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Argentina Starts Daylight Saving Time on December 30, 2007


Published 21-Dec-2007. Changed 27-Dec-2007

All of Argentina will turn clocks one hour ahead at the start of December 30, 2007. The clocks will be turned back one hour when March 16, 2008 is about to start.

Argentina: Daylight Saving Time start on December 30, 2007

People appreciate the extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon during daylight saving time.

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Why daylight saving time will be used

Daylight Saving Time will be observed in order to save energy. It is likely to be used next year as well, from October to March.

Official announcement

The official law is available in Spanish on the Senate web site - EXPEDIENTE NUMERO 599/07.

Dates of daylight saving time 1988–2008

These are the dates Daylight Saving Time started and ended in Buenos Aires, Argentina since 1988. Note that some states of Argentina have made other time zone changes to their clocks that are not shown in the list below.

YearStart dateEnd dateDaylight duration
1988–1989Thursday, December 1, 1988Sunday, March 5, 198913 weeks and 3 days
1989–1990Sunday, October 15, 1989Sunday, March 4, 199020 weeks
1990–1991Sunday, October 21, 1990Sunday, March 3, 199119 weeks
1991–1992Sunday, October 20, 1991Sunday, March 1, 199219 weeks
1992–1993Sunday, October 18, 1992Sunday, March 7, 199320 weeks
1999–2000Sunday, October 3, 1999Sunday, March 5, 200022 weeks
2007–2008Sunday, December 30, 2007Sunday, March 16, 200811 weeks

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