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Local time and weather in Austria

AmstettenSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °FHollabrunnSat 10:36 AMCold.24 °FReutteSat 10:36 AMSnow. Ice fog. Cold.10 °F
AnsfeldenSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °FHornSat 10:36 AMCold.24 °FRied im InnkreisSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/A
Bad IschlSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.16 °FImstSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/ARohrbachSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/A
Bad RadkersburgSat 10:36 AMChilly.32 °FInnsbruckSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.27 °FRustSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °F
Bad VöslauSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °FJennersdorfSat 10:36 AMChilly.32 °FSaalfelden am Steinernen MeerSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.21 °F
BadenSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °FJudenburgSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °FSalzburgSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Chilly.29 °F
BischofshofenSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.21 °FKapfenbergSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °FSchärdingSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/A
BludenzSat 10:36 AMSnow. Overcast. Chilly.39 °FKirchdorf an der KremsSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FScheibbsSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °F
Braunau am InnSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Chilly.29 °FKitzbühelSat 10:36 AMChilly.27 °FSchwazSat 10:36 AMFrigid.10 °F
BregenzSat 10:36 AMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.33 °FKlagenfurtSat 10:36 AMPartly sunny. Cold.23 °FSchwechatSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.27 °F
Bruck an der LeithaSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.27 °FKlosterneuburgSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °FSpittal an der DrauSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/A
Bruck an der MurSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °FKnittelfeldSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °FSt. AndräSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Cold.18 °F
Brunn am GebirgeSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °FKorneuburgSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °FSt. Johann im PongauSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.21 °F
DeutschlandsbergSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Chilly.27 °FKremsSat 10:36 AMCold.24 °FSt. PöltenSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °F
DornbirnSat 10:36 AMSnow. Fog. Chilly.36 °FKufsteinSat 10:36 AMChilly.27 °FSt. Veit an der GlanSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Cold.18 °F
EferdingSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/ALandeckSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/ASteyrSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °F
EisenstadtSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °FLeibnitzSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °FStockerauSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °F
EnnsSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/ALeobenSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °FTamswegSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/A
FeldbachSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °FLeondingSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Chilly.27 °FTelfsSat 10:36 AMSnow. Ice fog. Cold.10 °F
FeldkirchSat 10:36 AMSnow. Overcast. Chilly.39 °FLienzSat 10:36 AMChilly.25 °FTernitzSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds.N/A
Feldkirchen in KärntenSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Cold.18 °FLiezenSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FTraiskirchenSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °F
FreistadtSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/ALilienfeldSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °FTraunSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Chilly.27 °F
FürstenfeldSat 10:36 AMChilly.32 °FLinzSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Chilly.27 °FTulln an der DonauSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °F
GänserndorfSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.27 °FLustenauSat 10:36 AMSnow. Fog. Chilly.36 °FViennaSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °F
Gerasdorf bei WienSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °FMarchtrenkSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/AVillachSat 10:36 AMSnow. Ice fog. Cold.12 °F
GmündSat 10:36 AMCold.24 °FMattersburgSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °FVöcklabruckSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/A
GmundenSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.16 °FMelkSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °FVoitsbergSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °F
GötzisSat 10:36 AMSnow. Fog. Chilly.36 °FMistelbachSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °FVölkermarktSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Cold.18 °F
GrazSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Chilly.27 °FMödlingSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds. Chilly.28 °FWaidhofen an der ThayaSat 10:36 AMCold.24 °F
GrieskirchenSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/AMurauSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °FWaidhofen an der YbbsSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °F
GröbmingSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.23 °FMürzzuschlagSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds.N/AWals-SiezenheimSat 10:36 AMSunny. Chilly.30 °F
GüssingSat 10:36 AMChilly.32 °FNeunkirchenSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds.N/AWeizSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °F
Hall in TirolSat 10:36 AMFrigid.10 °FNeusiedl am SeeSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °FWelsSat 10:36 AMLow clouds. Chilly.26 °F
HalleinSat 10:36 AMSunny. Chilly.30 °FOberpullendorfSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds. Chilly.29 °FWiener NeustadtSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds.N/A
HardSat 10:36 AMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.33 °FOberwartSat 10:36 AMScattered clouds.N/AWolfsbergSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Cold.23 °F
HartbergSat 10:36 AMBroken clouds. Chilly.27 °FPerchtoldsdorfSat 10:36 AMChilly.28 °FWörglSat 10:36 AMChilly.27 °F
Hermagor-Pressegger SeeSat 10:36 AMLight snow. Overcast. Chilly.26 °FPergSat 10:36 AMPassing clouds.N/AZell am SeeSat 10:36 AMOvercast. Cold.21 °F
HohenemsSat 10:36 AMSnow. Fog. Chilly.36 °FRankweilSat 10:36 AMSnow. Fog. Chilly.36 °FZwettlSat 10:36 AMCold.24 °F

Sat = Saturday, December 27, 2014 (114 places).

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Saturday, December 27, 2014 at 09:36:43

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.