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Ilaiyangudi Coordinates

location of Ilaiyangudi
Latitude: 9° 38' North
Longitude: 78° 38' East

Distance to ...

North Pole:5,553 mi
Equator:662 mi
South Pole:6,876 mi

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Current Local Times and Distance from Ilaiyangudi

LocationLocal timeDistanceDirection
India, Tamil Nadu, IlaiyangudiMon 6:20 pm---
India, Tamil Nadu, SivagangaMon 6:20 pm29 km18 miles16 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Tamil Nadu, RamanathapuramMon 6:20 pm37 km23 miles20 nmSoutheast SE
India, Tamil Nadu, DevakottaiMon 6:20 pm41 km26 miles22 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Tamil Nadu, KaraikudiMon 6:20 pm52 km32 miles28 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Tamil Nadu, MaduraiMon 6:20 pm65 km40 miles35 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Tamil Nadu, VirudhunagarMon 6:20 pm74 km46 miles40 nmWest W
India, Tamil Nadu, PudukkottaiMon 6:20 pm86 km53 miles46 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Tamil Nadu, ThoothukudiMon 6:20 pm107 km67 miles58 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Tamil Nadu, DindigulMon 6:20 pm109 km68 miles59 nmNorthwest NW
India, Tamil Nadu, TiruchirappalliMon 6:20 pm130 km81 miles70 nmNorth N
India, Tamil Nadu, TheniMon 6:20 pm133 km82 miles72 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Tamil Nadu, ThiruchendurMon 6:20 pm137 km85 miles74 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Tamil Nadu, ThanjavurMon 6:20 pm140 km87 miles76 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Tamil Nadu, KodaikanalMon 6:20 pm142 km88 miles77 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Tamil Nadu, TirunelveliMon 6:20 pm143 km89 miles77 nmSouthwest SW
India, Tamil Nadu, Gudalur (Theni)Mon 6:20 pm151 km94 miles82 nmWest W
Sri Lanka, JaffnaMon 6:20 pm152 km95 miles82 nmEast E
India, Tamil Nadu, VedaranyamMon 6:20 pm158 km98 miles85 nmEast-northeast ENE
India, Tamil Nadu, KarurMon 6:20 pm159 km99 miles86 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Tamil Nadu, TenkasiMon 6:20 pm162 km101 miles87 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Tamil Nadu, CourtallamMon 6:20 pm167 km104 miles90 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Tamil Nadu, ThuraiyurMon 6:20 pm168 km104 miles90 nmNorth N
India, Tamil Nadu, TiruvarurMon 6:20 pm168 km104 miles90 nmNortheast NE
India, Tamil Nadu, DharapuramMon 6:20 pm172 km107 miles93 nmNorthwest NW
India, Tamil Nadu, AriyalurMon 6:20 pm174 km108 miles94 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Tamil Nadu, PerambalurMon 6:20 pm180 km112 miles97 nmNorth N
India, Tamil Nadu, NamakkalMon 6:20 pm183 km114 miles99 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Tamil Nadu, NagapattinamMon 6:20 pm183 km114 miles99 nmNortheast NE
India, Kerala, PainavuMon 6:20 pm187 km116 miles101 nmWest W
India, Tamil Nadu, KaraikalMon 6:20 pm195 km121 miles105 nmNortheast NE
India, Tamil Nadu, MayiladuthuraiMon 6:20 pm198 km123 miles107 nmNortheast NE
India, Kerala, PunalurMon 6:20 pm198 km123 miles107 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Kerala, PathanamthittaMon 6:20 pm206 km128 miles111 nmWest W
India, Tamil Nadu, NagercoilMon 6:20 pm207 km128 miles112 nmSouthwest SW
India, Tamil Nadu, KanyakumariMon 6:20 pm208 km129 miles112 nmSouthwest SW
India, Kerala, ThodupuzhaMon 6:20 pm212 km132 miles114 nmWest W
India, Tamil Nadu, ErodeMon 6:20 pm212 km132 miles115 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Tamil Nadu, TiruppurMon 6:20 pm216 km134 miles117 nmNorthwest NW
India, Kerala, ThiruvananthapuramMon 6:20 pm222 km138 miles120 nmSouthwest SW
India, Kerala, TiruvallaMon 6:20 pm227 km141 miles122 nmWest W
India, Tamil Nadu, SalemMon 6:20 pm230 km143 miles124 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Kerala, KottayamMon 6:20 pm231 km143 miles125 nmWest W
India, Tamil Nadu, CoimbatoreMon 6:20 pm237 km147 miles128 nmNorthwest NW
India, Kerala, KollamMon 6:20 pm238 km148 miles129 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Tamil Nadu, KurinjipadiMon 6:20 pm239 km149 miles129 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Tamil Nadu, YercaudMon 6:20 pm242 km150 miles131 nmNorth N
India, Kerala, KochiMon 6:20 pm263 km163 miles142 nmWest W
Sri Lanka, TrincomaleeMon 6:20 pm309 km192 miles167 nmEast-southeast ESE
Sri Lanka, ColomboMon 6:20 pm327 km203 miles177 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenepura KotteMon 6:20 pm335 km208 miles181 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Sri Lanka, KandyMon 6:20 pm340 km211 miles184 nmSoutheast SE
India, Karnataka, BangaloreMon 6:20 pm388 km241 miles209 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Sri Lanka, BadullaMon 6:20 pm396 km246 miles214 nmSoutheast SE
India, Tamil Nadu, ChennaiMon 6:20 pm422 km262 miles228 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Sri Lanka, KalmunaiMon 6:20 pm429 km266 miles231 nmSoutheast SE
India, Andhra Pradesh, KadapaMon 6:20 pm536 km333 miles289 nmNorth N
India, Karnataka, MangaluruMon 6:20 pm548 km340 miles296 nmNorthwest NW
India, Andhra Pradesh, AnantapurMon 6:20 pm571 km355 miles308 nmNorth N
Maldives, KulhudhuffushiMon 5:50 pm697 km433 miles376 nmWest-southwest WSW
Maldives, MaleMon 5:50 pm826 km514 miles446 nmSouthwest SW
India, Telangana, HyderabadMon 6:20 pm856 km532 miles462 nmNorth N
India, Andhra Pradesh, VisakhapatnamMon 6:20 pm1021 km634 miles551 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Maharashtra, PuneMon 6:20 pm1109 km689 miles599 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Maharashtra, MumbaiMon 6:20 pm1207 km750 miles652 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Maharashtra, NãgpurMon 6:20 pm1276 km793 miles689 nmNorth N
India, Odisha, BhubaneshwarMon 6:20 pm1409 km875 miles761 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Gujarat, SuratMon 6:20 pm1423 km884 miles768 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Madhya Pradesh, IndoreMon 6:20 pm1478 km919 miles798 nmNorth N
India, West Bengal, KolkataMon 6:20 pm1770 km1100 miles956 nmNortheast NE
India, Uttar Pradesh, VaranasiMon 6:20 pm1799 km1118 miles972 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Bihar, PatnaMon 6:20 pm1898 km1179 miles1025 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Uttar Pradesh, AgraMon 6:20 pm1943 km1208 miles1049 nmNorth N
British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego GarciaMon 6:50 pm1995 km1240 miles1077 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Bangladesh, DhakaMon 6:50 pm2000 km1243 miles1080 nmNortheast NE
Myanmar, YangonMon 7:20 pm2058 km1279 miles1111 nmEast-northeast ENE
Pakistan, Sindh, KarachiMon 5:50 pm2086 km1296 miles1127 nmNorthwest NW
India, Delhi, New DelhiMon 6:20 pm2107 km1309 miles1138 nmNorth N
India, Delhi, DelhiMon 6:20 pm2112 km1312 miles1140 nmNorth N
Nepal, KathmanduMon 6:35 pm2121 km1318 miles1145 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Myanmar, NaypyidawMon 7:20 pm2187 km1359 miles1181 nmEast-northeast ENE
Bhutan, ThimphuMon 6:50 pm2288 km1422 miles1235 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, Punjab, AhmedgarhMon 6:20 pm2349 km1459 miles1268 nmNorth N
India, Punjab, LudhianaMon 6:20 pm2374 km1475 miles1282 nmNorth N
Thailand, BangkokMon 7:50 pm2426 km1507 miles1310 nmEast-northeast ENE
Pakistan, LahoreMon 5:50 pm2471 km1535 miles1334 nmNorth N
China, Tibet, LhasaMon 8:50 pm2572 km1598 miles1389 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Oman, MuscatMon 4:50 pm2636 km1638 miles1424 nmNorthwest NW
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala LumpurMon 8:50 pm2650 km1646 miles1431 nmEast-southeast ESE
Pakistan, IslamabadMon 5:50 pm2727 km1695 miles1473 nmNorth N
Laos, VientianeMon 7:50 pm2749 km1708 miles1484 nmEast-northeast ENE
Cambodia, Phnom PenhMon 7:50 pm2885 km1792 miles1558 nmEast E
Afghanistan, KabulMon 5:20 pm2922 km1816 miles1578 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Singapore, SingaporeMon 8:50 pm2941 km1828 miles1588 nmEast-southeast ESE
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, DubaiMon 4:50 pm3014 km1873 miles1627 nmNorthwest NW
Seychelles, VictoriaMon 4:50 pm3015 km1873 miles1628 nmWest-southwest WSW
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abu DhabiMon 4:50 pm3051 km1896 miles1648 nmNorthwest NW
Vietnam, HanoiMon 7:50 pm3177 km1974 miles1716 nmEast-northeast ENE
Qatar, DohaMon 3:50 pm3347 km2080 miles1807 nmNorthwest NW
Tajikistan, DushanbeMon 5:50 pm3354 km2084 miles1811 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Bahrain, ManamaMon 3:50 pm3479 km2162 miles1879 nmNorthwest NW
Indonesia, West Kalimantan, PontianakMon 7:50 pm3567 km2216 miles1926 nmEast-southeast ESE
Indonesia, Jakarta Special Capital Region, JakartaMon 7:50 pm3580 km2225 miles1933 nmEast-southeast ESE
Uzbekistan, TashkentMon 5:50 pm3629 km2255 miles1959 nmNorth-northwest NNW
China, Chongqing Municipality, ChongqingMon 8:50 pm3651 km2268 miles1971 nmNortheast NE
Kyrgyzstan, BishkekMon 6:50 pm3705 km2302 miles2000 nmNorth N
Kazakhstan, AlmatyMon 6:50 pm3730 km2318 miles2014 nmNorth N
Turkmenistan, AshgabatMon 5:50 pm3734 km2320 miles2016 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Saudi Arabia, RiyadhMon 3:50 pm3765 km2340 miles2033 nmWest-northwest WNW
Somalia, MogadishuMon 3:50 pm3778 km2347 miles2040 nmWest W
Yemen, SanaMon 3:50 pm3789 km2355 miles2046 nmWest-northwest WNW
Kuwait, Kuwait CityMon 3:50 pm3868 km2404 miles2089 nmNorthwest NW
Djibouti, DjiboutiMon 3:50 pm3886 km2415 miles2098 nmWest W
China, Xinjiang, ÜrümqiMon 8:50 pm3888 km2416 miles2099 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Iran, Tehran *Mon 5:20 pm3990 km2480 miles2155 nmNorthwest NW
Mauritius, Port LouisMon 4:50 pm4027 km2502 miles2174 nmSouthwest SW
Brunei, Bandar Seri BegawanMon 8:50 pm4042 km2512 miles2183 nmEast E
Hong Kong, Hong KongMon 8:50 pm4043 km2512 miles2183 nmEast-northeast ENE
Réunion (French), Saint-DenisMon 4:50 pm4221 km2623 miles2279 nmSouthwest SW
Eritrea, AsmaraMon 3:50 pm4354 km2706 miles2351 nmWest-northwest WNW
Iraq, BaghdadMon 3:50 pm4373 km2718 miles2361 nmNorthwest NW
Ethiopia, Addis AbabaMon 3:50 pm4378 km2721 miles2364 nmWest W
Azerbaijan, BakuMon 4:50 pm4436 km2757 miles2395 nmNorthwest NW
Comoros, MoroniMon 3:50 pm4569 km2839 miles2467 nmWest-southwest WSW
Philippines, ManilaMon 8:50 pm4637 km2881 miles2504 nmEast E
Kazakhstan, NursultanMon 6:50 pm4649 km2889 miles2510 nmNorth N
Madagascar, AntananarivoMon 3:50 pm4649 km2889 miles2510 nmSouthwest SW
Tanzania, Dar es SalaamMon 3:50 pm4727 km2937 miles2552 nmWest-southwest WSW
Armenia, YerevanMon 4:50 pm4775 km2967 miles2578 nmNorthwest NW
Kenya, NairobiMon 3:50 pm4789 km2975 miles2586 nmWest-southwest WSW
Taiwan, TaipeiMon 8:50 pm4842 km3009 miles2615 nmEast-northeast ENE
Georgia, TbilisiMon 4:50 pm4855 km3017 miles2622 nmNorthwest NW
Mongolia, UlaanbaatarMon 8:50 pm5006 km3110 miles2703 nmNorth-northeast NNE
China, Beijing Municipality, BeijingMon 8:50 pm5018 km3118 miles2710 nmNortheast NE
China, Shanghai Municipality, ShanghaiMon 8:50 pm5027 km3124 miles2714 nmNortheast NE
Jordan, Amman *Mon 3:50 pm5039 km3131 miles2721 nmNorthwest NW
Sudan, KhartoumMon 2:50 pm5042 km3133 miles2722 nmWest-northwest WNW
Syria, Damascus *Mon 3:50 pm5066 km3148 miles2735 nmNorthwest NW
Tanzania, DodomaMon 3:50 pm5067 km3149 miles2736 nmWest-southwest WSW
Israel, Jerusalem *Mon 3:50 pm5095 km3166 miles2751 nmNorthwest NW
Lebanon, Beirut *Mon 3:50 pm5152 km3202 miles2782 nmNorthwest NW
Uganda, KampalaMon 3:50 pm5202 km3233 miles2809 nmWest W
South Sudan, JubaMon 3:50 pm5217 km3242 miles2817 nmWest W
Cyprus, Nicosia *Mon 3:50 pm5385 km3346 miles2908 nmNorthwest NW
Egypt, CairoMon 2:50 pm5405 km3358 miles2918 nmWest-northwest WNW
Turkey, AnkaraMon 3:50 pm5625 km3495 miles3037 nmNorthwest NW
South Korea, SeoulMon 9:50 pm5737 km3565 miles3098 nmNortheast NE
Turkey, IstanbulMon 3:50 pm5976 km3713 miles3227 nmNorthwest NW
Zimbabwe, HarareMon 2:50 pm6048 km3758 miles3265 nmWest-southwest WSW
Australia, Western Australia, PerthMon 8:50 pm6072 km3773 miles3278 nmSoutheast SE
Russia, MoscowMon 3:50 pm6238 km3876 miles3368 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Australia, Northern Territory, DarwinMon 10:20 pm6270 km3896 miles3385 nmEast-southeast ESE
Greece, Athens *Mon 3:50 pm6301 km3915 miles3402 nmNorthwest NW
Ukraine, Kyiv *Mon 3:50 pm6307 km3919 miles3406 nmNorthwest NW
Romania, Bucharest *Mon 3:50 pm6332 km3934 miles3419 nmNorthwest NW
Bulgaria, Sofia *Mon 3:50 pm6480 km4027 miles3499 nmNorthwest NW
Belarus, MinskMon 3:50 pm6667 km4143 miles3600 nmNorth-northwest NNW
South Africa, JohannesburgMon 2:50 pm6754 km4197 miles3647 nmSouthwest SW
Japan, TokyoMon 9:50 pm6786 km4217 miles3664 nmNortheast NE
Hungary, Budapest *Mon 2:50 pm6958 km4323 miles3757 nmNorthwest NW
Poland, Warsaw *Mon 2:50 pm6993 km4345 miles3776 nmNorthwest NW
Austria, Vienna, Vienna *Mon 2:50 pm7173 km4457 miles3873 nmNorthwest NW
Italy, Rome *Mon 2:50 pm7330 km4555 miles3958 nmNorthwest NW
Sweden, Stockholm *Mon 2:50 pm7446 km4627 miles4021 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Germany, Berlin, Berlin *Mon 2:50 pm7498 km4659 miles4049 nmNorthwest NW
Netherlands, Amsterdam *Mon 2:50 pm8062 km5009 miles4353 nmNorthwest NW
Belgium, Brussels, Brussels *Mon 2:50 pm8080 km5021 miles4363 nmNorthwest NW
Algeria, AlgiersMon 1:50 pm8094 km5030 miles4371 nmNorthwest NW
France, Île-de-France, Paris *Mon 2:50 pm8205 km5098 miles4430 nmNorthwest NW
Nigeria, LagosMon 1:50 pm8291 km5152 miles4477 nmWest W
United Kingdom, England, London *Mon 1:50 pm8398 km5218 miles4535 nmNorthwest NW
Australia, Victoria, MelbourneMon 10:50 pm8653 km5376 miles4672 nmSoutheast SE
Spain, Madrid *Mon 2:50 pm8676 km5391 miles4685 nmNorthwest NW
Ireland, Dublin *Mon 1:50 pm8817 km5479 miles4761 nmNorthwest NW
Australia, Queensland, BrisbaneMon 10:50 pm8996 km5590 miles4857 nmEast-southeast ESE
Australia, New South Wales, SydneyMon 10:50 pm9033 km5613 miles4877 nmSoutheast SE
Morocco, Casablanca *Mon 1:50 pm9082 km5643 miles4904 nmWest-northwest WNW
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon *Mon 1:50 pm9157 km5690 miles4944 nmNorthwest NW
USA, New York, New York *Mon 8:50 am13,768 km8555 miles7434 nmNorth-northwest NNW
USA, District of Columbia, Washington DC *Mon 8:50 am14,074 km8745 miles7599 nmNorth-northwest NNW

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (26 places).

Mon = Monday, July 13, 2020 (180 places).

km = how many kilometers from Ilaiyangudi
miles = how many miles from Ilaiyangudi
nm = how many nautical miles from Ilaiyangudi

All numbers are air distances – as the crow flies/great circle distance.

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