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Note: Time zone differences will vary during the year, as different countries observe DST during different periods. Therefore, you should usually use The World Clock instead

Time zone differences around the world

Abidjan+5 hoursGuayaquilsame timePalikir+16 hours
Abu Dhabi+9 hoursHagåtña+15 hoursPalma *+7 hours
Abuja+6 hoursHalifax *+2 hoursPanamasame time
Acapulco *same timeHamilton *+2 hoursPapeete-5 hours
Accra+5 hoursHammerfest *+7 hoursParamaribo+2 hours
Adak *-4 hoursHanoi+12 hoursParis *+7 hours
Adamstown-3 hoursHappy Valley-Goose Bay *+2 hoursPatna+10:30 hours
Addis Ababa+8 hoursHarare+7 hoursPensacola *same time
Adelaide+14:30 hoursHartford *+1 hourPerm+10 hours
Aden+8 hoursHavana *+1 hourPerth+13 hours
Agra+10:30 hoursHelsinki *+8 hoursPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky+17 hours
Aguascalientes *same timeHermosillo-2 hoursPevek+17 hours
Ahmedgarh+10:30 hoursHo Chi Minh+12 hoursPhiladelphia *+1 hour
Albuquerque *-1 hourHobart+15 hoursPhnom Penh+12 hours
Alert *+1 hourHong Kong+13 hoursPhoenix-2 hours
Algiers+6 hoursHoniara+16 hoursPodgorica *+7 hours
Alice Springs+14:30 hoursHonolulu-5 hoursPolokwane+7 hours
Almaty+11 hoursHouston *same timePond Inlet *+1 hour
Alofi-6 hoursHovd *+13 hoursPonta Delgada *+5 hours
Amman *+8 hoursIndianapolis *+1 hourPontianak+12 hours
Amsterdam *+7 hoursIndore+10:30 hoursPort-au-Prince *+1 hour
Amsterdam Island+10 hoursInuvik *-1 hourPort-aux-Francais+10 hours
Anadyr+17 hoursIrkutsk+13 hoursPort Louis+9 hours
Anchorage *-3 hoursIslamabad+10 hoursPort Moresby+15 hours
Andorra La Vella *+7 hoursIstanbul *+8 hoursPort of Spain+1 hour
Ankara *+8 hoursIttoqqortoormiit *+5 hoursPort Vila+16 hours
Antananarivo+8 hoursIzhevsk+9 hoursPortland *-2 hours
Apia+18 hoursJackson *same timePorto Novo+6 hours
Aqtobe+10 hoursJakarta+12 hoursPrague *+7 hours
Ashgabat+10 hoursJamestown+5 hoursPraia+4 hours
Asmara+8 hoursJayapura+14 hoursPretoria+7 hours
Astana+11 hoursJerusalem *+8 hoursProvidence *+1 hour
Asuncion+1 hourJohannesburg+7 hoursPune+10:30 hours
Athens *+8 hoursJuba+8 hoursPunta Arenas+2 hours
Atlanta *+1 hourJuneau *-3 hoursPyongyang+13:30 hours
Auckland+17 hoursKabul+9:30 hoursQaanaaq *+3 hours
Augusta *+1 hourKaliningrad+7 hoursQuébec *+1 hour
Austin *same timeKampala+8 hoursQuitosame time
Baghdad+8 hoursKangerlussuaq *+3 hoursRabat *+6 hours
Baker Island-7 hoursKansas City *same timeRaleigh *+1 hour
Baker Lake *same timeKarachi+10 hoursRapid City *-1 hour
Baku *+10 hoursKaraj *+9:30 hoursRarotonga-5 hours
Balikpapan+13 hoursKathmandu+10:45 hoursRecife+2 hours
Baltimore *+1 hourKazan+8 hoursRegina-1 hour
Bamako+5 hoursKemi *+8 hoursResolute Bay *same time
Bandar Seri Begawan+13 hoursKhartoum+8 hoursReykjavik+5 hours
Bandung+12 hoursKhatanga+12 hoursRichmond *+1 hour
Bangkok+12 hoursKigali+7 hoursRiga *+8 hours
Bangui+6 hoursKing Edward Point+3 hoursRio Brancosame time
Banjul+5 hoursKingstonsame timeRio de Janeiro+2 hours
Barcelona *+7 hoursKingstown+1 hourRiyadh+8 hours
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)+1 hourKinshasa+6 hoursRome *+7 hours
Basseterre (St. Kitts)+1 hourKiritimati+19 hoursRoseau+1 hour
Beijing+13 hoursKnoxville *+1 hourRovaniemi *+8 hours
Beirut *+8 hoursKobe+14 hoursSacramento *-2 hours
Belém+2 hoursKolkata+10:30 hoursSaint-Denis+9 hours
Belfast *+6 hoursKomsomolsk-on-Amur+15 hoursSaint George's+1 hour
Belgrade *+7 hoursKrasnoyarsk+12 hoursSaint John (CA - NB) *+2 hours
Belmopan-1 hourKuala Lumpur+13 hoursSaint John's (Antigua)+1 hour
Belushya Guba+8 hoursKuujjuaq *+1 hourSaint-Petersburg+8 hours
Bengaluru+10:30 hoursKuwait City+8 hoursSalem *-2 hours
Berlin *+7 hoursKyiv *+8 hoursSalt Lake City *-1 hour
Bern *+7 hoursKyoto+14 hoursSalvador+2 hours
Bhubaneshwar+10:30 hoursLa Paz+1 hourSamara+9 hours
Billings *-1 hourLagos+6 hoursSan Diego *-2 hours
Bishkek+11 hoursLahore+10 hoursSan Francisco *-2 hours
Bismarck *same timeLas Vegas *-2 hoursSan Jose (CR)-1 hour
Bissau+5 hoursLhasa+13 hoursSan Jose (USA) *-2 hours
Blanc-Sablon+1 hourLibreville+6 hoursSan Juan+1 hour
Bogotasame timeLilongwe+7 hoursSan Marino *+7 hours
Boise *-1 hourLimasame timeSan Salvador-1 hour
Boston *+1 hourLincoln *same timeSana+8 hours
Brasilia+2 hoursLisbon *+6 hoursSantiago+2 hours
Bratislava *+7 hoursLittle Rock *same timeSanto Domingo+1 hour
Brazzaville+6 hoursLjubljana *+7 hoursSão Paulo+2 hours
Bridgetown+1 hourLomé+5 hoursSão Tomé+5 hours
Brisbane+15 hoursLondon *+6 hoursSapporo+14 hours
Brussels *+7 hoursLongyearbyen *+7 hoursSarajevo *+7 hours
Bucharest *+8 hoursLos Angeles *-2 hoursSeattle *-2 hours
Budapest *+7 hoursLouisville *+1 hourSeoul+14 hours
Buenos Aires+2 hoursLuanda+6 hoursShanghai+13 hours
Bujumbura+7 hoursLubumbashi+7 hoursShenzhen+13 hours
Cairns+15 hoursLudhiana+10:30 hoursSimferopol+8 hours
Cairo+7 hoursLusaka+7 hoursSingapore+13 hours
Calgary *-1 hourLuxembourg *+7 hoursSioux Falls *same time
Canberra+15 hoursMadison *same timeSkopje *+7 hours
Cancúnsame timeMadrid *+7 hoursSofia *+8 hours
Cape Town+7 hoursMadurai+10:30 hoursSrednekolymsk+16 hours
Caracas+0:30 hoursMagadan+15 hoursSri Jayawardenapura Kotte+10:30 hours
Cardiff *+6 hoursMajuro+17 hoursSt. John's (CA - NF) *+2:30 hours
Casablanca *+6 hoursMakassar+13 hoursSt. Louis *same time
Castries+1 hourMakkah+8 hoursSt. Paul *same time
Cayenne+2 hoursMalabo+6 hoursStanley+2 hours
Charleston *+1 hourMale+10 hoursStockholm *+7 hours
Chatham Islands+17:45 hoursManado+13 hoursSucre+1 hour
Chelyabinsk+10 hoursManagua-1 hourSurabaya+12 hours
Chennai+10:30 hoursManama+8 hoursSurat+10:30 hours
Cheyenne *-1 hourManaus+1 hourSuva+17 hours
Chibougamau *+1 hourManila+13 hoursSuzhou+13 hours
Chicago *same timeManokwari+14 hoursSydney+15 hours
Chisinau *+8 hoursMaputo+7 hoursTaipei+13 hours
Chita+13 hoursMarion Island (Prince Edward Islands)+8 hoursTallinn *+8 hours
Chongqing+13 hoursMaseru+7 hoursTarawa+17 hours
Colombo+10:30 hoursMazatlan *-1 hourTashkent+10 hours
Columbia *+1 hourMbabane+7 hoursTbilisi+9 hours
Columbus *+1 hourMedina+8 hoursTegucigalpa-1 hour
Conakry+5 hoursMelbourne+15 hoursTehran *+9:30 hours
Concord *+1 hourMelekeok+14 hoursTel Aviv *+8 hours
Copenhagen *+7 hoursMexicali *-2 hoursThimphu+11 hours
Coral Harboursame timeMexico City *same timeThiruvananthapuram+10:30 hours
Córdoba+2 hoursMiami *+1 hourThule Air Base *+2 hours
Dakar+5 hoursMidland *same timeTijuana *-2 hours
Dallas *same timeMidway-6 hoursTiksi+14 hours
Damascus *+8 hoursMilan *+7 hoursTimbuktu+5 hours
Danmarkshavn+5 hoursMilwaukee *same timeTirana *+7 hours
Dar es Salaam+8 hoursMinneapolis *same timeTokyo+14 hours
Darwin+14:30 hoursMinsk+8 hoursTopeka *same time
Delhi+10:30 hoursMogadishu+8 hoursToronto *+1 hour
Denpasar+13 hoursMonaco *+7 hoursTórshavn *+6 hours
Denver *-1 hourMonrovia+5 hoursTripoli+7 hours
Des Moines *same timeMontevideo+2 hoursTunis+6 hours
Detroit *+1 hourMontgomery *same timeUfa+10 hours
Dhaka+11 hoursMontpelier *+1 hourUlaanbaatar *+14 hours
Diego Garcia+11 hoursMontreal *+1 hourUnalaska *-3 hours
Dili+14 hoursMoroni+8 hoursÜrümqi+13 hours
Djibouti+8 hoursMoscow+8 hoursVaduz *+7 hours
Dodoma+8 hoursMumbai+10:30 hoursValletta *+7 hours
Doha+8 hoursMurmansk+8 hoursVancouver *-2 hours
Douglas *+6 hoursMuscat+9 hoursVaranasi+10:30 hours
Dover *+1 hourNagoya+14 hoursVatican City *+7 hours
Dubai+9 hoursNairobi+8 hoursVeracruz *same time
Dublin *+6 hoursNashville *same timeVerkhoyansk+15 hours
Dushanbe+10 hoursNassau *+1 hourVictoria+9 hours
Easter Islandsame timeNaypyidaw+11:30 hoursVienna *+7 hours
Edinburgh *+6 hoursNdjamena+6 hoursVientiane+12 hours
Edmonton *-1 hourNew Delhi+10:30 hoursVilnius *+8 hours
El Aaiún *+6 hoursNew Orleans *same timeVladivostok+15 hours
Eucla+13:45 hoursNew York *+1 hourWake Island+17 hours
Eureka *same timeNewark *+1 hourWarsaw *+7 hours
Fairbanks *-3 hoursNiamey+6 hoursWashington DC *+1 hour
Fakaofo+18 hoursNicosia *+8 hoursWellington+17 hours
Fort-de-France+1 hourNorilsk+12 hoursWhitehorse *-2 hours
Fortaleza+2 hoursNouakchott+5 hoursWindhoek+6 hours
Frankfurt *+7 hoursNovgorod+8 hoursWinnipeg *same time
Freetown+5 hoursNovosibirsk+11 hoursYakutsk+14 hours
Funafuti+17 hoursNukualofa+18 hoursYamoussoukro+5 hours
Gaborone+7 hoursNuuk *+3 hoursYangon+11:30 hours
Galapagos Islands-1 hourOdesa *+8 hoursYaoundé+6 hours
Geneva *+7 hoursOklahoma City *same timeYaren+17 hours
George Town (Cayman)same timeOmsk+11 hoursYekaterinburg+10 hours
Georgetown (Guyana)+1 hourOral+10 hoursYellowknife *-1 hour
Gibraltar *+7 hoursOrlando *+1 hourYerevan+9 hours
Glasgow *+6 hoursOsaka+14 hoursYokohama+14 hours
Grise Fiord *+1 hourOslo *+7 hoursYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+15 hours
Guadalajara *same timeOttawa *+1 hourZagreb *+7 hours
Guatemala-1 hourOuagadougou+5 hoursZürich *+7 hours

* = Adjusted for DST or summer time (184 places).


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