Flag for Argentina Clock Changes in Argentina

Last change: 2009
1 hour Forward

Oct 11, 2009, 12:00 Midnight

In small parts of Argentina

Country: Argentina

Long Name: Argentine Republic

Abbreviations: AR, ARG

Capital: Buenos Aires

Time Zones: 1

Dial Code: +54

Note: Only some parts of Argentina use DST in 2016.

DST Not Observed in year 2016

Argentina does not observe Daylight Saving Time this year.

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Daylight Saving Time Info

DST in Locations in Argentina (37 Locations)

Bahía BlancaNo DSTLa PlataNo DSTSaltaNo DST
BarilocheNo DSTLa RiojaNo DSTSan JuanNo DST
Buenos AiresNo DSTMar del PlataNo DSTSan LuisNo DST
CatamarcaNo DSTMendozaNo DSTSanta FeNo DST
Comodoro RivadaviaNo DSTNeuquénNo DSTSanta RosaNo DST
CórdobaNo DSTParanáNo DSTSantiago del EsteroNo DST
CorrientesNo DSTPosadasNo DSTTandilNo DST
El CalafateNo DSTPuerto DeseadoNo DSTTucumánNo DST
EsquelNo DSTRawsonNo DSTUshuaiaNo DST
FormosaNo DSTResistenciaNo DSTViedmaNo DST
GualeguaychúNo DSTRío GallegosNo DSTZárateNo DST
JujuyNo DSTRío GrandeNo DST
JunínNo DSTRosarioNo DST

Daylight Saving Time History in Argentina