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How to Print the Calendar in Internet Explorer

We offer two different calendar generators:

  • PDF Calendars: Our quick-print PDF Calendars give you the option to easily fit a calendar to a paper size of your choice (A4, legal, or letter) and print it out. This tool also allows you to add your own events to your calendar.
  • Online Calendars: Our classic Online Calendar Generator offers more detailed options. You can print the calendars directly from your browser. See below for instructions if you use Mozilla Firefox; we also offer printing instructions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browsers.

See our generic printing help page for more information

Printing Online Calendars in Internet Explorer

Note that different versions of Internet Explorer have different printing options. The instructions below are for printing calendars from Internet Explorer version 7.

  • Click on dropdown menu button from the Printer icon on top of the page and select Print Preview.
  • Illustration image

    Menu to Print Preview.

  • There are several icons that you can select in the Print Preview mode. These icons are found at the top of the Print Preview page.
  • Illustration image

    Top of the Print Preview Page

  • Click on the Printer icon to print the document.
  • Other icons and selections for printing are found to the right of the Printer icon in the Print Preview page.
  • Choose page orientation by clicking on the Portrait icon or the Landscape icon (icons with the letter “A”) next to the Printer icon. Alternatively you can select the orientation from the Page Setup menu.
  • Select paper size, printer source, headers and footers, orientation, and margins by clicking on the Page Setup icon (round blue icon).
  • Next to the Page Setup icon is a button that allows you to show or hide visibility of headers and footers. Alternatively, you can simultaneously press Alt and E keys to turn headers and footers on and off.
  • To change the view options, simultaneously press the Alt and W keys for full width or Alt and 1 for full page. Selections for these two options can also be made at the top of the page. The icon for the full width view shows two arrows moving away from each other. The icon for the full page view shows four arrows pointing to the button’s four corners.
  • Change the view to show a one-page view, two-page view, and so on, by selecting the “1 Page View” option at the top of the page and clicking on the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the content size by clicking the “Shrink To Fit” option at the top of the page and selecting the content size in the dropdown menu.
  • Alternatively, you can simultaneously press CTRL and P keys to print a document in Internet Explorer.
  • Pressing CTRL and P keys will open a box with two tabs: General and Options.
  • Under the General option, select your printer.
  • Click on Preferences to select paper size, page orientation, and other options your printer may offer.
  • Click on Find Printer to find a printer that is available to you.
  • Under Page Range, select the pages you want to print.

Printing multiple copies

  • Simultaneously press the CTRL and P keys to bring up the Print dialog box.
  • Illustration image

    Menu to "Print" can be found here.

  • Add the number of copies you would like to print in the Number of copies box under the General section.
  • Alternatively, go to the Printer icon, click on the dropdown menu and then click on Print. The same Print dialog box will appear, allowing you to select the number of copies you wish to print.

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