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Local time and weather in Austria

AmstettenMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °FHollabrunnMon 10:39 AMCold.23 °FReutteMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Frigid.-6 °F
AnsfeldenMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °FHornMon 10:39 AMCold.23 °FRied im InnkreisMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/A
Bad IschlMon 10:39 AMSnow flurries. Overcast. Frigid.8 °FImstMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Frigid.-6 °FRohrbachMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °F
Bad RadkersburgMon 10:39 AMCold.24 °FInnsbruckMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.15 °FRustMon 10:39 AMChilly.26 °F
Bad VöslauMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °FJennersdorfMon 10:39 AMCold.24 °FSaalfelden am Steinernen MeerMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.14 °F
BadenMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °FJudenburgMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °FSalzburgMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.17 °F
BischofshofenMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.14 °FKapfenbergMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °FSchärdingMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/A
BludenzMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/AKirchdorf an der KremsMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °FScheibbsMon 10:39 AMCold.14 °F
Braunau am InnMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.17 °FKitzbühelMon 10:39 AMCold.18 °FSchwazMon 10:39 AMFrigid.2 °F
BregenzMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.20 °FKlagenfurtMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.18 °FSchwechatMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °F
Bruck an der LeithaMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FKlosterneuburgMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °FSpittal an der DrauMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Frigid.3 °F
Bruck an der MurMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °FKnittelfeldMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °FSt. AndräMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.17 °F
Brunn am GebirgeMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °FKorneuburgMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °FSt. Johann im PongauMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.14 °F
DeutschlandsbergMon 10:39 AMSunny. Cold.19 °FKremsMon 10:39 AMCold.23 °FSt. PöltenMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °F
DornbirnMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.18 °FKufsteinMon 10:39 AMCold.18 °FSt. Veit an der GlanMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.17 °F
EferdingMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/ALandeckMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.13 °FSteyrMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °F
EisenstadtMon 10:39 AMChilly.26 °FLeibnitzMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.19 °FStockerauMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °F
EnnsMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/ALeobenMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °FTamswegMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °F
FeldbachMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.19 °FLeondingMon 10:39 AMBroken clouds. Cold.19 °FTelfsMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Frigid.-6 °F
FeldkirchMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/ALienzMon 10:39 AMCold.22 °FTernitzMon 10:39 AMScattered showers. Broken clouds.N/A
Feldkirchen in KärntenMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.17 °FLiezenMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FTraiskirchenMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °F
FreistadtMon 10:39 AMBroken clouds. Cold.19 °FLilienfeldMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °FTraunMon 10:39 AMBroken clouds. Cold.19 °F
FürstenfeldMon 10:39 AMCold.24 °FLinzMon 10:39 AMBroken clouds. Cold.19 °FTulln an der DonauMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °F
GänserndorfMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FLustenauMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.18 °FViennaMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °F
Gerasdorf bei WienMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °FMarchtrenkMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/AVillachMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Frigid.3 °F
GmündMon 10:39 AMCold.23 °FMattersburgMon 10:39 AMChilly.26 °FVöcklabruckMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/A
GmundenMon 10:39 AMSnow flurries. Overcast. Frigid.8 °FMelkMon 10:39 AMCold.14 °FVoitsbergMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.19 °F
GötzisMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.18 °FMistelbachMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °FVölkermarktMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.17 °F
GrazMon 10:39 AMSunny. Cold.19 °FMödlingMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °FWaidhofen an der ThayaMon 10:39 AMCold.23 °F
GrieskirchenMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/AMurauMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °FWaidhofen an der YbbsMon 10:39 AMCold.14 °F
GröbmingMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FMürzzuschlagMon 10:39 AMScattered showers. Broken clouds.N/AWals-SiezenheimMon 10:39 AMBroken clouds. Cold.18 °F
GüssingMon 10:39 AMCold.24 °FNeunkirchenMon 10:39 AMScattered showers. Broken clouds.N/AWeizMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.19 °F
Hall in TirolMon 10:39 AMFrigid.2 °FNeusiedl am SeeMon 10:39 AMChilly.26 °FWelsMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.19 °F
HalleinMon 10:39 AMBroken clouds. Cold.18 °FOberpullendorfMon 10:39 AMChilly.26 °FWiener NeustadtMon 10:39 AMScattered showers. Broken clouds.N/A
HardMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.20 °FOberwartMon 10:39 AMScattered showers. Broken clouds.N/AWolfsbergMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.16 °F
HartbergMon 10:39 AMSunny. Cold.19 °FPerchtoldsdorfMon 10:39 AMOvercast. Cold.22 °FWörglMon 10:39 AMCold.18 °F
Hermagor-Pressegger SeeMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.15 °FPergMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/AZell am SeeMon 10:39 AMScattered clouds. Cold.14 °F
HohenemsMon 10:39 AMPartly sunny. Cold.18 °FRankweilMon 10:39 AMPassing clouds.N/AZwettlMon 10:39 AMCold.23 °F

Mon = Monday, December 29, 2014 (114 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Monday, December 29, 2014 at 09:39:07

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.