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Copyright and Linking Policy

If you would like to use any of our content, please make sure to adhere to the following rules.

Linking to our website is always permitted as long as you use normal links (<a href="...">). It does not make a difference if you link to us from a personal, organizational, or commercial site.

You may not:

  • Modify the contents of the linked pages in any way without permission.
  • Link to individual images, animations or videos (for example <a href="..."> or <img src="..."> directly to an image, animation or video). However, you may link to a page on timeanddate.com that contains the image/animation/video.
  • Give the impression that timeanddate.com is part of your own website.
  • Give the impression that your website is a part of timeanddate.com (e.g. by using our logo to create that impression).
  • Send any unsolicited mail (spam) that includes the address of any resource on timeanddate.com.


Please feel free to mention our website or one of our services in a newspaper, magazine, television, or radio program. We recommend that you use the address of one of the index pages with a simple URL to make it easier for your readers, viewers, or listeners to read your text and find the website. Some examples:

  • Home page: http://www.timeanddate.com
  • World Clock: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
  • Calendar: http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/

We are especially grateful if you let us know if you write about our website.

Using or Embedding Our Data

If you wish to publish any of our data on your own website or other media, please tell us about your plans.

It is normally fine to use a limited amount (up to 500 characters per page) of our content for personal or even small-scale commercial purposes, but please make sure to ask us first. Permission depends on the kind of medium and the extent and frequency of the data usage.

If you use any of our content, you have to credit us as the source. If the information is published online, a link to timeanddate.com is required.

We currently do not offer the option to embed dynamic features like graphs, animations, or maps on external websites. However, we do offer Free Clocks and Free Countdowns that can be embedded.

It is not permitted to use extraction tools or tools to download parts of this website or the entire website, or to store pages permanently except for personal use.

API and Data Download

If you wish to use our data on a regular basis, especially for commercial purposes, please use our API Services. If you are not a programmer, you can use our Data Download Facility to download our data.

Using Our Images

Most of the photos displayed on our website are stock images for which we do not own the copyright. Please do not use them without buying the rights from the source displayed below each image. If in doubt, please ask.

Using Weather Data

We buy all of the weather information from customweather.com. If you would like to use it for your own purposes please contact the team at customweather.com for a quote.

Using Our Logo

If you would like to use our logo, you can download it here. Please make sure to adhere to the guidelines detailed on that page.

timeanddate.com is Copyright © Time and Date AS 1995-2016. All rights reserved.

Logos, images, Java Applets, Flash content, scripts, apps and individual pages are Copyright © Time and Date AS 1995-2016. All rights reserved. This is unless stated otherwise.

The collection of information provided by the site is Copyright © Time and Date AS 1995-2016. All rights reserved.

You may not copy or modify those images, scripts, stylesheets, videos, animations, content, apps or HTML-pages without permission. (Normal caching of content by web browsers and proxy servers is allowed, as long as the files are not being redistributed or modified).

Exceptions and External Copyrights/Trademarks

Images and links provided by advertisers are generally copyrighted by the advertisers.

Java is a trademark of Oracle.
Flash is a trademark of Adobe Systems.


If you have any questions about these rules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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