km150 miles130 nmSouthwest SW
India, Uttar Pradesh, Akbarpur (Ambedkar Nagar)Thu 9:14 pm245 km152 miles132 nmSouthwest SW
India, Uttar Pradesh, BahraichThu 9:14 pm245 km152 miles133 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Uttar Pradesh, NanparaThu 9:14 pm247 km154 miles133 nmWest W
India, Bihar, PatnaThu 9:14 pm310 km193 miles168 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Uttar Pradesh, VaranasiThu 9:14 pm333 km207 miles180 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Uttar Pradesh, LucknowThu 9:14 pm337 km210 miles182 nmWest-southwest WSW
Nepal, DharanThu 9:29 pm360 km224 miles194 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Uttar Pradesh, PrayagrajThu 9:14 pm374 km233 miles202 nmSouthwest SW
Nepal, BiratnagarThu 9:29 pm380 km236 miles205 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Uttar Pradesh, KãnpurThu 9:14 pm411 km255 miles222 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, West Bengal, SiliguriThu 9:14 pm470 km292 miles254 nmEast-southeast ESE
Bhutan, ParoThu 9:44 pm542 km337 miles293 nmEast E
Bhutan, PhuntsholingThu 9:44 pm554 km344 miles299 nmEast-southeast ESE
Bangladesh, SaidpurThu 9:44 pm557 km346 miles301 nmEast-southeast ESE
Bhutan, ThimphuThu 9:44 pm564 km350 miles304 nmEast E
India, West Bengal, AsansolThu 9:14 pm584 km363 miles315 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Madhya Pradesh, DamohThu 9:14 pm597 km371 miles323 nmSouthwest SW
India, Uttar Pradesh, AgraThu 9:14 pm600 km373 miles324 nmWest W
India, Uttar Pradesh, MeerutThu 9:14 pm620 km385 miles335 nmWest W
India, West Bengal, DurgapurThu 9:14 pm620 km385 miles335 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Bangladesh, RajshahiThu 9:44 pm628 km390 miles339 nmSoutheast SE
India, Uttar Pradesh, GhaziabadThu 9:14 pm646 km401 miles349 nmWest W
Bangladesh, BograThu 9:44 pm653 km406 miles353 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Delhi, DelhiThu 9:14 pm664 km412 miles358 nmWest W
India, Delhi, New DelhiThu 9:14 pm664 km413 miles359 nmWest W
Bangladesh, IshwardiThu 9:44 pm680 km423 miles367 nmSoutheast SE
China, Tibet, LhasaThu 11:44 pm715 km444 miles386 nmEast-northeast ENE
India, West Bengal, KolkataThu 9:14 pm763 km474 miles412 nmSoutheast SE
India, Assam, NalbariThu 9:14 pm763 km474 miles412 nmEast-southeast ESE
Bhutan, Samdrup JongkharThu 9:44 pm776 km482 miles419 nmEast E
Bangladesh, DhakaThu 9:44 pm814 km506 miles439 nmSoutheast SE
Bangladesh, KhulnaThu 9:44 pm818 km508 miles442 nmSoutheast SE
India, Rajasthan, JaipurThu 9:14 pm822 km511 miles444 nmWest W
India, Punjab, AhmedgarhThu 9:14 pm837 km520 miles452 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Punjab, LudhianaThu 9:14 pm843 km524 miles455 nmWest-northwest WNW
Bangladesh, ChandpurThu 9:44 pm868 km539 miles468 nmSoutheast SE
India, Odisha, BhubaneshwarThu 9:14 pm901 km560 miles486 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Maharashtra, NãgpurThu 9:14 pm926 km575 miles500 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Pakistan, NarowalThu 8:44 pm978 km607 miles528 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, LahoreThu 8:44 pm1006 km625 miles543 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Madhya Pradesh, IndoreThu 9:14 pm1017 km632 miles549 nmSouthwest SW
Pakistan, SialkotThu 8:44 pm1024 km636 miles553 nmWest-northwest WNW
Bangladesh, ChittagongThu 9:44 pm1025 km637 miles553 nmSoutheast SE
Pakistan, GujranwalaThu 8:44 pm1039 km646 miles561 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, HafizabadThu 8:44 pm1080 km671 miles583 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, FaisalabadThu 8:44 pm1111 km690 miles600 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Andhra Pradesh, VisakhapatnamThu 9:14 pm1168 km726 miles631 nmSouth S
Pakistan, RawalpindiThu 8:44 pm1204 km748 miles650 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, IslamabadThu 8:44 pm1207 km750 miles652 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, BahawalpurThu 8:44 pm1208 km751 miles652 nmWest W
Pakistan, MultanThu 8:44 pm1236 km768 miles667 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Gujarat, AhmedabadThu 9:14 pm1281 km796 miles691 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Telangana, HyderabadThu 9:14 pm1327 km825 miles717 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Gujarat, SuratThu 9:14 pm1371 km852 miles741 nmWest-southwest WSW
Myanmar, MandalayThu 10:14 pm1400 km870 miles756 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Maharashtra, PuneThu 9:14 pm1490 km926 miles805 nmSouthwest SW
India, Maharashtra, MumbaiThu 9:14 pm1530 km951 miles826 nmSouthwest SW
Myanmar, NaypyidawThu 10:14 pm1547 km961 miles835 nmSoutheast SE
Afghanistan, KabulThu 8:14 pm1572 km977 miles849 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Tamil Nadu, ChennaiThu 9:14 pm1719 km1068 miles928 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Pakistan, Sindh, KarachiThu 8:44 pm1728 km1074 miles933 nmWest W
China, Xinjiang, ÜrümqiThu 11:44 pm1763 km1095 miles952 nmNorth N
Myanmar, YangonThu 10:14 pm1776 km1104 miles959 nmSoutheast SE
Kazakhstan, AlmatyThu 9:44 pm1786 km1110 miles964 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Karnataka, BangaloreThu 9:14 pm1814 km1127 miles980 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Tajikistan, DushanbeThu 8:44 pm1818 km1130 miles982 nmNorthwest NW
Kyrgyzstan, BishkekThu 9:44 pm1833 km1139 miles990 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Uzbekistan, TashkentThu 8:44 pm1975 km1227 miles1067 nmNorthwest NW
India, Tamil Nadu, MaduraiThu 9:14 pm2115 km1314 miles1142 nmSouth-southwest SSW
China, Chongqing Municipality, ChongqingThu 11:44 pm2205 km1370 miles1191 nmEast E
Laos, VientianeThu 10:44 pm2215 km1377 miles1196 nmEast-southeast ESE
Mongolia, HovdThu 10:44 pm2295 km1426 miles1239 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Kerala, ThiruvananthapuramThu 9:14 pm2303 km1431 miles1244 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Thailand, BangkokThu 10:44 pm2344 km1457 miles1266 nmSoutheast SE
Vietnam, HanoiThu 10:44 pm2348 km1459 miles1268 nmEast-southeast ESE
Sri Lanka, ColomboThu 9:14 pm2395 km1488 miles1293 nmSouth S
Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenepura KotteThu 9:14 pm2399 km1491 miles1295 nmSouth S
Oman, MuscatThu 7:44 pm2594 km1612 miles1401 nmWest W
Turkmenistan, AshgabatThu 8:44 pm2611 km1622 miles1410 nmWest-northwest WNW
Kazakhstan, NursultanThu 9:44 pm2754 km1711 miles1487 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Cambodia, Phnom PenhThu 10:44 pm2855 km1774 miles1541 nmSoutheast SE
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, DubaiThu 7:44 pm2866 km1781 miles1547 nmWest W
Maldives, MaleThu 8:44 pm2882 km1791 miles1556 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Mongolia, UlaanbaatarThu 11:44 pm2950 km1833 miles1593 nmNortheast NE
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abu DhabiThu 7:44 pm2977 km1850 miles1608 nmWest W
Russia, NovosibirskThu 10:44 pm2980 km1852 miles1609 nmNorth N
Russia, OmskThu 9:44 pm3095 km1923 miles1671 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Hong Kong, Hong KongThu 11:44 pm3103 km1928 miles1675 nmEast E
Russia, IrkutskThu 11:44 pm3158 km1962 miles1705 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Russia, KrasnoyarskThu 10:44 pm3170 km1970 miles1712 nmNorth N
Iran, Tehran *Thu 8:14 pm3172 km1971 miles1713 nmWest-northwest WNW
Qatar, DohaThu 6:44 pm3235 km2010 miles1747 nmWest W
China, Beijing Municipality, BeijingThu 11:44 pm3238 km2012 miles1748 nmEast-northeast ENE
Bahrain, ManamaThu 6:44 pm3306 km2054 miles1785 nmWest W
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala LumpurThu 11:44 pm3350 km2082 miles1809 nmSoutheast SE
Azerbaijan, BakuThu 7:44 pm3394 km2109 miles1833 nmWest-northwest WNW
Kuwait, Kuwait CityThu 6:44 pm3504 km2177 miles1892 nmWest W
Russia, ChitaFri 12:44 am3603 km2239 miles1945 nmNortheast NE
China, Shanghai Municipality, ShanghaiThu 11:44 pm3627 km2254 miles1959 nmEast-northeast ENE
Singapore, SingaporeThu 11:44 pm3654 km2270 miles1973 nmSoutheast SE
Russia, YekaterinburgThu 8:44 pm3675 km2283 miles1984 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Saudi Arabia, RiyadhThu 6:44 pm3724 km2314 miles2011 nmWest W
Kazakhstan, OralThu 8:44 pm3733 km2320 miles2016 nmNorthwest NW
Taiwan, TaipeiThu 11:44 pm3739 km2323 miles2019 nmEast E
Iraq, BaghdadThu 6:44 pm3807 km2365 miles2055 nmWest-northwest WNW
Armenia, YerevanThu 7:44 pm3836 km2383 miles2071 nmWest-northwest WNW
Georgia, TbilisiThu 7:44 pm3838 km2385 miles2072 nmWest-northwest WNW
Russia, SamaraThu 7:44 pm3920 km2436 miles2117 nmNorthwest NW
Russia, IzhevskThu 7:44 pm3997 km2484 miles2158 nmNorth-northwest NNW
North Korea, PyongyangFri 12:44 am4019 km2497 miles2170 nmEast-northeast ENE
Philippines, ManilaThu 11:44 pm4101 km2548 miles2214 nmEast-southeast ESE
South Korea, SeoulFri 12:44 am4117 km2558 miles2223 nmEast-northeast ENE
British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego GarciaThu 9:44 pm4121 km2561 miles2225 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Indonesia, West Kalimantan, PontianakThu 10:44 pm4132 km2568 miles2231 nmSoutheast SE
Brunei, Bandar Seri BegawanThu 11:44 pm4167 km2590 miles2250 nmEast-southeast ESE
Yemen, SanaThu 6:44 pm4329 km2690 miles2337 nmWest W
Indonesia, Jakarta Special Capital Region, JakartaThu 10:44 pm4523 km2811 miles2442 nmSoutheast SE
Syria, Damascus *Thu 6:44 pm4558 km2832 miles2461 nmWest-northwest WNW
Jordan, Amman *Thu 6:44 pm4614 km2867 miles2492 nmWest-northwest WNW
Djibouti, DjiboutiThu 6:44 pm4626 km2874 miles2498 nmWest-southwest WSW
Lebanon, Beirut *Thu 6:44 pm4629 km2877 miles2500 nmWest-northwest WNW
Israel, Jerusalem *Thu 6:44 pm4683 km2910 miles2528 nmWest-northwest WNW
Seychelles, VictoriaThu 7:44 pm4749 km2951 miles2564 nmSouthwest SW
Russia, MoscowThu 6:44 pm4771 km2965 miles2576 nmNorthwest NW
Cyprus, Nicosia *Thu 6:44 pm4809 km2988 miles2597 nmWest-northwest WNW
Turkey, AnkaraThu 6:44 pm4826 km2999 miles2606 nmWest-northwest WNW
Eritrea, AsmaraThu 6:44 pm4841 km3008 miles2614 nmWest W
Somalia, MogadishuThu 6:44 pm5023 km3121 miles2712 nmWest-southwest WSW
Ukraine, Kyiv *Thu 6:44 pm5088 km3161 miles2747 nmNorthwest NW
Egypt, CairoThu 5:44 pm5091 km3163 miles2749 nmWest-northwest WNW
Turkey, IstanbulThu 6:44 pm5152 km3201 miles2782 nmWest-northwest WNW
Moldova, Chișinău *Thu 6:44 pm5172 km3214 miles2792 nmNorthwest NW
Ethiopia, Addis AbabaThu 6:44 pm5185 km3222 miles2800 nmWest-southwest WSW
Japan, TokyoFri 12:44 am5262 km3270 miles2841 nmEast-northeast ENE
Belarus, MinskThu 6:44 pm5346 km3322 miles2886 nmNorthwest NW
Romania, Bucharest *Thu 6:44 pm5378 km3342 miles2904 nmNorthwest NW
Sudan, KhartoumThu 5:44 pm5455 km3389 miles2945 nmWest W
Bulgaria, Sofia *Thu 6:44 pm5611 km3486 miles3030 nmWest-northwest WNW
Estonia, Tallinn *Thu 6:44 pm5622 km3493 miles3035 nmNorthwest NW
Finland, Helsinki *Thu 6:44 pm5627 km3496 miles3038 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Greece, Athens *Thu 6:44 pm5631 km3499 miles3041 nmWest-northwest WNW
Poland, Warsaw *Thu 5:44 pm5765 km3582 miles3113 nmNorthwest NW
Serbia, Belgrade *Thu 5:44 pm5824 km3619 miles3145 nmNorthwest NW
Hungary, Budapest *Thu 5:44 pm5912 km3674 miles3192 nmNorthwest NW
Sweden, Stockholm *Thu 5:44 pm5996 km3726 miles3237 nmNorthwest NW
Kenya, NairobiThu 6:44 pm5997 km3726 miles3238 nmWest-southwest WSW
Austria, Vienna, Vienna *Thu 5:44 pm6107 km3795 miles3297 nmNorthwest NW
Croatia, Zagreb *Thu 5:44 pm6163 km3829 miles3328 nmNorthwest NW
Tanzania, Dar es SalaamThu 6:44 pm6168 km3833 miles3331 nmWest-southwest WSW
Czechia, Prague *Thu 5:44 pm6232 km3872 miles3365 nmNorthwest NW
Germany, Berlin, Berlin *Thu 5:44 pm6284 km3905 miles3393 nmNorthwest NW
Denmark, Copenhagen *Thu 5:44 pm6317 km3925 miles3411 nmNorthwest NW
Norway, Oslo *Thu 5:44 pm6411 km3984 miles3462 nmNorthwest NW
Italy, Rome *Thu 5:44 pm6508 km4044 miles3514 nmNorthwest NW
Madagascar, AntananarivoThu 6:44 pm6526 km4055 miles3524 nmSouthwest SW
Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt *Thu 5:44 pm6639 km4125 miles3585 nmNorthwest NW
Switzerland, Zurich, Zürich *Thu 5:44 pm6701 km4164 miles3618 nmNorthwest NW
Netherlands, Amsterdam *Thu 5:44 pm6858 km4261 miles3703 nmNorthwest NW
Belgium, Brussels, Brussels *Thu 5:44 pm6927 km4304 miles3740 nmNorthwest NW
France, Île-de-France, Paris *Thu 5:44 pm7116 km4422 miles3842 nmNorthwest NW
United Kingdom, England, London *Thu 4:44 pm7216 km4484 miles3896 nmNorthwest NW
Algeria, AlgiersThu 4:44 pm7441 km4623 miles4018 nmWest-northwest WNW
Ireland, Dublin *Thu 4:44 pm7560 km4698 miles4082 nmNorthwest NW
Spain, Madrid *Thu 5:44 pm7857 km4882 miles4242 nmNorthwest NW
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon *Thu 4:44 pm8360 km5195 miles4514 nmNorthwest NW
Morocco, Casablanca *Thu 4:44 pm8473 km5265 miles4575 nmWest-northwest WNW
South Africa, JohannesburgThu 5:44 pm8487 km5273 miles4582 nmSouthwest SW
Nigeria, LagosThu 4:44 pm8762 km5444 miles4731 nmWest W
Australia, Queensland, BrisbaneFri 1:44 am9603 km5967 miles5185 nmSoutheast SE
Australia, Victoria, MelbourneFri 1:44 am9683 km6017 miles5229 nmSoutheast SE
Australia, New South Wales, SydneyFri 1:44 am9866 km6130 miles5327 nmSoutheast SE
USA, New York, New York *Thu 11:44 am12,045 km7484 miles6504 nmNorth-northwest NNW
USA, District of Columbia, Washington DC *Thu 11:44 am12,319 km7654 miles6652 nmNorth-northwest NNW
USA, California, Los Angeles *Thu 8:44 am12,728 km7909 miles6873 nmNorth-northeast NNE

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (37 places).

Thu = Thursday, July 9, 2020 (189 places).
Fri = Friday, July 10, 2020 (7 places).

km = how many kilometers from Pokhara
miles = how many miles from Pokhara
nm = how many nautical miles from Pokhara

All numbers are air distances – as the crow flies/great circle distance.

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