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How to print our calendars in Google Chrome

We offer two different calendar generators:

  • PDF Calendars: Our quick-print PDF Calendars give you the option to easily fit a calendar to a paper size of your choice (A4, legal, or letter) and print it out. This tool also allows you to add your own events to your calendar.
  • Online Calendars: Our classic Online Calendar Generator offers more detailed options. You can print the calendars directly from your browser. See below for instructions if you use Google Chrome; we also offer printing instructions for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

See our generic printing help page for more information

Printing Online Calendars in Google Chrome

  • Go to the calendar section and set up a calendar, or open the calendar you have already created.
  • Click on the printer icon in the top-right corner of the screen or on the link “Printer-friendly calendar“ underneath the calendar.
  • Use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons to change the size of the print-out, e.g. to fit the calendar on one page
  • Click on Print next to the zoom buttons; or click on the rectangular icon with three horizontal grey lines in the top right hand corner, and select Print; or simultaneously press the Ctrl and P keys (Windows) or the Command and P keys (Mac) respectively. A dialog box and print preview will open.
  • Check if the print preview looks OK. If you wish to change the size, click the Cancel button in the top-left corner and use the zoom buttons again to adjust the size.
  • If you are happy with the print preview, make your selections in the left pane (e.g. select the printer, specify the number or copies, and define the page orientation), then click on the Print button in the top-left corner.

Note: Google Chrome does not print background colors by default in order to prevent unwanted use of ink/toner. To print out the calendar's background colors please tick the box “Background colors and images”.

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