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Local time and weather in Benin

BohiconFri 7:39 PMOvercast. Hot.88 °FKandiFri 7:39 PMOvercast. Extremely hot.94 °FPorto NovoFri 7:39 PMPassing clouds. Warm.86 °F
CotonouFri 7:39 PMOvercast. Warm.87 °FNatitingouFri 7:39 PMOvercast. Hot.92 °FSavéFri 7:39 PMOvercast. Hot.88 °F
DjougouFri 7:39 PMPassing clouds. Warm.86 °FParakouFri 7:39 PMOvercast. Hot.89 °F

Fri = Friday, May 22, 2015 (8 places).