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Halloween in Romania

On October 31 each year, Halloween is a celebrated occasion in some parts of Romania, including the region of Transylvania. It is a time when special Halloween-themed tours and shows are popular.

Bran castle in Transylvania, Romania, is associated with the Dracula legend.
Bran castle in Transylvania, Romania, is associated with the Dracula legend.

What do people do?

Over the years, countless numbers of fearless tourists travel to Transylvania to celebrate Halloween with costume parties, story-telling, and actors playing out Dracula inspired scenes. While some Romanians observe Halloween on October 31, St Andrew’s Night (November 30) is when the garlic is brought out as a form of protection against ghosts – a traditional superstitious act of fun that is still practiced today.

Public life

Halloween is an observance and not a public holiday in Romania.


Halloween is a special occasion in places like the Gothic fairy-tale castle Bran, near Brasov in Transylvania. Bran is often associated with 15th century Prince Vlad Tepes (1431–1476), the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It is difficult to know if the prince ruled over Bran Castle but it can be asserted that he was taken to Bran Castle and locked inside for about two months.


Costume parties that are held during Halloween often feature outfits – including ghosts and vampires like the fabled Dracula – to represent the scary superstitions and beliefs that have spooked many people over time.

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Halloween Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday type
WedOct 311990HalloweenObservance
ThuOct 311991HalloweenObservance
SatOct 311992HalloweenObservance
SunOct 311993HalloweenObservance
MonOct 311994HalloweenObservance
TueOct 311995HalloweenObservance
ThuOct 311996HalloweenObservance
FriOct 311997HalloweenObservance
SatOct 311998HalloweenObservance
SunOct 311999HalloweenObservance
TueOct 312000HalloweenObservance
WedOct 312001HalloweenObservance
ThuOct 312002HalloweenObservance
FriOct 312003HalloweenObservance
SunOct 312004HalloweenObservance
MonOct 312005HalloweenObservance
TueOct 312006HalloweenObservance
WedOct 312007HalloweenObservance
FriOct 312008HalloweenObservance
SatOct 312009HalloweenObservance
SunOct 312010HalloweenObservance
MonOct 312011HalloweenObservance
WedOct 312012HalloweenObservance
ThuOct 312013HalloweenObservance
FriOct 312014HalloweenObservance
SatOct 312015HalloweenObservance
MonOct 312016HalloweenObservance
TueOct 312017HalloweenObservance
WedOct 312018HalloweenObservance
ThuOct 312019HalloweenObservance
SatOct 312020HalloweenObservance

Quick Facts

Some places in Romania, including in parts of Transylvania, have special Halloween events inspired by the Dracula theme on October 31.

Halloween 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016


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