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Join timeanddate.com on Facebook


Published 14-Jun-2010. Changed 18-Jun-2010

timeanddate.com is now on Facebook! Join us on our Facebook fan page and share our page with others. You will get the latest announcements on what’s new on our website, as well as access to time and date related applications for your Facebook page and beyond.

Illustration image

Pictured above is a screenshot of timeanddate.com's Facebook fan page.

About our Fan Page

Our fan page hopes to help build a community with people on Facebook who use our website or have not used our website yet but may find it useful in helping them find time and date related information they need (eg. The World Clock, the Calendar, the Time Zone Converter, the Meeting Planner, and more).

The timeanddate.com fan page on Facebook also gives people a chance to show their appreciation for the services, tools, and information that we provide. Our fan page is also a place where Facebook users can check on announcements we make about new products and services, where they are available from, and updates on existing tools and applications.

What can you do on our Fan Page?

There are different things that people can do when they visit our fan page, such as:

  • Choose to “like” the page and see others who have done the same.
  • Share the page with others.
  • Write comments to our posts.
  • Start discussions by clicking on the Discussions tab and starting a new topic.

People who find the timeanddate.com fan page on Facebook useful can also suggest it to their friends. Read more about it on our Facebook information page.

Countdown App for Facebook

Facebook users can share their own personalized countdown to a special event with friends and family by using the timeanddate.com Countdown on Facebook. Here is more information on the countdown for Facebook.

Custom Applications Coming Soon

People who visit our page on Facebook can also use custom applications for their Facebook page in the near future.  More custom applications are being developed for our Facebook fan page, so keep in touch with our site via our Facebook information page, or by subscribing to our newsletter, which gives you the latest news on what is happening on our site.

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