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UK one step closer to abandoning GMT


Published 31-Oct-2011. Changed 8-Nov-2011

The UK government is pushing for a three-year trial to move the clocks one hour forward to Central European Time.

Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London, England

Where time lives: Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London, England.


Politicians in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are currently being contacted in order to secure support for a three-year trial included in the Daylight Saving Bill 2010-11, according to a press release from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Less road accidents

"Lower road deaths, reduced carbon dioxide emissions and improved health have all been argued over the years as possible benefits. If there is strong evidence to support this then we should at least see what the possible benefits are," Business Minister Edward Davey said in the press release.

If the British politicians agree, the government will back the bid for the UK’s clocks to be aligned with Central European countries.

The government plans to seek amendments to the bill in the House of Commons in early November. The bill will need to be passed by both the upper and lower houses by the end of the first session of Parliament, which ends in April 2012.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has asked the public to send written submissions by December 15, 2011, on how the proposed daylight saving changes will affect rural communities and agriculture. The committee plans to have an evidence session based on the feedback, although no date has been set yet.


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