When Year 2017 Starts Around the World

With 39 different local times in use, it takes 26 hours for the New Year to encompass all time zones. Find out in which order they enter 2017 and which countries are first and last.

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Countries Going Into Year 2017
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Cities Entering Year 2017
Sat 2:00 amTonga and 2 moreKiritimati, Nukualofa, Apia, Neiafu
Sat 2:15 amChatham Islands/New ZealandChatham Islands
Sat 3:00 amNew Zealand with exceptions and 4 moreAuckland, Suva, Wellington, Fakaofo
Sat 4:00 amSmall region of Russia and 6 moreAnadyr, Funafuti, Yaren, Tarawa, Majuro
Sat 5:00 amMuch of Australia and 8 moreMelbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Honiara
Sat 5:30 amSmall region of AustraliaAdelaide, Broken Hill, Ceduna
Sat 6:00 amQueensland/Australia and 6 moreBrisbane, Port Moresby, Hagåtña
Sat 6:30 amNorthern Territory/AustraliaDarwin, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek
Sat 7:00 amJapan, South Korea and 4 moreTokyo, Seoul, Dili, Ngerulmud, Yakutsk
Sat 7:15 amWestern Australia/AustraliaEucla
Sat 7:30 amNorth KoreaPyongyang, Hamhung, Chongjin, Namp’o
Sat 8:00 amChina, Philippines and 10 moreBeijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore
Sat 9:00 amMuch of Indonesia and 8 moreJakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi, Phnom Penh
Sat 9:30 amMyanmar and Cocos IslandsYangon, Naypyidaw, Mandalay, Bantam
Sat 10:00 amBangladesh and 6 moreDhaka, Almaty, Bishkek, Thimphu, Astana
Sat 10:15 amNepalKathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan
Sat 10:30 amIndia and Sri LankaNew Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru
Sat 11:00 amPakistan and 8 moreTashkent, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi
Sat 11:30 amAfghanistanKabul, Kandahar, Mazari Sharif, Herat
Sat 12:00 noonAzerbaijan and 8 moreDubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Port Louis
Sat 12:30 pmIranTehran, Rasht, Esfahãn, Mashhad, Tabriz
Sat 1:00 pmMoscow/Russia and 24 moreMoscow, Ankara, Baghdad, Khartoum
Sat 2:00 pmGreece and 30 moreCairo, Athens, Bucharest, Johannesburg
Sat 3:00 pmGermany and 43 moreBrussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Algiers
Sat 4:00 pmUnited Kingdom and 26 moreLondon, Casablanca, Dublin, Lisbon, Accra
Sat 5:00 pmCabo Verde and 2 morePraia, Ponta Delgada, Ittoqqortoormiit
Sat 6:00 pmRegions of Brazil and South Georgia/Sandwich Is.Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia
Sat 7:00 pmRegions of Brazil, Argentina and 9 moreBuenos Aires, Santiago, Asuncion
Sat 7:30 pmNewfoundland and Labrador/CanadaSt. John's, Mary's Harbour
Sat 8:00 pmSome regions of Canada and 29 moreCaracas, La Paz, San Juan, Santo Domingo
Sat 9:00 pmRegions of USA and 13 moreNew York, Washington DC, Detroit, Havana
Sat 10:00 pmRegions of USA and 9 moreMexico City, Chicago, Guatemala City
Sat 11:00 pmSome regions of USA and 2 moreCalgary, Denver, Edmonton, Phoenix
Sun 12:00 midnightRegions of USA and 3 moreLos Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas
Sun 1:00 amAlaska/USA and regions of French PolynesiaAnchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Unalaska
Sun 1:30 amMarquesas Islands/French PolynesiaTaiohae
Sun 2:00 amSmall region of USA and 2 moreHonolulu, Rarotonga, Adak, Papeete
Sun 3:00 amAmerican Samoa and 2 moreAlofi, Midway, Pago Pago
Sun 4:00 amMuch of US Minor Outlying IslandsBaker Island, Howland Island

Above is a chronological list of when the world's different countries arrive at midnight on New Year's Eve and enter January 1, 2017

The times can be changed to any time zone by clicking on the icon in the first column.