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Printable PDF Calendar Help

Our Printable PDF Calendars make customizing and printing calendars easy and convenient. It is now also possible to add your own events to the calendars.

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Adding personal events

If you wish to add your own events to your PDF calendar, please start by setting up an event list before moving on to generating the calendar itself. Once the event list is created, you can add it to the calendar by checking a box in the PDF Calendar set-up menu (see instructions below).

How to set up an event list

Creating a PDF calendar

  • Start with choosing your Calendar Type.
    • Monthly will create separate calendars for each month. You will have 12 pages for 1 year.
    • Yearly will generate a single page calendar with all the months in the year on 1 page.
  • To choose a design for your calendar, click on any of the 3 calendars in the black box on the left hand side.
  • Select the year for your calendar using the Year drop down.
  • Choose a starting month for your calendar from the First Month drop down.
  • Then add the number of months or years to be displayed in your calendar. You can add up to 36 months.
  • If you choose the yearly calendar type, you have the option of generating and printing calendars for up to 3 years at a time. Please note that all 3 calendars will have the same starting month.
  • Next select the country of your choice. This allows for country specific holidays to be included in the calendar.
  • Select the state/region of your choice to include state specific holidays. Note that not all countries have this option available.
  • You can choose the kinds of holidays and other relevant information to be included in the calendar by clicking on the Holiday Options drop down menu and then checking relevant options.
  • If you do not want any holidays to be displayed, uncheck all the options under the Holiday Options drop down.
  • Choose religious holidays to be displayed on your calendar by clicking on the Religious Days drop down option under Holiday Options.
  • Give your calendar a heading or title.
  • Next choose colors to highlight holidays and observances in your calendar using the Calendar Colors drop down.
  • Select the paper format for your printed calendars. You can choose between A4, Letter and Legal.
  • If you wish to add your own events to the calendar and you have set up an evet list (see above), you can add one or more event lists to your calendar by checking the box(es) next to Add events.
  • Click on Create PDF and your calendar will be automatically downloaded to your computer. Save it on your computer to print later or print it right then and there.

We will be adding several enhancing features to this service in the future. Please keep an eye on this page or subscribe to our Newsletter to receive information about updates to this service.

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