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Moon phases for UTC

LunationNew MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonThird QuarterDuration
396  Jan 120:29Jan 812:44Jan 1522:1429d 17h 33m
397Jan 2401:07Jan 3105:05Feb 701:43Feb 1419:4029d 14h 47m
398Feb 2215:54Mar 112:40Mar 815:41Mar 1616:3629d 11h 48m
399Mar 2403:42Mar 3020:10Apr 706:35Apr 1511:0029d 9h 24m
400Apr 2213:06Apr 2904:23May 622:14May 1501:4229d 7h 52m
401May 2120:59May 2814:01Jun 514:08Jun 1312:3729d 7h 13m
402Jun 2004:12Jun 2701:44Jul 505:29Jul 1220:3129d 7h 23m
403Jul 1911:34Jul 2616:00Aug 319:30Aug 1102:3329d 8h 23m
404Aug 1719:58Aug 2508:52Sep 207:59Sep 907:5929d 10h 21m
405Sep 1606:19Sep 2403:41Oct 119:17Oct 814:0429d 13h 13m
406Oct 1519:32Oct 2323:05Oct 3106:04Nov 621:5629d 16h 29m
407Nov 1412:02Nov 2217:29Nov 2916:50Dec 608:3629d 19h 06m
408Dec 1407:07Dec 2209:40Dec 2903:44  29d 19h 54m

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