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World Clock App for Android

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timeanddate.com’s World Clock is known for its accuracy to show current local times for cities around the world. Now it is available for the Android platform.

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The free World Clock app gives Android device users the ability to find the local time, time zone information and offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for thousands of locations around the world. It also tells users the time difference between their current location and a city of their choice.

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  • World Clock – Get current local times, UTC-offsets, time zones, and time difference from your current location for thousands of cities worldwide.
  • Time Zone Converter – Find time difference between an unlimited number of locations worldwide.
  • Daylight Saving Time (DST) – Find out when DST begins and ends in the cities of your choice.
  • Alarms - Set alarm in your local time for an event in another time zone.

Why you should use the World Clock app for Android

The app is:

  • Accurate – It synchronizes the time within the app to display the correct time from timeanddate.com (*).
  • Reliable – It automatically updates to the databases from timeanddate.com to support time zone information changes that occur around the world.
  • Convenient – Easily view the local time for your most viewed locations.
  • Customizable – Choose from a variety of analog clock designs and select the type of display – analog, digital, or text clock. Add cities/locations to your Favorites, which are saved for easy reuse.
  • Versatile – The application supports landscape and portrait orientation.

Countries are constantly changing time zones and daylight saving time (DST) schedules. The World Clock app automatically takes into account these changes and synchronizes with the databases from timeanddate.com, which are monitored and maintained on a daily basis.

How to use the World Clock app on Android devices

Ad-free upgrade

If you prefer an ad-free app, you can purchase an upgrade to remove ads by tapping on "Upgrade" in Settings.

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