Ukrainian Unity Day in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Unity Day marks the anniversary of the unification of eastern and western Ukraine in 1919. It is celebrated on January 22 every year.

Concerts are part of the Unity Day celebrations in Ukraine.
Concerts are part of the Unity Day celebrations in Ukraine.

What Do People Do?

Unity Day activities include:

  • People carrying national flags creating a human chain across bridges to symbolize national unity.
  • Concerts to celebrate Unity Day.
  • Political protests or demonstrations.

Some people lay flowers on or near monuments dedicated to famous Ukrainian political activists who fought for the country’s unity and independence.

Public Life

Unity Day is an observance and not an official public holiday in Ukraine.


The story behind Unity Day dates back to January 22, 1919, when eastern and western Ukraine was united through the “Treaty of Unity”. Historically, up until 1919, these halves – Ukraine's People Republic and West Ukrainian People Republic – often belonged to different empires.


Many Ukrainians show their country’s flag to celebrate Unity Day. It is a banner of 2 equally sized horizontal bands of blue and yellow.

Ukrainian Unity Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday Type
FriJan 222010Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
SatJan 222011Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
SunJan 222012Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
TueJan 222013Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
WedJan 222014Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
ThuJan 222015Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
FriJan 222016Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
SunJan 222017Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
MonJan 222018Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
TueJan 222019Ukrainian Unity DayObservance
WedJan 222020Ukrainian Unity DayObservance

Quick Facts

Unity Day is a Ukrainian observance that commemorates the Treaty of Unity signed on January 22, 1919.

Ukrainian Unity Day 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

Ukrainian Unity Day 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Name in other languages

День украинской единства (День СоборностиRussian
День Української єдності (День Соборності)Ukrainian
Ukrainian Unity DayEnglish
Tag der EinheitGerman

Alternative name

Den Sobornosti

List of dates for other years

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