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Sunrise and sunset in Stockerau

Flag for AustriaStockerau, Lower Austria, Austria
The native name of Austria is Österreich

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Rising and setting times for the Sun

   Length of daySolar noon
DateSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
(million mi)
Apr 24, 20145:49 AM7:59 PM14h 10m 12s+ 3m 16s12:53 PM54.5° 93.494
Apr 25, 20145:47 AM8:00 PM14h 13m 27s+ 3m 15s12:53 PM54.9° 93.519
Apr 26, 20145:45 AM8:02 PM14h 16m 42s+ 3m 14s12:53 PM55.2° 93.544
Apr 27, 20145:43 AM8:03 PM14h 19m 55s+ 3m 12s12:53 PM55.5° 93.569
Apr 28, 20145:42 AM8:05 PM14h 23m 06s+ 3m 11s12:53 PM55.8° 93.594
Apr 29, 20145:40 AM8:06 PM14h 26m 16s+ 3m 10s12:53 PM56.1° 93.618
Apr 30, 20145:38 AM8:08 PM14h 29m 25s+ 3m 08s12:52 PM56.4° 93.642

All times are in local time for Stockerau
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