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Mymensingh Coordinates

location of Mymensingh
Latitude: 24° 46' North
Longitude: 90° 24' East

Distance to ...

North Pole:4,513 mi
Equator:1,702 mi
South Pole:7,917 mi

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Current Local Times and Distance from Mymensingh

LocationLocal timeDistanceDirection
Bangladesh, MymensinghFri 10:25 pm---
Bangladesh, TangailFri 10:25 pm75 km47 miles40 nmSouthwest SW
Bangladesh, BograFri 10:25 pm104 km65 miles56 nmWest W
Bangladesh, SunamganjFri 10:25 pm107 km66 miles58 nmEast-northeast ENE
Bangladesh, DhakaFri 10:25 pm116 km72 miles62 nmSouth S
Bangladesh, PabnaFri 10:25 pm143 km89 miles77 nmSouthwest SW
India, Assam, DhubriFri 9:55 pm145 km90 miles78 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Meghalaya, CherrapunjiFri 9:55 pm145 km90 miles79 nmEast-northeast ENE
Bangladesh, SylhetFri 10:25 pm150 km93 miles81 nmEast E
Bangladesh, IshwardiFri 10:25 pm152 km94 miles82 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Tripura, AgartalaFri 9:55 pm164 km102 miles89 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Bangladesh, ComillaFri 10:25 pm165 km102 miles89 nmSouth-southeast SSE
India, West Bengal, BalurghatFri 9:55 pm171 km106 miles92 nmWest-northwest WNW
Bangladesh, ChandpurFri 10:25 pm172 km107 miles93 nmSouth S
India, Meghalaya, ShillongFri 9:55 pm175 km109 miles94 nmEast-northeast ENE
India, Assam, BarpetaFri 9:55 pm184 km114 miles99 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Bangladesh, RajshahiFri 10:25 pm187 km116 miles101 nmWest-southwest WSW
Bangladesh, SaidpurFri 10:25 pm189 km117 miles102 nmNorthwest NW
India, West Bengal, Cooch BeharFri 9:55 pm197 km122 miles106 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, Assam, KarimganjFri 9:55 pm199 km123 miles107 nmEast E
India, West Bengal, DomkalFri 9:55 pm200 km125 miles108 nmWest-southwest WSW
Bangladesh, DinajpurFri 10:25 pm202 km125 miles109 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Assam, DispurFri 9:55 pm207 km129 miles112 nmNortheast NE
India, Assam, GuwahatiFri 9:55 pm208 km129 miles112 nmNortheast NE
India, Assam, NalbariFri 9:55 pm214 km133 miles116 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Bangladesh, JessoreFri 10:25 pm214 km133 miles116 nmSouthwest SW
Bangladesh, BarisalFri 10:25 pm228 km142 miles123 nmSouth S
India, West Bengal, MaldaFri 9:55 pm230 km143 miles124 nmWest W
India, West Bengal, BerhamporeFri 9:55 pm230 km143 miles124 nmWest-southwest WSW
Bangladesh, KhulnaFri 10:25 pm231 km144 miles125 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Assam, SilcharFri 9:55 pm243 km151 miles131 nmEast E
India, West Bengal, KrishnanagarFri 9:55 pm245 km152 miles132 nmSouthwest SW
India, West Bengal, RaiganjFri 9:55 pm248 km154 miles134 nmWest-northwest WNW
Bhutan, PhuntsholingFri 10:25 pm254 km158 miles137 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Bhutan, Samdrup JongkharFri 10:25 pm268 km167 miles145 nmNorth-northeast NNE
India, West Bengal, SiliguriFri 9:55 pm292 km182 miles158 nmNorthwest NW
Bangladesh, ChittagongFri 10:25 pm307 km191 miles166 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Bhutan, ThimphuFri 10:25 pm308 km192 miles166 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Bhutan, ParoFri 10:25 pm312 km194 miles168 nmNorth-northwest NNW
India, West Bengal, KolkataFri 9:55 pm319 km198 miles172 nmSouthwest SW
India, West Bengal, HowrahFri 9:55 pm320 km199 miles173 nmSouthwest SW
India, West Bengal, DurgapurFri 9:55 pm343 km213 miles185 nmWest-southwest WSW
Nepal, BiratnagarFri 10:10 pm365 km227 miles197 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, West Bengal, AsansolFri 9:55 pm367 km228 miles198 nmWest-southwest WSW
Nepal, DharanFri 10:10 pm387 km241 miles209 nmNorthwest NW
India, Bihar, PatnaFri 9:55 pm538 km334 miles290 nmWest W
China, Tibet, LhasaSat 12:25 am548 km340 miles296 nmNorth N
Nepal, KathmanduFri 10:10 pm603 km375 miles326 nmNorthwest NW
Myanmar, MandalayFri 10:55 pm657 km408 miles355 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Odisha, BhubaneshwarFri 9:55 pm684 km425 miles369 nmSouthwest SW
Nepal, PokharaFri 10:10 pm745 km463 miles402 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Uttar Pradesh, VaranasiFri 9:55 pm748 km465 miles404 nmWest W
Myanmar, NaypyidawFri 10:55 pm808 km502 miles436 nmSoutheast SE
India, Uttar Pradesh, LucknowFri 9:55 pm976 km607 miles527 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Uttar Pradesh, KãnpurFri 9:55 pm1029 km639 miles556 nmWest-northwest WNW
Myanmar, YangonFri 10:55 pm1065 km662 miles575 nmSoutheast SE
India, Andhra Pradesh, VisakhapatnamFri 9:55 pm1081 km671 miles583 nmSouthwest SW
India, Maharashtra, NãgpurFri 9:55 pm1226 km762 miles662 nmWest-southwest WSW
China, Yunnan, KunmingSat 12:25 am1244 km773 miles672 nmEast E
India, Uttar Pradesh, AgraFri 9:55 pm1268 km788 miles685 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Delhi, New DelhiFri 9:55 pm1379 km857 miles744 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Delhi, DelhiFri 9:55 pm1379 km857 miles744 nmWest-northwest WNW
China, Sichuan, LeshanSat 12:25 am1426 km886 miles770 nmEast-northeast ENE
Laos, VientianeFri 11:25 pm1472 km915 miles795 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Telangana, HyderabadFri 9:55 pm1484 km922 miles801 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Madhya Pradesh, IndoreFri 9:55 pm1498 km931 miles809 nmWest W
India, Punjab, AhmedgarhFri 9:55 pm1578 km980 miles852 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Punjab, LudhianaFri 9:55 pm1585 km985 miles856 nmWest-northwest WNW
Thailand, Khon KaenFri 11:25 pm1590 km988 miles858 nmEast-southeast ESE
Thailand, BangkokFri 11:25 pm1617 km1005 miles873 nmSoutheast SE
Vietnam, HanoiFri 11:25 pm1637 km1017 miles884 nmEast-southeast ESE
India, Tamil Nadu, ChennaiFri 9:55 pm1674 km1040 miles904 nmSouthwest SW
China, Chongqing Municipality, ChongqingSat 12:25 am1687 km1048 miles911 nmEast-northeast ENE
Pakistan, LahoreFri 9:25 pm1749 km1087 miles944 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Maharashtra, PuneFri 9:55 pm1844 km1146 miles996 nmWest-southwest WSW
India, Gujarat, SuratFri 9:55 pm1845 km1146 miles996 nmWest W
Pakistan, FaisalabadFri 9:25 pm1851 km1150 miles999 nmWest-northwest WNW
India, Karnataka, BangaloreFri 9:55 pm1877 km1166 miles1014 nmSouthwest SW
India, Maharashtra, MumbaiFri 9:55 pm1924 km1196 miles1039 nmWest-southwest WSW
Pakistan, RawalpindiFri 9:25 pm1948 km1210 miles1052 nmNorthwest NW
Pakistan, IslamabadFri 9:25 pm1951 km1213 miles1054 nmNorthwest NW
India, Tamil Nadu, MaduraiFri 9:55 pm2095 km1302 miles1131 nmSouthwest SW
Cambodia, Phnom PenhFri 11:25 pm2116 km1315 miles1143 nmSoutheast SE
China, Xinjiang, ÜrümqiSat 12:25 am2130 km1323 miles1150 nmNorth N
Sri Lanka, ColomboFri 9:55 pm2270 km1411 miles1226 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardenepura KotteFri 9:55 pm2272 km1411 miles1227 nmSouth-southwest SSW
India, Kerala, ThiruvananthapuramFri 9:55 pm2297 km1428 miles1240 nmSouthwest SW
Vietnam, Ho Chi MinhFri 11:25 pm2316 km1439 miles1251 nmSoutheast SE
Afghanistan, KabulFri 8:55 pm2316 km1439 miles1251 nmWest-northwest WNW
Pakistan, Sindh, KarachiFri 9:25 pm2359 km1466 miles1274 nmWest W
Kazakhstan, AlmatyFri 10:25 pm2393 km1487 miles1292 nmNorth-northwest NNW
China, Guangdong, ShenzhenSat 12:25 am2423 km1506 miles1308 nmEast E
Hong Kong, Hong KongSat 12:25 am2440 km1516 miles1318 nmEast E
Kyrgyzstan, BishkekFri 10:25 pm2476 km1539 miles1337 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Tajikistan, DushanbeFri 9:25 pm2548 km1583 miles1376 nmNorthwest NW
Mongolia, HovdFri 11:25 pm2582 km1604 miles1394 nmNorth N
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala LumpurSat 12:25 am2681 km1666 miles1447 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Uzbekistan, TashkentFri 9:25 pm2681 km1666 miles1447 nmNorthwest NW
Maldives, MaleFri 9:25 pm2908 km1807 miles1570 nmSouthwest SW
China, Beijing Municipality, BeijingSat 12:25 am2951 km1833 miles1593 nmNortheast NE
Mongolia, UlaanbaatarSat 12:25 am2953 km1835 miles1594 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Singapore, SingaporeSat 12:25 am2974 km1848 miles1606 nmSouth-southeast SSE
China, Shanghai Municipality, ShanghaiSat 12:25 am3130 km1945 miles1690 nmEast-northeast ENE
Taiwan, TaipeiSat 12:25 am3137 km1949 miles1694 nmEast E
Oman, MuscatFri 8:25 pm3232 km2008 miles1745 nmWest W
Russia, IrkutskSat 12:25 am3273 km2034 miles1768 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Kazakhstan, NursultanFri 10:25 pm3346 km2079 miles1807 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Turkmenistan, AshgabatFri 9:25 pm3355 km2085 miles1812 nmWest-northwest WNW
Philippines, ManilaSat 12:25 am3389 km2106 miles1830 nmEast-southeast ESE
Russia, NovosibirskFri 11:25 pm3417 km2123 miles1845 nmNorth N
Indonesia, West Kalimantan, PontianakFri 11:25 pm3419 km2124 miles1846 nmSoutheast SE
Brunei, Bandar Seri BegawanSat 12:25 am3424 km2128 miles1849 nmSoutheast SE
Russia, KrasnoyarskFri 11:25 pm3476 km2160 miles1877 nmNorth N
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, DubaiFri 8:25 pm3533 km2195 miles1908 nmWest W
Russia, ChitaSat 1:25 am3604 km2240 miles1946 nmNorth-northeast NNE
Russia, OmskFri 10:25 pm3637 km2260 miles1964 nmNorth-northwest NNW
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abu DhabiFri 8:25 pm3637 km2260 miles1964 nmWest W
North Korea, PyongyangSat 1:25 am3670 km2280 miles1981 nmNortheast NE
South Korea, SeoulSat 1:25 am3736 km2321 miles2017 nmEast-northeast ENE
Indonesia, Jakarta Special Capital Region, JakartaFri 11:25 pm3854 km2395 miles2081 nmSouth-southeast SSE
Qatar, DohaFri 7:25 pm3909 km2429 miles2111 nmWest W
Iran, TehranFri 7:55 pm3914 km2432 miles2113 nmWest-northwest WNW
Bahrain, ManamaFri 7:25 pm3991 km2480 miles2155 nmWest W
British Indian Ocean Territory, Diego GarciaFri 10:25 pm4048 km2516 miles2186 nmSouth-southwest SSW
Azerbaijan, BakuFri 8:25 pm4138 km2571 miles2234 nmNorthwest NW
Kuwait, Kuwait CityFri 7:25 pm4216 km2620 miles2277 nmWest-northwest WNW
Russia, VladivostokSat 2:25 am4284 km2662 miles2313 nmNortheast NE
Russia, YekaterinburgFri 9:25 pm4290 km2666 miles2316 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Saudi Arabia, RiyadhFri 7:25 pm4401 km2735 miles2376 nmWest W
Iraq, BaghdadFri 7:25 pm4540 km2821 miles2451 nmWest-northwest WNW
Armenia, YerevanFri 8:25 pm4580 km2846 miles2473 nmWest-northwest WNW
Georgia, TbilisiFri 8:25 pm4581 km2847 miles2474 nmNorthwest NW
Japan, TokyoSat 1:25 am4846 km3011 miles2616 nmEast-northeast ENE
Yemen, SanaFri 7:25 pm4919 km3056 miles2656 nmWest W
Seychelles, VictoriaFri 8:25 pm4987 km3099 miles2693 nmSouthwest SW
Palau, NgerulmudSat 1:25 am5072 km3152 miles2739 nmEast-southeast ESE
Djibouti, DjiboutiFri 7:25 pm5179 km3218 miles2797 nmWest W
Syria, Damascus *Fri 7:25 pm5293 km3289 miles2858 nmWest-northwest WNW
Timor-Leste, DiliSat 1:25 am5306 km3297 miles2865 nmSoutheast SE
Jordan, Amman *Fri 7:25 pm5345 km3321 miles2886 nmWest-northwest WNW
Lebanon, Beirut *Fri 7:25 pm5366 km3334 miles2897 nmWest-northwest WNW
Israel, Jerusalem *Fri 7:25 pm5413 km3363 miles2923 nmWest-northwest WNW
Somalia, MogadishuFri 7:25 pm5450 km3386 miles2943 nmWest-southwest WSW
Eritrea, AsmaraFri 7:25 pm5453 km3388 miles2944 nmWest W
Russia, MoscowFri 7:25 pm5460 km3393 miles2948 nmNorthwest NW
Turkey, AnkaraFri 7:25 pm5571 km3462 miles3008 nmWest-northwest WNW
Ethiopia, Addis AbabaFri 7:25 pm5734 km3563 miles3096 nmWest W
Ukraine, Kyiv *Fri 7:25 pm5810 km3610 miles3137 nmNorthwest NW
Egypt, CairoFri 6:25 pm5817 km3614 miles3141 nmWest-northwest WNW
Turkey, IstanbulFri 7:25 pm5897 km3664 miles3184 nmNorthwest NW
Australia, Northern Territory, DarwinSat 1:55 am6021 km3741 miles3251 nmSoutheast SE
Belarus, MinskFri 7:25 pm6053 km3761 miles3268 nmNorthwest NW
Sudan, KhartoumFri 6:25 pm6090 km3784 miles3288 nmWest W
Romania, Bucharest *Fri 7:25 pm6119 km3802 miles3304 nmNorthwest NW
Estonia, Tallinn *Fri 7:25 pm6297 km3913 miles3400 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Finland, Helsinki *Fri 7:25 pm6297 km3913 miles3400 nmNorth-northwest NNW
Bulgaria, Sofia *Fri 7:25 pm6354 km3948 miles3431 nmNorthwest NW
Greece, Athens *Fri 7:25 pm6375 km3962 miles3442 nmWest-northwest WNW
Kenya, NairobiFri 7:25 pm6452 km4009 miles3484 nmWest-southwest WSW
Poland, Warsaw *Fri 6:25 pm6482 km4028 miles3500 nmNorthwest NW
Tanzania, Dar es SalaamFri 7:25 pm6547 km4068 miles3535 nmWest-southwest WSW
Serbia, Belgrade *Fri 6:25 pm6563 km4078 miles3544 nmNorthwest NW
Hungary, Budapest *Fri 6:25 pm6645 km4129 miles3588 nmNorthwest NW
Sweden, Stockholm *Fri 6:25 pm6674 km4147 miles3604 nmNorthwest NW
Madagascar, AntananarivoFri 7:25 pm6703 km4165 miles3619 nmSouthwest SW
Austria, Vienna, Vienna *Fri 6:25 pm6838 km4249 miles3692 nmNorthwest NW
Germany, Berlin, Berlin *Fri 6:25 pm6999 km4349 miles3779 nmNorthwest NW
Italy, Rome *Fri 6:25 pm7250 km4505 miles3915 nmNorthwest NW
Netherlands, Amsterdam *Fri 6:25 pm7570 km4704 miles4088 nmNorthwest NW
Belgium, Brussels, Brussels *Fri 6:25 pm7645 km4750 miles4128 nmNorthwest NW
France, Île-de-France, Paris *Fri 6:25 pm7840 km4871 miles4233 nmNorthwest NW
United Kingdom, England, London *Fri 5:25 pm7928 km4927 miles4281 nmNorthwest NW
Algeria, AlgiersFri 5:25 pm8185 km5086 miles4420 nmWest-northwest WNW
Ireland, Dublin *Fri 5:25 pm8260 km5133 miles4460 nmNorthwest NW
Spain, Madrid *Fri 6:25 pm8597 km5342 miles4642 nmNorthwest NW
South Africa, JohannesburgFri 6:25 pm8758 km5442 miles4729 nmSouthwest SW
Australia, Queensland, BrisbaneSat 2:25 am8861 km5506 miles4784 nmSoutheast SE
Australia, Victoria, Melbourne *Sat 3:25 am8970 km5574 miles4844 nmSoutheast SE
Portugal, Lisbon, Lisbon *Fri 5:25 pm9100 km5654 miles4913 nmNorthwest NW
Australia, New South Wales, Sydney *Sat 3:25 am9133 km5675 miles4932 nmSoutheast SE
Morocco, Casablanca *Fri 5:25 pm9218 km5728 miles4977 nmWest-northwest WNW
Nigeria, LagosFri 5:25 pm9421 km5854 miles5087 nmWest W
USA, New York, New York *Fri 12:25 pm12,580 km7817 miles6793 nmNorth-northwest NNW
USA, California, Los Angeles *Fri 9:25 am12,829 km7972 miles6927 nmNorth-northeast NNE
USA, District of Columbia, Washington DC *Fri 12:25 pm12,837 km7976 miles6931 nmNorth N

* Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time (30 places).

Fri = Friday, October 18, 2019 (158 places).
Sat = Saturday, October 19, 2019 (27 places).

km = how many kilometers from Mymensingh
miles = how many miles from Mymensingh
nm = how many nautical miles from Mymensingh

All numbers are air distances – as the crow flies/great circle distance.

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