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Moonrise and moonset in Itabuna

Flag for BrazilItabuna, Bahia, Brazil
The native name of Brazil is Brasil

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Rising and setting times for the Moon

   Meridian Passing 
Apr 23, 201412:19 AM1:09 PM6:45 AM85.0° 229,80337.8%
Apr 24, 20141:17 AM1:56 PM7:38 AM80.8° 230,12326.7%
Apr 25, 20142:14 AM2:43 PM8:30 AM76.2° 230,85216.9%
Apr 26, 20143:10 AM3:28 PM9:21 AM71.5° 232,0389.0%
Apr 27, 20144:06 AM4:14 PM10:11 AM67.0° 233,7013.5%
Apr 28, 20145:02 AM5:01 PM11:02 AM63.0° 235,8170.5%
Apr 29, 20145:57 AM5:49 PM11:54 AM59.6° 238,3020.2% New Moon at 3:15 AM

All times are in local time for Itabuna
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