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Mexican general election in Mexico

Quick Facts

Mexico’s general election is held across the country on the first Sunday of July every sixth year.

Local names

Mexican general electionEnglish
Elecciones generales de MéxicoSpanish

Mexican general election 2014

Mexican general election does not occur in 2014

Mexican general election 2015

Mexican general election does not occur in 2015
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Mexican citizens cast their votes during the general election (Elecciones generales de México) on the first Sunday of July every 6 years.

Mexicans cast their vote at the general election every 6 years.


Observe General Election Day

Millions of Mexicans vote for their next president, as well as deputies and senators, on general election day. Mexicans living overseas can vote if they have fulfilled the correct legal procedures.

Public life

Mexico’s general election is a day off for workers in Mexico. Polling booths and nearby areas are very busy with people on this day.

About the General Election

According to Mexico's constitution, the president is elected every 6 years. Once the president is elected, she or he takes office on Inauguration Day on December 1.

Did you know?

The president of Mexico cannot be re-elected after serving a six-year term, according to the country’s constitution.

Mexican general election Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
SunJul 31994Mexican general electionNational holiday
SunJul 22000Mexican general electionNational holiday
SunJul 22006Mexican general electionNational holiday
SunJul 12012Mexican general electionNational holiday
SunJul 12018Mexican general electionNational holiday

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