Flag for Antarctica South Pole, Antarctica — Sunrise, sunset and daylength, October 2014


No daylight period

Current Time: Aug 30, 2014 at 12:14:49 PM

Sun Direction: 90° East

Sun Altitude: -9.1°

Sun Distance: 93.873 million mi

Next Equinox: Sep 23, 2014 2:29 PM (Vernal)

Sun: Down all day

Location of South PoleLocation

October 2014 — Sun in South Pole

Solar noon
OctSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.StartEndStartEndStartEndTimeMil. mi
1Up all day---12:50 AM (3.1°)93.099
2Up all day---12:50 AM (3.5°)93.072
3Up all day---12:49 AM (3.8°)93.045
4Up all day---12:49 AM (4.2°)93.018
5Up all day---12:49 AM (4.6°)92.990
6Up all day---12:48 AM (5.0°)92.963
7Up all day---12:48 AM (5.3°)92.936
8Up all day---12:48 AM (5.7°)92.909
9Up all day---12:48 AM (6.1°)92.882
10Up all day---12:47 AM (6.5°)92.856
11Up all day---12:47 AM (6.8°)92.829
12Up all day---12:47 AM (7.2°)92.803
13Up all day---12:46 AM (7.6°)92.777
14Up all day---12:46 AM (7.9°)92.751
15Up all day---12:46 AM (8.3°)92.725
16Up all day---12:46 AM (8.7°)92.699
17Up all day---12:46 AM (9.0°)92.673
18Up all day---12:45 AM (9.4°)92.647
19Up all day---12:45 AM (9.8°)92.622
20Up all day---12:45 AM (10.1°)92.596
21Up all day---12:45 AM (10.5°)92.571
22Up all day---12:45 AM (10.8°)92.545
23Up all day---12:44 AM (11.2°)92.520
24Up all day---12:44 AM (11.5°)92.494
25Up all day---12:44 AM (11.9°)92.469
26Up all day---12:44 AM (12.2°)92.443
27Up all day---12:44 AM (12.6°)92.418
28Up all day---12:44 AM (12.9°)92.392
29Up all day---12:44 AM (13.2°)92.367
30Up all day---12:44 AM (13.6°)92.341
31Up all day---12:44 AM (13.9°)92.316
* All times are in local South Pole time.

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