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How to Use the Meeting Planner by timeanddate.com iPhone App

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Follow this user's guide for the Meeting Planner to arrange an international meeting right at your fingertips.

iPhone users can easily plan an international meeting time that can be sent to all parties involved via email. The color-coded timetable displays the best time to arrange your international meeting based on the local times in each selected city.

Intl. Meeting Planner App Overview

How Do I Get the Meeting Planner?

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You can download the Meeting Planner from the App Store or in iTunes.

Using the Meeting Planner

When you start your Meeting Planner app, a new meeting screen will appear with 4 tabs on the bottom of the screen:

Creating a New Meeting

How to Read the Timetable

  • Once you are done adding cities, tap on “Find best meeting time” to view the color-coded timetable with the best possible meeting times for all the participants in their local times.
  • The local times for the first locations listed will be shown in the time table. All locations may not be shown in this section due to the available space allowed.
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    Choose the best time for your meeting using the color coded results table.

    The color-coded system shows the most and least convenient times for your meeting (See Figure 3):

    Green button if the local time in ALL* of the selected cities is in the typical first half of the day when most people are at work (Monday – Friday).

    Yellow Button if it is day time in ALL* of the selected cities.

    Red button if it is night time or normal sleeping hours in one or more of the selected cities.

    Past Button if the time-slot has already passed. These rows will be marked with “In the Past”.

    *Exception: If you have a large number of locations, there is a chance that you could get green or yellow rows, even if one or a few of the cities fall outside the given rules.

    Note: This service does not take into account holidays. It displays Saturdays and Sundays as days of rest, irrespective of local variations.

    To view meeting times for the next day, tap on the “Next Day” button located at the bottom of the timetable.

    Choose the best time for your meeting and tap on the row. The timing for the meeting is automatically saved.

    Email Meeting Details from Your iPhone

    To send an email with the meeting time and date information to all parties involved, simply follow these steps:

    Add the Meeting to Your Calendar

    To add this meeting to your Calendar, simply follow these steps: