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Palm Sunday in Czech Republic

Quick Facts

Palm Sunday is a Christian feast that commemorates Jesus Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. It is also the start of Holy Week.

Local names

Květná neděleCzech
Palm SundayEnglish

Palm Sunday 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, according to Christian belief. It marks the beginning of Holy Week and always falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday. Other names for this day include Passion Sunday, Fig Sunday, Willow Sunday, Branch Sunday, or Blossom Sunday.

Palm leaves

Many people who attend a Palm Sunday church service receive palms.

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About Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
SunApr 81990Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 241991Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 121992Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 41993Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 271994Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 91995Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 311996Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 231997Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 51998Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 281999Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 162000Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 82001Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 242002Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 132003Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 42004Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 202005Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 92006Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 12007Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 162008Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 52009Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 282010Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 172011Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 12012Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 242013Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 132014Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 292015Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 202016Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 92017Palm SundayChristian
SunMar 252018Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 142019Palm SundayChristian
SunApr 52020Palm SundayChristian

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