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Moon distances for UTC

The Moon Distance Calculator calculates the approximate minumum and maximum distances from the Moon to the Earth.

The Moon's distance to Earth varies. The two extreme points of the moon’s orbit each month are known as the lunar perigee and apogee. The table below shows the time of lunar perigee and apogee.

Closest approach (perigee)
LocalApproxApproximate Distance 
datetimein kmin milesComment
Jan 19:01 PM356,945 km221,811 mi 
Jan 309:50 AM357,098 km221,906 mi 
Feb 277:43 PM360,435 km223,980 mi 
Mar 276:38 PM365,703 km227,253 mi 
Apr 2312:21 AM369,767 km229,779 mi 
May 1812:00 Noon367,094 km228,117 mi 
Jun 153:33 AM362,074 km224,998 mi 
Jul 138:30 AM358,284 km222,643 mi 
Aug 105:46 PM356,922 km221,796 miClosest
Sep 83:33 AM358,404 km222,717 mi 
Oct 69:39 AM362,478 km225,249 mi 
Nov 312:35 AM367,876 km228,603 mi 
Nov 2710:50 PM369,838 km229,823 mi 
Dec 244:39 PM364,796 km226,690 mi 
Furthest apart (apogee)
LocalApproxApproximate Distance 
datetimein kmin milesComment
Jan 161:51 AM406,531 km252,624 mi 
Feb 125:00 AM406,243 km252,446 mi 
Mar 117:44 PM405,396 km251,919 mi 
Apr 83:00 PM404,522 km251,376 mi 
May 610:24 AM404,323 km251,252 mi 
Jun 34:19 AM404,971 km251,655 mi 
Jun 307:24 PM405,942 km252,258 mi 
Jul 283:39 AM406,547 km252,634 miFarthest away this year
Aug 245:41 AM406,532 km252,625 mi 
Sep 202:26 PM405,865 km252,210 mi 
Oct 186:11 AM404,889 km251,604 mi 
Nov 151:48 AM404,340 km251,263 mi 
Dec 1210:55 PM404,597 km251,423 mi 


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