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Hispanic Day in Spain

Hispanic Day (Día de la Hispanidad) or National Day (Fiesta Nacional de España) is an annual national public holiday in Spain on October 12. It commemorates when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492.

The Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona, Spain.
The Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona, Spain.

Celebrate Hispanic Day

The king of Spain supervises the raising of the Spanish national flag in the center of Madrid on Hispanic Day. He and the prime minister lead a military parade after that. The parade includes representatives from most of Spain's military units and various military vehicles. Armed forces' planes perform aerobatics above the parade route and display yellow and red smoke to represent the Spanish flag. Radio, television and Internet news services broadcast live on these events.

Hispanic Day is a day off work and an opportunity to spend time quietly at home or in the company of family members and close friends. People in the Aragon region in the north-east of Spain also commemorate Our Lady of the Pillar, their patron saint, on October 12. 

Public life

Hispanic Day is a national public holiday in Spain on October 12. Public life is generally quiet and many businesses and other organizations are closed. Many stores are closed but some bakers and food stores may be open. Public transport services generally run to a reduced schedule, although there may be no services in rural areas.

If October 12 falls on a Sunday, regional or local authorities can move the public holiday to a different date. If October 12 falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, many businesses and organizations are also closed on Monday, October 11, or Friday, October 13. Some people may use the long weekend to take a short vacation in Spain or abroad during these years.

About Hispanic Day

According to the Julian calendar, Christopher Columbus set sail from the port of Palos de la Frontera in South-West Spain on August 3, 1492. He landed on a island that is now part of the Bahamas in the Caribbean on October 12, 1492.The anniversary of this date is marked as Hispanic Day in Spain.

Events similar to Hispanic Day to mark the anniversary of the date Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas are also held in other countries. October 12 is known as Discovery Day in the Bahamas, Day of the Cultures in Costa Rica, Day of the Race in Argentina, Chile and Mexico and the Day of Indigenous Resistance in Venezuela. The second Monday of October is Columbus Day in the United States.

Hispanic Day Observances

WeekdayDateYearNameHoliday typeWhere it is observed
FriOct 121990Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SatOct 121991Hispanic DayNational holiday 
MonOct 121992Hispanic DayNational holiday 
TueOct 121993Hispanic DayNational holiday 
WedOct 121994Hispanic DayNational holiday 
ThuOct 121995Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SatOct 121996Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SunOct 121997Hispanic DayNational holiday 
MonOct 121998Hispanic DayNational holiday 
TueOct 121999Hispanic DayNational holiday 
ThuOct 122000Hispanic DayNational holiday 
FriOct 122001Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SatOct 122002Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SunOct 122003Hispanic DayNational holiday 
TueOct 122004Hispanic DayNational holiday 
WedOct 122005Hispanic DayNational holiday 
ThuOct 122006Hispanic DayNational holiday 
FriOct 122007Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SunOct 122008Hispanic DayNational holiday 
MonOct 122009Hispanic DayNational holiday 
TueOct 122010Hispanic DayNational holiday 
WedOct 122011Hispanic DayNational holiday 
FriOct 122012Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SatOct 122013Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SunOct 122014Hispanic DayNational holiday 
MonOct 122015Hispanic DayNational holiday 
WedOct 122016Hispanic DayNational holiday 
ThuOct 122017Hispanic DayNational holiday 
FriOct 122018Hispanic DayNational holiday 
SatOct 122019Hispanic DayNational holiday 
MonOct 122020Hispanic DayNational holiday 

Quick Facts

Hispanic Day marks the anniversary of the date that Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas. It is a public holiday in Spain on October 12.

Hispanic Day 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hispanic Day 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Name in other languages

Día de la HispanidadSpanish
Hispanic DayEnglish

Alternative names

Fiesta Nacional de EspañaSpanish
National DayEnglish
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