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The New Year Countdown 2015 App for iPhone

New Year Countdown app

Count down to the New Year with our New Year Countdown App for iPhone and iPad!

Ever wondered who enters the new year first or last? Use the new animated New Year Time Zone Map to see when the New Year begins worldwide and view new year countdowns for time zones around the globe.

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  • Animated New Year Time Zone Map – See when the New Year begins in time zones around the globe and get an overview of local times worldwide. The animation shows how the New Year moves across time zones from east to west.
  • World New Year Countdown – See which parts of the world enter the New Year first and last.
  • Local Countdowns – Count down the seconds to the New Year in every time zone worldwide.
  • Accuracy – The app is synchronized with timeanddate.com so it shows the correct time and tells you exactly when you enter the New Year, even if your iPhone’s device clock doesn’t. Synchronization requires an internet connection and does not update the device clock, only the time shown in the app.

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