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The Timer App for iPad and iPhone

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We are phasing out this App and will no longer be supporting it on the iPhone and iPad.

Still looking for a timer? Get our Countdown Timer Pro App for the iPhone and iPad. Use it to time every day events - from boiling an egg to timing games, create countdowns to your own events, and count down to the New Year with the animated New Year Time Zone Map.

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  • Simplicity – Create a timer instantly by choosing only the number of hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Versatility – Add an unlimited number of timers to your list, and run any number of them simultaneously or in sequence.
  • Audio and visual effects – Choose between several voices and visual options to count down the final minutes and seconds to your event. Select your favorite ticking sound for the seconds.
  • Practicality – Your iPad will alert you when your timer reaches zero seconds, even when the app is closed.
  • Personalization – Choose a name for each of your timers.
  • Variety – Choose between several background and font colors.
  • Organization – Get an overview of all timers at a glance and arrange them in any order.
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Get the timeanddate.com Countdown Timer Pro for iPhone. This app combines all functions of the "Timer by timeanddate.com" with a countdown generator for any event - such as the New Year, birthdays, graduations, holidays, or anniversaries.

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