Holidays in Iran in 2009

DateWeekdayHoliday nameHoliday type
Jan 6TuesdayTassouaNational holiday
Jan 7WednesdayAshuraNational holiday
Feb 11WednesdayRevolution DayNational holiday
Feb 16MondayArbaeenNational holiday
Feb 25WednesdayMartyrdom of Imam RezaNational holiday
Mar 14SaturdayBirthday of Prophet Muhammad and Imam SadeqNational holiday
Mar 20FridayMarch equinoxSeason
May 28ThursdayMartyrdom of FatimaNational holiday
Jun 21SundayJune SolsticeSeason
Jul 6MondayBirthday of Imam AliNational holiday
Jul 20MondayProphet's AscensionNational holiday
Aug 7FridayImam Mahdi's birthdayNational holiday
Sep 11FridayMartyrdom of Imam AliNational holiday
Sep 21MondayEid-e-Fetr (End of Ramadan)National holiday
Sep 22TuesdaySeptember equinoxSeason
Oct 15ThursdayMartyrdom of Imam SadeqNational holiday
Nov 28SaturdayEid-e-Ghorban (Feast of Sacrifice)National holiday
Dec 6SundayEid-al-GhadirNational holiday
Dec 21MondayDecember SolsticeSeason
Dec 26SaturdayTassouaNational holiday
Dec 27SundayAshuraNational holiday

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