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Huittinen Coordinates

location of Huittinen
Latitude: 61° 11' North
Longitude: 22° 42' East

Distance to ...

North Pole:1,999 mi
Equator:4,216 mi
South Pole:10,431 mi

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Current Local Times and Distance from Huittinen

LocationLocal timeDistanceDirection
Finland, Huittinen *Wed 8:02 pm---
Finland, Pori *Wed 8:02 pm59 km37 miles32 nmNorthwest NW
Finland, Tampere *Wed 8:02 pm67 km42 miles36 nmEast-northeast ENE
Finland, Turku *Wed 8:02 pm84 km52 miles45 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Finland, Riihimäki *Wed 8:02 pm123 km76 miles66 nmEast-southeast ESE
Finland, Kristinestad *Wed 8:02 pm141 km88 miles76 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Finland, Espoo *Wed 8:02 pm152 km94 miles82 nmSoutheast SE
Finland, Lahti *Wed 8:02 pm161 km100 miles87 nmEast E
Finland, Vantaa *Wed 8:02 pm161 km100 miles87 nmSoutheast SE
Finland, Närpes *Wed 8:02 pm162 km101 miles87 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Finland, Helsinki *Wed 8:02 pm166 km103 miles90 nmSoutheast SE
Åland Islands, Mariehamn *Wed 8:02 pm193 km120 miles104 nmSouthwest SW
Finland, Jyväskylä *Wed 8:02 pm200 km124 miles108 nmNortheast NE
Finland, Vaasa *Wed 8:02 pm221 km138 miles120 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Estonia, Tallinn *Wed 8:02 pm224 km139 miles121 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Finland, Kotka *Wed 8:02 pm244 km152 miles132 nmEast-southeast ESE
Sweden, Uppsala *Wed 7:02 pm314 km195 miles170 nmWest-southwest WSW
Estonia, Kohtla-Järve *Wed 8:02 pm320 km199 miles173 nmSoutheast SE
Estonia, Kuressaare *Wed 8:02 pm326 km202 miles176 nmSouth S
Sweden, Stockholm *Wed 7:02 pm328 km204 miles177 nmSouthwest SW
Estonia, Narva *Wed 8:02 pm364 km226 miles197 nmEast-southeast ESE
Estonia, Tartu *Wed 8:02 pm385 km239 miles208 nmSoutheast SE
Finland, Joensuu *Wed 8:02 pm404 km251 miles218 nmEast-northeast ENE
Latvia, Ventspils *Wed 8:02 pm426 km265 miles230 nmSouth S
Latvia, Valmiera *Wed 8:02 pm434 km270 miles234 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Russia, Saint-PetersburgWed 8:02 pm440 km273 miles237 nmEast-southeast ESE
Latvia, Riga *Wed 8:02 pm478 km297 miles258 nmSouth S
Latvia, Gulbene *Wed 8:02 pm503 km312 miles271 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Latvia, Jelgava *Wed 8:02 pm507 km315 miles274 nmSouth S
Finland, Kemi *Wed 8:02 pm517 km321 miles279 nmNorth N
Latvia, Liepāja *Wed 8:02 pm528 km328 miles285 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Russia, NovgorodWed 8:02 pm564 km350 miles304 nmEast-southeast ESE
Lithuania, Šiauliai *Wed 8:02 pm585 km364 miles316 nmSouth S
Finland, Rovaniemi *Wed 8:02 pm612 km380 miles330 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Lithuania, Klaipėda *Wed 8:02 pm616 km383 miles332 nmSouth S
Latvia, Daugavpils *Wed 8:02 pm631 km392 miles341 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Norway, Oslo *Wed 7:02 pm670 km416 miles362 nmWest W
Norway, Sandvika *Wed 7:02 pm682 km424 miles368 nmWest W
Norway, Trondheim *Wed 7:02 pm685 km425 miles370 nmWest-northwest WNW
Lithuania, Kaunas *Wed 8:02 pm703 km437 miles379 nmSouth S
Sweden, Gothenburg *Wed 7:02 pm720 km447 miles389 nmWest-southwest WSW
Russia, KaliningradWed 7:02 pm732 km455 miles395 nmSouth S
Lithuania, Vilnius *Wed 8:02 pm740 km460 miles399 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Sweden, Kiruna *Wed 7:02 pm754 km469 miles407 nmNorth N
Poland, Gdańsk *Wed 7:02 pm797 km495 miles430 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Belarus, VitebskWed 8:02 pm798 km496 miles431 nmSoutheast SE
Belarus, GrodnoWed 8:02 pm839 km521 miles453 nmSouth S
Sweden, Malmö *Wed 7:02 pm839 km521 miles453 nmSouthwest SW
Denmark, Copenhagen *Wed 7:02 pm850 km528 miles459 nmSouthwest SW
Belarus, MinskWed 8:02 pm860 km535 miles465 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Denmark, Aalborg *Wed 7:02 pm862 km536 miles466 nmWest-southwest WSW
Denmark, Aarhus *Wed 7:02 pm913 km567 miles493 nmWest-southwest WSW
Belarus, MogilevWed 8:02 pm929 km577 miles502 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Norway, Bergen *Wed 7:02 pm947 km589 miles512 nmWest W
Norway, Tromsø *Wed 7:02 pm960 km597 miles518 nmNorth N
Denmark, Odense *Wed 7:02 pm964 km599 miles521 nmSouthwest SW
Norway, Stavanger *Wed 7:02 pm973 km605 miles525 nmWest W
Russia, ArkhangelskWed 8:02 pm979 km609 miles529 nmEast-northeast ENE
Russia, MurmanskWed 8:02 pm994 km618 miles537 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Poland, Warsaw *Wed 7:02 pm1001 km622 miles541 nmSouth S
Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rostock *Wed 7:02 pm1009 km627 miles545 nmSouthwest SW
Belarus, BrestWed 8:02 pm1012 km629 miles547 nmSouth S
Russia, MoscowWed 8:02 pm1056 km656 miles570 nmEast-southeast ESE
Germany, Berlin, Berlin *Wed 7:02 pm1117 km694 miles603 nmSouthwest SW
Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg *Wed 7:02 pm1138 km707 miles615 nmSouthwest SW
Russia, RyazanWed 8:02 pm1241 km771 miles670 nmEast-southeast ESE
Ukraine, Kyiv *Wed 8:02 pm1290 km801 miles696 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Czech Republic, Prague *Wed 7:02 pm1338 km831 miles722 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Russia, Nizhny NovgorodWed 8:02 pm1339 km832 miles723 nmEast-southeast ESE
Netherlands, Amsterdam *Wed 7:02 pm1456 km905 miles786 nmSouthwest SW
Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf *Wed 7:02 pm1477 km918 miles797 nmSouthwest SW
Slovakia, Bratislava *Wed 7:02 pm1492 km927 miles806 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Austria, Vienna, Vienna *Wed 7:02 pm1498 km931 miles809 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Germany, Hesse, Frankfurt *Wed 7:02 pm1509 km937 miles815 nmSouthwest SW
Netherlands, Rotterdam *Wed 7:02 pm1513 km940 miles817 nmSouthwest SW
Hungary, Budapest *Wed 7:02 pm1541 km957 miles832 nmSouth S
Faroe Islands, Tórshavn *Wed 6:02 pm1554 km965 miles839 nmWest-northwest WNW
United Kingdom, Scotland, Edinburgh *Wed 6:02 pm1602 km996 miles865 nmWest W
Belgium, Brussels, Brussels *Wed 7:02 pm1612 km1001 miles870 nmSouthwest SW
Germany, Bavaria, Munich *Wed 7:02 pm1614 km1003 miles871 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Ukraine, Dnipro *Wed 8:02 pm1616 km1004 miles873 nmSoutheast SE
Moldova, Chișinău *Wed 8:02 pm1624 km1009 miles877 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Russia, KazanWed 8:02 pm1641 km1019 miles886 nmEast E
Luxembourg, Luxembourg *Wed 7:02 pm1651 km1026 miles892 nmSouthwest SW
United Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow *Wed 6:02 pm1664 km1034 miles898 nmWest W
Ukraine, Odesa *Wed 8:02 pm1716 km1066 miles926 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Russia, Belushya GubaWed 8:02 pm1728 km1073 miles933 nmNortheast NE
United Kingdom, England, London *Wed 6:02 pm1760 km1093 miles950 nmWest-southwest WSW
Croatia, Zagreb *Wed 7:02 pm1765 km1097 miles953 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Slovenia, Ljubljana *Wed 7:02 pm1765 km1097 miles953 nmSouth-southwest SSW
United Kingdom, England, Birmingham *Wed 6:02 pm1770 km1100 miles956 nmWest-southwest WSW
Liechtenstein, Vaduz *Wed 7:02 pm1776 km1104 miles959 nmSouthwest SW
Isle of Man, Douglas *Wed 6:02 pm1783 km1108 miles963 nmWest-southwest WSW
Switzerland, Zurich, Zürich *Wed 7:02 pm1784 km1108 miles963 nmSouthwest SW
Russia, IzhevskWed 9:02 pm1799 km1118 miles971 nmEast E
Serbia, Belgrade *Wed 7:02 pm1826 km1135 miles986 nmSouth S
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Belfast *Wed 6:02 pm1830 km1137 miles988 nmWest W
Russia, SamaraWed 9:02 pm1861 km1157 miles1005 nmEast-southeast ESE
Switzerland, Bern, Bern *Wed 7:02 pm1862 km1157 miles1005 nmSouthwest SW
France, Île-de-France, Paris *Wed 7:02 pm1875 km1165 miles1012 nmSouthwest SW
Romania, Bucharest *Wed 8:02 pm1876 km1166 miles1013 nmSouth S
Italy, Venice *Wed 7:02 pm1877 km1167 miles1014 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Russia, PermWed 10:02 pm1905 km1184 miles1029 nmEast E
United Kingdom, Wales, Cardiff *Wed 6:02 pm1911 km1187 miles1032 nmWest-southwest WSW
Norway, Svalbard, Longyearbyen *Wed 7:02 pm1918 km1192 miles1035 nmNorth N
Ireland, Dublin *Wed 6:02 pm1932 km1200 miles1043 nmWest-southwest WSW
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo *Wed 7:02 pm1949 km1211 miles1052 nmSouth S
Italy, Milan *Wed 7:02 pm1957 km1216 miles1057 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Switzerland, Geneva, Geneva *Wed 7:02 pm1981 km1231 miles1069 nmSouthwest SW
San Marino, San Marino *Wed 7:02 pm2035 km1264 miles1099 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Bulgaria, Sofia *Wed 8:02 pm2056 km1278 miles1110 nmSouth S
Kosovo, Pristina *Wed 7:02 pm2062 km1281 miles1114 nmSouth S
Russia, UfaWed 10:02 pm2069 km1285 miles1117 nmEast E
Kazakhstan, OralWed 10:02 pm2071 km1287 miles1118 nmEast-southeast ESE
Montenegro, Podgorica *Wed 7:02 pm2098 km1303 miles1133 nmSouth S
North Macedonia, Skopje *Wed 7:02 pm2136 km1327 miles1153 nmSouth S
Monaco, Monaco *Wed 7:02 pm2189 km1360 miles1182 nmSouthwest SW
Russia, YekaterinburgWed 10:02 pm2198 km1366 miles1187 nmEast E
Albania, Tirana *Wed 7:02 pm2217 km1377 miles1197 nmSouth S
Greenland, Ittoqqortoormiit *Wed 5:02 pm2220 km1380 miles1199 nmNorthwest NW
Vatican City State, Vatican City *Wed 7:02 pm2253 km1400 miles1216 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Italy, Rome *Wed 7:02 pm2253 km1400 miles1216 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Iceland, ReykjavikWed 5:02 pm2263 km1406 miles1222 nmWest-northwest WNW
Turkey, IstanbulWed 8:02 pm2283 km1419 miles1233 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Greenland, DanmarkshavnWed 5:02 pm2306 km1433 miles1245 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Russia, ChelyabinskWed 10:02 pm2336 km1451 miles1261 nmEast E
Kazakhstan, AqtobeWed 10:02 pm2444 km1519 miles1320 nmEast-southeast ESE
Turkey, AnkaraWed 8:02 pm2465 km1531 miles1331 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Andorra, Andorra La Vella *Wed 7:02 pm2514 km1562 miles1357 nmSouthwest SW
Greece, Athens *Wed 8:02 pm2581 km1604 miles1394 nmSouth S
Spain, Barcelona, Barcelona *Wed 7:02 pm2602 km1617 miles1405 nmSouthwest SW
Georgia, TbilisiWed 9:02 pm2629 km1634 miles1420 nmSoutheast SE
Armenia, YerevanWed 9:02 pm2769 km1721 miles1495 nmSoutheast SE
Tunisia, TunisWed 6:02 pm2850 km1771 miles1539 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Malta, Valletta *Wed 7:02 pm2870 km1783 miles1550 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Spain, Madrid *Wed 7:02 pm2924 km1817 miles1579 nmSouthwest SW
Azerbaijan, BakuWed 9:02 pm2959 km1838 miles1598 nmSoutheast SE
Russia, OmskWed 11:02 pm2986 km1856 miles1612 nmEast E
Cyprus, Nicosia *Wed 8:02 pm2989 km1857 miles1614 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Russia, NorilskThu 12:02 am3024 km1879 miles1633 nmNortheast NE
Algeria, AlgiersWed 6:02 pm3044 km1892 miles1644 nmSouthwest SW
Kazakhstan, NursultanWed 11:02 pm3141 km1952 miles1696 nmEast E
Lebanon, Beirut *Wed 8:02 pm3169 km1969 miles1711 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Libya, TripoliWed 7:02 pm3219 km2000 miles1738 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Syria, Damascus *Wed 8:02 pm3228 km2006 miles1743 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Canada, Nunavut, Alert *Wed 1:02 pm3243 km2015 miles1751 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon *Wed 6:02 pm3320 km2063 miles1792 nmSouthwest SW
Jordan, Amman *Wed 8:02 pm3388 km2105 miles1830 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Israel, Jerusalem *Wed 8:02 pm3393 km2108 miles1832 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Gibraltar, Gibraltar *Wed 7:02 pm3411 km2120 miles1842 nmSouthwest SW
Greenland, Kangerlussuaq *Wed 3:02 pm3420 km2125 miles1847 nmNorthwest NW
Russia, KhatangaThu 12:02 am3430 km2131 miles1852 nmNortheast NE
Iraq, BaghdadWed 8:02 pm3470 km2156 miles1874 nmSoutheast SE
Iran, TehranWed 8:32 pm3483 km2164 miles1881 nmSoutheast SE
Russia, NovosibirskThu 12:02 am3484 km2165 miles1881 nmEast-northeast ENE
Egypt, CairoWed 7:02 pm3517 km2185 miles1899 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Greenland, Qaanaaq *Wed 3:02 pm3527 km2192 miles1905 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Greenland, Thule Air Base *Wed 2:02 pm3557 km2210 miles1921 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Turkmenistan, AshgabatWed 10:02 pm3571 km2219 miles1928 nmEast-southeast ESE
Greenland, Nuuk *Wed 3:02 pm3609 km2242 miles1948 nmNorthwest NW
Morocco, Rabat *Wed 6:02 pm3682 km2288 miles1988 nmSouthwest SW
Canada, Nunavut, Eureka *Wed 12:02 pm3715 km2308 miles2006 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Morocco, Casablanca *Wed 6:02 pm3756 km2334 miles2028 nmSouthwest SW
Uzbekistan, TashkentWed 10:02 pm3809 km2367 miles2057 nmEast-southeast ESE
Canada, Nunavut, Grise Fiord *Wed 1:02 pm3884 km2414 miles2097 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Russia, KrasnoyarskThu 12:02 am3925 km2439 miles2119 nmEast-northeast ENE
Kyrgyzstan, BishkekWed 11:02 pm3957 km2459 miles2137 nmEast E
Kuwait, Kuwait CityWed 8:02 pm3996 km2483 miles2158 nmSoutheast SE
Canada, Nunavut, Pond Inlet *Wed 1:02 pm4008 km2490 miles2164 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Tajikistan, DushanbeWed 10:02 pm4025 km2501 miles2173 nmEast-southeast ESE
Kazakhstan, AlmatyWed 11:02 pm4050 km2516 miles2187 nmEast E
Portugal, Azores, Ponta Delgada *Wed 5:02 pm4218 km2621 miles2277 nmWest-southwest WSW
Russia, TiksiThu 2:02 am4229 km2628 miles2284 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Canada, Nunavut, Resolute Bay *Wed 12:02 pm4260 km2647 miles2300 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Afghanistan, KabulWed 9:32 pm4413 km2742 miles2383 nmEast-southeast ESE
Bahrain, ManamaWed 8:02 pm4414 km2743 miles2384 nmSoutheast SE
Saudi Arabia, RiyadhWed 8:02 pm4452 km2766 miles2404 nmSoutheast SE
Qatar, DohaWed 8:02 pm4545 km2824 miles2454 nmSoutheast SE
Pakistan, IslamabadWed 10:02 pm4688 km2913 miles2531 nmEast-southeast ESE
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, DubaiWed 9:02 pm4688 km2913 miles2532 nmSoutheast SE
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abu DhabiWed 9:02 pm4734 km2941 miles2556 nmSoutheast SE
Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's *Wed 2:32 pm4823 km2997 miles2604 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, LahoreWed 10:02 pm4950 km3076 miles2673 nmEast-southeast ESE
Oman, MuscatWed 9:02 pm4988 km3099 miles2693 nmSoutheast SE
Sudan, KhartoumWed 7:02 pm5120 km3182 miles2765 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Pakistan, Sindh, KarachiWed 10:02 pm5235 km3253 miles2827 nmEast-southeast ESE
Mongolia, UlaanbaatarThu 1:02 am5236 km3253 miles2827 nmEast-northeast ENE
Eritrea, AsmaraWed 8:02 pm5253 km3264 miles2836 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Yemen, SanaWed 8:02 pm5370 km3337 miles2900 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, Delhi, New DelhiWed 10:32 pm5377 km3341 miles2903 nmEast-southeast ESE
Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax *Wed 2:02 pm5616 km3490 miles3032 nmWest-northwest WNW
Russia, AnadyrThu 5:02 am5881 km3655 miles3176 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Nepal, KathmanduWed 10:47 pm5887 km3658 miles3179 nmEast E
Ethiopia, Addis AbabaWed 8:02 pm5937 km3689 miles3206 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Canada, Quebec, Montréal *Wed 1:02 pm6021 km3741 miles3251 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Maharashtra, MumbaiWed 10:32 pm6091 km3785 miles3289 nmEast-southeast ESE
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa *Wed 1:02 pm6126 km3807 miles3308 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, Massachusetts, Boston *Wed 1:02 pm6185 km3843 miles3339 nmWest-northwest WNW
Nigeria, LagosWed 6:02 pm6281 km3903 miles3392 nmSouth-southwest SSW
China, Beijing Municipality, BeijingThu 1:02 am6403 km3979 miles3457 nmEast-northeast ENE
USA, Alaska, Anchorage *Wed 9:02 am6418 km3988 miles3465 nmNorth N
Canada, Ontario, Toronto *Wed 1:02 pm6455 km4011 miles3485 nmWest-northwest WNW
Ghana, AccraWed 5:02 pm6461 km4015 miles3489 nmSouth-southwest SSW
USA, New York, New York *Wed 1:02 pm6476 km4024 miles3497 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, West Bengal, KolkataWed 10:32 pm6530 km4058 miles3526 nmEast E
Bangladesh, DhakaWed 11:02 pm6532 km4059 miles3527 nmEast E
Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg *Wed 12:02 pm6578 km4087 miles3552 nmNorthwest NW
USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia *Wed 1:02 pm6601 km4101 miles3564 nmWest-northwest WNW
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton *Wed 11:02 am6710 km4169 miles3623 nmNorth-northwest NNW
USA, Michigan, Detroit *Wed 1:02 pm6740 km4188 miles3640 nmNorthwest NW
USA, District of Columbia, Washington DC *Wed 1:02 pm6786 km4217 miles3664 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, Illinois, Chicago *Wed 12:02 pm6981 km4338 miles3769 nmNorthwest NW
Kenya, NairobiWed 8:02 pm7032 km4369 miles3797 nmSouth-southeast SSE
South Korea, SeoulThu 2:02 am7124 km4427 miles3847 nmEast-northeast ENE
China, Shanghai Municipality, ShanghaiThu 1:02 am7463 km4637 miles4030 nmEast-northeast ENE
Myanmar, YangonWed 11:32 pm7496 km4658 miles4048 nmEast E
Vietnam, HanoiThu 12:02 am7615 km4732 miles4112 nmEast E
Japan, TokyoThu 2:02 am7862 km4885 miles4245 nmNortheast NE
Hong Kong, Hong KongThu 1:02 am7936 km4931 miles4285 nmEast-northeast ENE
Thailand, BangkokThu 12:02 am8024 km4986 miles4333 nmEast E
Taiwan, TaipeiThu 1:02 am8052 km5003 miles4348 nmEast-northeast ENE
Cuba, Havana *Wed 1:02 pm8549 km5312 miles4616 nmWest-northwest WNW
USA, California, San Francisco *Wed 10:02 am8590 km5338 miles4638 nmNorth-northwest NNW
USA, California, Los Angeles *Wed 10:02 am8874 km5514 miles4792 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Venezuela, CaracasWed 1:02 pm8969 km5573 miles4843 nmWest W
Philippines, ManilaThu 1:02 am9034 km5614 miles4878 nmEast-northeast ENE
Singapore, SingaporeThu 1:02 am9407 km5845 miles5079 nmEast E
Mexico, Ciudad de México, Mexico City *Wed 12:02 pm9693 km6023 miles5234 nmNorthwest NW
South Africa, JohannesburgWed 7:02 pm9697 km6025 miles5236 nmSouth S
Guatemala, Guatemala CityWed 11:02 am9782 km6079 miles5282 nmWest-northwest WNW
Indonesia, Jakarta Special Capital Region, JakartaThu 12:02 am10,285 km6391 miles5554 nmEast E
Argentina, Buenos AiresWed 2:02 pm12,861 km7991 miles6944 nmWest-southwest WSW

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (143 places).

Wed = Wednesday, October 16, 2019 (214 places).
Thu = Thursday, October 17, 2019 (18 places).

km = how many kilometers from Huittinen
miles = how many miles from Huittinen
nm = how many nautical miles from Huittinen

All numbers are air distances – as the crow flies/great circle distance.

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 17:02:42

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.
Great Britain/United Kingdom is one hour ahead of UTC during summer.

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