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About 2015: Facts and trivia

Several Pacific Ocean Islanders will be the first ones to ring in January 1, 2015.

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Who will be the first to celebrate 2015?

Kiritimati, Christmas Island and Kiribati will enter 2015 first, while American Samoa, Niue, and the United States Minor Outlying Islands will be the last to celebrate the New Year.

When will different countries enter the new year 2015?

World Map showing time left to new year 2015

Countdown to New Year, 2015 (Kiribati)

Countdown to New Year, 2015 (London - UTC/GMT)

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Geographically, the world will be half way into 2015 when the time zone GMT or UTC enters the New Year. This time zone includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, Morocco, Iceland, and Western Sahara.

The most densely populated time zone is in the UTC offset of +8 hours. This time zone includes China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Western Australia with up to a quarter of the world’s population. About half of the world’s population will have begun 2015 at UTC+5:30 when India enters the New Year.

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