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Our Printable PDF Calendars make customizing and printing calendars easy and convenient. It is also possible to add your own events to the calendars.

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How to add your own events to the calendar

Calendar Types & Designs

The PDF Calendar offers 4 different calendar types and multiple designs for most of them.

  • Daily: 1 day per page with plenty of space to plan your day.
  • Weekly: 1 week per page with plenty of space to plan each day. 2 designs are available.
  • Monthly: 1 month per page, i.e. 12 pages per year. 3 horizontal designs are available.
  • Yearly: 1 year per page. 3 vertical designs are available.

To choose a calendar type, click on the “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly”, or “Yearly” links in the top-left corner. Then select a design in the box below (not shown for “Daily” calendar type).

Defining the Time Frame

Once you have selected the calendar type and design, choose on which date the calendar should begin and end.

  • Daily and weekly calendars: enter a start and end date into the text fields on the right side.
  • Monthly calendar: enter a year in the “Year” field, then select the first month and the number of months in the “First month” drop-down menus. You can add up to 36 months.
  • Yearly calendar: enter a year in the “Year” field, then select the first month and the number of years in the “First month” drop-down menus. You can add up to 3 years.

Country & State

Next select the country of your choice in the “Country” drop-down in the top-right corner. Some countries also offer the option to select the state/province/territory. Your calendar will show the holidays in the country and state you select here unless you disable the holidays (see below).

The Calendar Settings Menu

Click on “Calendar Settings” for additional options:

  • Language: All or most of the calendar's content will be shown in the language you select here (e.g. weekdays, months, and holidays).
  • Calendar heading: Here you can enter an alternative title for your calendar.
  • Options: Choose if you would like to add Moon phases, week numbers, a small overview of the current (daily and weekly types) or next month (monthly type), and if you would like to change the first day of the week. Please note that the “Start Week on...” option may be ignored if you also tick the “Week Numbers” box.
  • Color Mode: The calendar can be displayed in color or in black & white.
  • Paper Format: The calendar will automatically fit the paper size you select here when you print it out. You can choose between A4, Letter, and Legal.

The Holiday Options Menu

Click on “Holiday Options” to select what kinds of holidays, observances, and other events should be displayed in the calendar. Then tick the boxes in the menu that appears. For an empty calendar, untick all of the boxes.

If you would like to change the color used for holidays and observances in the calendar, please click on one of the items in the “Holidays Colors” section, make a select, and click “Set”.

Some countries also offer a “Religious Days” menu. Click on the link to select a religion.

Adding Your Events

If you wish to add your own events to the calendar, please start by adding them to an event list (here's how).

Once you have done so, your event lists will appear in the “Add Events” section in the bottom-right corner of the PDF Calendar set-up form. Then you can simply tick the box(es) next to the event lists you wish to add.

Opening and Printing the Calendar

Once you have made all your selections, click on the green “Create PDF” button at the very bottom of the form. You can open the file and print it out right away, or you can save it on your computer and print it out at a later date.

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