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timeanddate.com to Launch First Newsletter


Published 8-Mar-2010. Changed 9-Mar-2010

timeanddate.com is about to launch its first monthly newsletter, which will have all the latest news and information on what’s happening on the website, as well as handy tips and advice on all things about time and date.

The newsletter will also have special feature articles written by guest writer Allan Eastman, who left behind his successful career as a Film and Television Director and Executive Producer to travel the world.

Subscribe Now

You can get a head start and subscribe to the newsletter by filling out our subscription form. It costs you nothing but a bit of your time to subscribe to timeanddate.com’s email monthly newsletter – subscription is free. You can also unsubscribe any time on the same page where the subscription form is found.

Who Can Get the Newsletter?

timeanddate.com’s monthly newsletter is free and available to anyone who wishes to subscribe to it. The newsletter will be sent out once a month via email to subscribers. However, it will also be readily available on the website.

Please note that your email address will not be shared with a third party, nor will it be sold or used for purposes other than subscription for the monthly newsletter. Please read our Privacy Statement, which states our firm commitment to your privacy, as well as our Disclaimer.

What will be in the Newsletter?

Each edition of timeanddate.com’s newsletter will include the following:

  • Major news about updates or new features on the website
  • Information on changes to time zones or daylight saving time.
  • A feature segment “All the Time in the World”, written by guest writer Allan Eastman.
  • Tip of the month.
  • Personal message from the team at timeanddate.com

You will be notified of changes made to our website via the monthly email newsletter. Alternatively, you can keep checking for updates on our website.

The Newsletter’s Benefits

timeanddate.com’s newsletter aims to enhance interactivity between the website and its audience. The team at timeanddate.com hopes for the newsletter to be the place where latest information on time and date related matters, as well as updates on the website’s features or new applications, can be found. Subscribers will have this information sent to them automatically on a once-a-month basis.

When will the Newsletter be Available?

The newsletter will be available on Thursday, March 11, 2010. Keep an eye on an alert on our home page on March 11, 2010, or your inbox if you already subscribed, to get a copy of the newsletter.

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